I had an experience yesterday that got me to thinking about the PROCESS of building a NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS.

Most of us jump in without training or mentoring and hope for the best. Christopher Columbus may have been lucky, but luck hardly ever works in business.

I am sure that you have heard the statistics on Network Marketing Success (or lack of it). If you haven’t, you should; because the skeptics have. I am sure that you are also aware of those who have built successful multi- million dollar businesses, using the Network marketing model. And you are also aware that many don’t make it to the big leagues but are able to set the wheels in motion to earn a sizable supplementary income to improve the quality of their lives.

What I am almost sure that you have not heard of : ( there are few) are truly successful entrepreneurs that got it right the very first time. Or those that never encountered road blocks that they did not anticipate when they started out.

Most successful entrepreneurs would relate their stories of having failed and used the experience to motivate them further. It is sometimes necessary to use those road humps and pot holes to pause and take stock. It may be that what you are currently doing is not giving you the desired results. The only way your results will change is when your actions change. All the other variables which you have no control over will remain constant. Your actions are the only ingredient which you can control. You have to take control of your input in order to influence the desired end result of having a SUCCESSFUL NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS.

Back to the statistics: I suspect that the high failure rate in Network marketing is due in part to a lack of determination to negotiate those bumps in the road. To slow down and take stock of all the elements and be determined to make adjustments that will produce different results.

It has been a year or so since I began a gluten free lifestyle.

The biggest challenge for me is in baked goods. After a few attempts at purchasing frozen “store bought” breads, I knew I had to get in the habit of baking without “wheat flour.”

It is a Major Challenge; if I may say so. I eventually was able to manage most things, but my pain in the neck continues to be yeast breads. Every time I attempt a particular multi- grain yeast bread, it comes out different. Don’t know why, but every time I tweak it, I get a different result.

Don’t worry; I will sure master that with time.

This last time,”The temporary frustration I felt and my fleeting thought that maybe I should give up trying to bake my own bread and just settle for buying them from the store. But then, I wouldn’t be able to personalize it and make it my own. I can’t take out whatever oil or butter they put in it, and replace it with coconut oil. I wouldn’t be able to replace the sugar that was used with stevia. That would be settling big time. And so I determined that I will work at it till I get it right. After all a loaf of bread cannot be “bigger” than me. Even if it is Gluten-free and has about fifteen different ingredients, which I further complicate by substituting.

There are plenty of frustrated Network marketers out there, who do not realize that they need to change their actions. It has to be more than 97% because that is the number that eventually give up.

Should I go back to eating gluten? Heck no!! That would be like those with a dream of firing the boss, coming to the conclusion that I don’t have what it takes to build a profitable Home Business. Should I settle for store bought frozen breads? Not if I can help it. That is like Home Business owners who settle for the little growth that trickle from lots of time and effort. Get the right mindset. You NEED HELP. Follow the path that has been chartered into Network marketing Success.How many more mornings will you awake and spy to see if land is in sight?

To succeed in network MARKETING, you need a proven system. a step by step guide, using the right tools, and the right ingredients. My Lead System Pro has been developed for those of us, sailing into unchartered territory, without a compass, and not getting the mileage you had hoped for. It is like night and day when we use the system. Unlike my recipe, and my attempt to conquer an unchartered field of baking gluten free, you are coached in real time. So you have less of a chance of messing up.

You will be a statistic anyway. Why not be a SUCCESSFUL NETWORK MARKETER, rather than be a part of the 97 percent who get frustrated and gIve up.

Because I know success is possible, is why I will bake that bread until I can do it perfectly. Click the banner below to see the benefits of the system. You can road test it for two weeks for less than S10.00    Is your future worth it?

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