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I recently had a discussion with a dieter, who expressed the belief that it was safe to eat as much meat as you wanted when on a diet. Perhaps the thinking is that since protein builds muscle, that excess protein will just make your muscles bigger.
I happen to have a different “UNDERSTANDING” on the matter.
Firstly, protein in your diet is converted to peptides, and then to amino acids. The body absorbs and uses what it needs and the excess is converted to fats and sugars, and end up in the same place as if you had eaten too many carbs, or sugar.
Unless you burn off the excess, it is stored as fat just like any other nutrients. So if you dont over indulge, then when you exercise and burn off some energy, the body will take what it needs from the stored fat, and you end up losing weight.
The only foods that it is really safe to eat as much of as you like are green vegetables and a few others.

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I am a long time weight loser. For a long time, I lost the same five or 10 pounds about ten times.

That is because I woild lose some weight and put it right back on. So I would have to lose that same weight all over again. But, guess what If I did not lose the same weight several times, it means that I would have gained the same weight several times over. Losing weight can be frustrating, discouraging and seem impossible for many people. But you cannot give up.

Even if you gain when you dont want to. If you are dieting or on a program of some sort, and you dont lose any weight, you just dont give up. Dont beat up on yourself. You are not unique in that respect. A large number of people are fighting the battle of the bulge with us. I found a method that worked for me, a couple years ago, and I lost about 45 to 50 pounds. I managed to put back on about ten pounds when I was not looking. (it just sneeked up) But I am not giving up on my goal to lose another 20 pounds. Because my life depends on it. Seriously!!! Think about it. Dont give up.

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A group member asked. “How do I measure what I eat?”

My simple answer is, dont make it too technical. If you start whiping out the diet scales and measurung cups, it will very soon become a burden.
However, a simple estimate is three to four ounces of protein, about the size of the palm of your hand, an equal volume of GOOD CARBS, and twice the volume of vegetables. The vegetables will add volume, keeping you feeling fuller longer. The fiber in the vegetables will slow the absorption of the meal, and prevent blood suagr spikes. Try not to fry proteins. Bake several portions at a time, and have it ready. grilling and saute’ing are easy healthy options. Most meat willpan fry in a few minutes, and a GF grill is a handy gadget for dieters. Eat three regular meals a day and two or three snacks in between. Here you will find info on carbs. http://princessshimari.com/?s=know+your+carbs

This is what your meal plate should look like.

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Just as we are careful what we eat and dont eat, on a healthy living -weight loss journey, we must be careful what we drink. Store bought juices, contain a lot of refined sugars.
Additionally, many are concentrated, which raises the gycemic index. Sodas are also jammed packed with sugar. These all spell numerous calories, that are more readily digested than solid food. WHich means that the sugars hit your bllod stream faster. The calories you save in your solid food, you can easily add on, or surpass, if you are not careful what you drink.

It is better to have a piece of fruit and drink purified water. For those who say they dont like water, It does not take much to add a little flavor to water, to make it more pallatable. You can add a bit of fresh squeezed lemon or likme juice, or a piece of other fruit to flavor it.

If you juice your own fruit or vegetables, be careful to dilute it, to balance the gylemic index on consumption. The absence of the natural fiber in the fruit and vegetables, makes it quiker to be digested, and can be problematic.

What you drink is just as important as what you eat. Here is a suggestion for a drink, that provides valuable daily nutrition. it can also be used as a meal replacement, and contribute to the success of your diet. http://www.ibourl.com/djq

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This world is constantly evolving. Some of it may be detrimental and, not so good for the planet. Like soil erosion, global warming, fast food and pollution; to name a few.
But there have been so many innovations that have made life better, and more exciting as we progress. Are you old enough to know when you had to get up to change the channel on the television set? When you had to stick your finger into a little hole to dial a telephone number? We may have seen pictures of the first cell phones that fit in the trunk of a car, but most of us never saw a real one, because they were not so accessible or affordable.
Suffice it to say that, as we progress, we welcome inventions, upgrades and innovations.
For many reasons, some of which we are not aware, we have found it a huge challenge to control our body weight and resulting health challenges, over time. The rate of obesity in many countries of the world has grown in numbers and has begun to span a wider age group. Obesity is not just about not being able to find cute dresses in your size. It has some cohorts, like diabetes, toxins, hypertension, heart disease etc.
It has become crucial that we address the matter of being overweight, in the interest of being able to enjoy all that we strive for and want to accomplish in this life.
Gastric by-pass, lap band surgery, and other surgical procedures offered hope for those that could afford it and were well enough to undergo the procedure.
It is the year 2011. Enter an idea called SKINNY BODY CARE. The world was waiting on this new idea, and the world made no bones about embracing it. After only ten months on the market, the product has spread to over 200 countries. People are losing weight without surgery. And what is amazing, it comes packaged in a home based business that allows anyone to share the good news and make money.
The SKINY FIBER phenomenon is being endorsed by physicians, natural Healing proponents, Herbalist and just about everyone who takes the time to look at it. And, get this; it is not only about losing weight. The components of the SKINNY FIBER pill help to address a wide range of health concerns.
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