So we know that our food is supposed to contain vital nutrients. Vitamins and minerals among them. Let us consider  for a few minutes what we may be overlooking in our daily routine  Vitamin Power – Vitamin C.

Some time in the early 1900’s researchers and scientists started the discovery of vitamins. As time progressed, more and more of these hidden essentials in NATURAL foods were isolated and named. They starting naming them. A B C  etc. Many different strains of B vitamins, were detected and  they started assigning numbers B1, B2, etc (not very creative, but practical)

Perhaps the vitamin most thought of is Vitamin C.  Next to vitamin C in the dictionary of our minds we imagine an orange. That is because it is the fruit more readily identified as high in Vitamin C. However; there are at least five or six other natural foods that have a higher Vitamin C concentration than oranges.


Oranges contain an average of 59 mg. of Vitamin C per 100g serving. And  that is only if the orange rind is consumed, as it is the source of much of the nutritional content in oranges. Some argue that squeezing an orange gives you only orange water.

Perhaps the one most potent, Vitamin C food is “chili peppers”  green chilies provide more Vitamin C than any other food with 242.5 mg per 100 gram serving. That is 4 times the amount in oranges. But who sits and eats 100 mg. of chilis right?

So how about some “Bell Peppers?” The amount of vitamin C depends on the color. Yellow peppers provide the most vitamin C with 184mg, (three times the amount in oranges”) at per 100 gram serving. Bell peppers are more versatile and easier to include in your daily routine. How about juicing, salads, and soups and stews.



A hidden treasure in the world of Vitamin C are Guavas. This tropical fruit is loaded with lots of other nutrients as well. Depending on the variety, guavas can provide as much as 228mg of vitamin C per 100g serving. That is about four times the amount in oranges. In retrospect, I wonder if it is harmful to consume too much vitamin C. The thing about fruits is that they all ripen at the same time. Guava season in my childhood, meant that some of those bad boys had to be turned into Jam, jelly or “guava cheese” for later consumption.


Thyme and parsley, are now known to be potent Vitamin C providers. These fresh or dried herbs are packed with vitamins and other health benefits, and can be used in almost any soup, stew, or  salad. Thyme provides the most vitamin C of any herb with 160mg per 100 gram serving. Parsley provides 133mg per 100 gram serving. Thyme is easily grown in the tropics year round, and I can remember running outside to cut some thyme in the middle of almost any food preparation. Only problem is that back then, I thought it was only for the flavor and the parsley for the aesthetics. An easy way to consume enough parsley on a regular basis is to include it in your juicing routine.

Dark leafy greens like kale and mustard greens, also pack a punch of this essential Vitamin C. Raw kale provides the most vitamin C with 120mg per 100 gram serving. Again juicing your kale is a convenient way to add it to your routine, but it can be used in various ways such as salads, stir fries, soups or chips.

Broccoli, cauliflower and  brussels sprouts are also more potent in Vitamin C than oranges. Broccoli provides 89 mg of vitamin C in a 100 g serving.

Other fruits such as Kiwi,Papaya, strawberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, tomatoes and sweet potatoes rival the vitamin C content of oranges.

I want to introduce you to MORINGA. A plant grown mostly in Africa and Asia, that is the most perfect food for nutritional content anywhere. It contains seven times the Vitamin C of oranges and many other vitamins, minerals etc etc. (I couldn’t resist that)

Elixir Blast-Anti-Oxidant

Elixir Blast-Anti-Oxidant


The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for adult men is 90 mg and for adult women it’s 75 mg. so FROM THE LIST ABOVE YOU CAN SEE THAT IT IS VERY EASY NOT TO BE VITAMIN C DEFICIENT.

Most people know that Vitamin C strengthens the immune system. After all,that is what we take when we are getting a cold or trying to get the rid of a cold. We are told to take vitamin C  when our allergies start to kick in, and to strengthen you after a bout of illness.

Do not be fooled into thinking that Vitamin C is only needed to combat colds and nasal allergies.

By strengthening the immune system, it also helps it to prevent those cancer cells from forming and/or thriving. A strong immune system can also aid in destroying cancer cells even after they are formed. Vitamin C is also necessary for the repair of body tissues.

Vitamin C also helps in preventing heavy metals from accumulating in our bodies.  This one I can relate to. In the Caribbean, our preference is for limes over lemons and from a toddler, I knew about removing rust stains with lime. As a girl guide, I had the weekly duty of shining those metal pins which were proudly worn as part of our uniform. This task was always made easier with a bit of lime. Yes. Vitamin C does eradicate heavy metal formation. Online you can find many home remedies that you can use lemon for, and they all come down to its ability to detoxify. Because of this property, Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant, and helps to protect our cells from oxidative stress, which is basically damaging to the cell structure. That is why Vitamin C is used in cases of lead poisoning and other cases where heavy metal detoxification is necessary.

Are you familiar with the term “neuro transmitters”?  As it suggests, they are the chemicals that transmit signals between neurons ( the building blocks of  our nerves and nervous system). Vitamin C regulates the production of these chemicals that serve such a vital role.  Just imagine for a moment a nervous system that has been allowed to go awry; or one with over active neuro transmitters.  Forget not, that the nervous system also sends signals to the brain and indeed regulates almost all activity in organs and limbs. Let your brain wonder for a moment to the kinds of disorders that may be attributed to nervous system irregularities. And then pledge to yourself, that you will be the good steward and make sure you give your body the Vitamin C that it needs. DISEASES DON’T HAPPEN, they are caused.

Vitamin C is essential for HEALTHY ADRENAL GLANDS

What are those? You ask. Tiny glands that sit on top of your kidneys, that regulate the production of adrenalin, which regulates various stress factors, that affect too many things in your body to start mentioning right now.

To understand the importance of this function, you would have to understand the role of cortisol adrenalin, estrogen and testosterone. They modulate the functioning of every tissue, organ and gland in your body; to maintain a stable physiological balance, during stress and keep you alive. It may be good to note that stress is almost always ongoing in some form or another.They also have important effects on the way you think and feel. Are you beginning to understand the importance of Vitamin C to good health?

Vitamin C helps to detoxify the liver.Your liver is like the “quality control “ server for everything that goes into your body. A toxic liver is disastrous in many ways.  Consider the fact that the liver is the  largest organ in the body. It weighs about 3-4 pounds in an adult. It is the only organ that is capable of regenerating itself.

Do you think you can multitask, when you are juggling 2 or 3 tasks at once? Your liver is saying “Try being me” when you are enjoying those unhealthy meals.  Master liver has 500 jobs to take care of in your body.  It stores, it  filters, it balances, it eliminates. It creates, it balances, it processes, it clears, it neutralizes and it controls. Boy, Im feeling for my liver already; and you should also, every time you decide to put something in your body. An unhealthy liver is an unhealthy body and you are as aged as the health of your liver. How about at least giving it the vitamin C it needs to help keep itself clean and in good working order

I don’t need to explain to you what inflammation is. Get a cut or scrape , ignore it, and inflammation is what occurs from the body trying to kill those bacteria and other unwanted accumulations. Inflammation also occurs internally, and mostly unaware until you are diagnosed with an “….itis” Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory. It helps to reduce inflammation, especially in cases where an allergy causes inflammation to form internally.

Vitamin C aids in the absorption of iron, and helps the body to process other nutrients which would otherwise not be made useful.

Treat your body right, and it will return the favor. Get your daily Vitamin C, not only when you have a cold. Its not difficult to do.

So I will leave you alone now. Thanks for reading.


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