food-label. Lots of strange words.

food-label. Lots of strange words.

A few years ago, I Figured out that I was gluten intolerant and started on a gluten free diet (or so I thought).

I thought it was a foregone conclusion that once I didn’t bake with flour, ate quinoa instead of rice, and learned that almost any bean can be made into a four, that it will be well.

After all the adjusting, my symptoms persisted. It was not before long that I discovered the vastness of my mistakes, by not reading food labels carefully.


I could no longer take anything for granted.  I started paying more attention , and especially  by reading labels.

Not only did I learn how widespread the use of wheat and corn is, in the processed food industry, I learned some things that the average person probably never would consider, in regards to processed foods and the ingredients they contain. I find it to be so disturbing, and at the same time fascinating, that I thought I would share some of them with you.

So here goes ……Leave a comment below, tell me which ones are a surprise to you.

  1. I learned that almost everything that is processed, has some form of gluten in it. Some items that I never imagined.
  2. Powdered seasonings were not all spice. Most have some form of wheat or cornstarch. I don’t know why. Perhaps  to enhance the volume.
  3. Potato chips are not always made of potatoes alone.
  4. Many dairy products are not made from milk but “contains milk.”
  5. I always knew that tomato ketchup contained sugar, but I discovered some brands also had wheat flour (my common sense should have told me that to get that consistency it needs a thickener.
  6. Cream of chicken soup was not that creamy by chance.
  7. That oil is used in manufacturing a lot more than I previously thought. Especially when it is not obvious.
  8. A lot of industrial chemicals are used in food production.
  9. If there is a chance of the processed food falling apart it is stabilized with a chemical.
  10. Fish of the sea is now an expensive luxury, and a quote from the Bible.
  11. I can make a breakfast patty in the same amount of time that it takes to read the ingredients in some prepared ones.
  12. Mustard means mustard, plus whatever they deem necessary.
  13. If I want gluten free pepper sauce, I have to get one that says “made in Barbados”
  14. Lemonade can be made without lemons
  15. Ginger ale does not necessarily contain ginger.
  16. Fruit flavors can be created in a lab.
  17. “Natural” crosses as many generations as is necessary for the purpose of labeling. It is allowed to be called “natural” as long as it once came from nature.
  18. A three ingredient home-made pesto, takes 9 or 10 ingredients to make it in a facility.
  19. It takes 3 kinds of gum to put together a certain brand of cream cheese.
  20. Labels can be deceiving, by using scientific names, abbreviations, or omission (for a number of reasons.) But especially if you have any kind of food allergy, you should get in the habit of reading food labels.


Do you know of any LABELING SURPRISES? Let us know in a comment.

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