DISCLAIMER:  This is not an attempt to discourage you from having cereal. This is simply providing information, that you may not have had time to consider.

It is also an attempt to open your curiosity in case you want to learn more about what are in those crispy flakes or geometric shapes.

Perhaps you are one who grabs a quick bowl of cereal, cover it in milk and go. Do you ask yourself…”Is this contributing to my personal health and wellness?”

cereals are mostly made from grains.

cereals are mostly made from grains.


  • Most cereals are made from grain. Whether it is rice, corn, wheat, oats, or any combination of any of them. A grain is usually the basic ingredient.
  • Depending on what part of the globe your cereal is manufactured, it could be made from genetically modified grains.

In case you are not aware of what that means, the WHO says  “Genetically modified (GM) foods are foods derived from organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally.”

 To put it simply, it is when geneticists and agri-scientists mess with the DNA of the seeds in an effort to morph them into a farmers dream. They are given built in instructions. Grow quickly. Yield more, and make sure the insects and worms don’t get to eat any. I call them Frankenstein foods.

It has been shown that the damage to livestock and lab animals done by these morphed grains is progressive with each generation. First they damage the intestines, they also damage the organs that have to deal with trying to process the non-traditional food entities. They produce massive tumors, and premature death, produces birth defects, and by the third generation reproduction is almost non-existent. Perhaps in a few decades we will believe that humans are not so superior and we are still flesh and bone susceptible to the laws of matter.

I remember when we used to grow corn, and had to look out for the worms as we took the husks off. I remember when wheat flour generated weevles after a while, and we had to pick rice before we cooked it. Because it was natural for some insect matter to be in the mix. I am sure that in many minds this is all very inconvenient. It sure was. But if the insects ate the grain, it means that it was good for consumption.


So we start with unhealthy grain with high carbohydrate content, and we add sugar or a sugar-like substance. Many breakfast cereals have a high sugar content with some coming close to 50 percent sugar. Chances are that the sugar is corn syrup. A close look at the ingredients list will reveal added sugar listed as second or third ingredient, in many breakfast cereals.


It is a common practice to fortify many breakfast cereals with IRON. This may be listed as “Fe”  FERRIC ORTHOPHOSPHATE. I used to think that they were concerned about out iron intake. Now I am learning that it is used as a fortifier/stabilizer not only in cereals but breads, rice products and many other manufactured foods.  Make sure it holds its form and do not fall apart before you eat it.   It is believed that this additive can contain as much as 26% to 32% of real iron.  I remember watching this video where a medical Dr. spoke of being able to separate iron particles from foods physically.

Consider also that some natural chemicals in many grains, Polyphenols and phytates block the absorption of iron. So if I was a cereal eater, I would want to know, “Why is it being added?”

As far back as 2007 this additive was prohibited from use in foods in some countries,but continues to be  used in others.

The other use of this compound (FERRIC ORTHOPHOSPHATE.),is as a molluscicide. To kill molluscs., mainly slugs and snails which interfere with plant life.


  • BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) are commonly used preservatives that can be found in breakfast cereal.

Most cereals are made with oil. Because they are made with oil to make them crispy ,then a preservative is needed to stop the oil from going rancid.

BHT is butylated hydroxytoluene and BHA is butylated hydroxyanisole.

Both synthetic preservatives are made from coal tar or petroleum.   BHT is used as embalming fluid and used in jet fuel. Don’t worry, cereals are not unique in this regard. They are everywhere,

  • Some cereals use artificial colors. We must know the facts on these by now.

    colored cereal. Artificial colors are not good in any food.

    colored cereal. Artificial colors are not good in any food.


Each cereal is different. They do not all carry the same concerns. For your own peace of mind, examine what you are eating and the effects it will have on your health and wellness. Read beyond the bold labels and bright illustrations on the box.

For the most part, breakfast bars, cereal bars, and similarly processed foods, carry the same concerns. Think beyond the convenience.




Many healthy living commercial eateries now sell breakfast green smoothies, that are guaranteed to give real nutrition without the harmful effects. Read this article and give yourself a breakfast treat. If you don’t notice a huge difference in 10 days, you have my permission to stop. http://princessshimari.com/add-a-green-smoothie-to-your-routine/

Green breakfast. Can be tasty, nutritious and satisfying.

Green breakfast. Can be tasty, nutritious and satisfying.


Toxicity is progressive. Toxic build up occurs over time, and cannot be eliminated with one fell scoop. If you are concerned about toxic build up in your diet. Listen to this testimonial.    See this natural supplement.

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