Wow!!! What a world we live in. There is so much technology surrounding us that it seems like  if we blink too often we will miss something.

It seems like every week there is a new technological devise on the market. I am not tech savvy and I am not a gamer, so I am not technically aware of all the amazing things there are out there. But every now and again, I come across something that makes me go, WOW!!! Like when I see how many are using the internet to achieve “Network Marketing Success.”

I was always fascinated with technology. I still have not figured out how on God’s green earth, I can have a devise that I can talk under my breath and someone on the other side of the globe can hear me.

Or, I can have a document in my hand and put it in a machine and it shows up in another person’s hands thousands of miles away. Some of you might be saying, that, perhaps Im too dumb to understand. Maybe it all makes sense to the techies of this world, but for me it is nothing short of amazing.

Almost as amazing as a loaded airplane, weighing several tons; taking off into the air and staying up there. I get it (a bit) about velocity and momentum, and such, but in my brain it is still amazing.

I recall the excitement I felt when I got my first cell phone more than a decade ago. A phone that goes in your purse? WOW. (up to this day, I can never locate it when it rings)  I watched as those devises went from big to little; from heavy to light; and back to heavy again.  From open faced, to flip, to open faced again. Now a modern day cell phone is nothing short of a mini computer in your hand.  For every thing you could tink of wanting to do on a cell phone. “There is an APP for that” 

Once upon a time you had to sit in front of the television to play video games. Now, “There is an app for that” Does anyone remember a phone book? An encyclopedia is now a collectors item. (hold on to yours, it may fetch some money half a century from now) How about getting lost from point A to point B? For everything imaginable “There is an app for that”

Remember when we went to Tupperware parties? The Avon lady knocked on your door, took your order and came back with the product and the receipt book two weeks later?

In the world of Network Marketing,  all of our neighbors knew what we were selling. Our friends and family were our market. But in this world of incredible technological advances, there are many other options for marketing and getting people to see what an incredible opportunity you have and are willing to share with them. There are future successful entrepreneurs out there that are not aware of the fact. There are future million- dollar earners, who don’t even have the concept on their cognitive radar as yet.

Thanks to the age of technology, we now have more opportunities to share with others.  The internet was once referred to as the super Highway. It can take you places that were once unimaginable. But like any road trip, in order to not get lost and frustrated, and run out of gas before you get where you are going, a GPS is an option which will get you there if you follow the dirctions.

The statistics say that a whopping ninety-seven percent of Network marketers are unsuccessful and give up. Isnt it wonderful that we now have the ability to reach out to the struggling and the dejected, and the frustrated?  For all who thought that they were not going to make it; For all who have spent lots of money and got no returns; For all those who lost confidence in the idea of success, “There is an app for that” It is called My Lead System Pro. It is your Network Marketing GPS, to ensure you get to the place of success, with as few headaches as possible.

Put to gether by some of the most successful in the Home Business Arena, the system offers tools and training to reach people who want what you have, or who are looking for leadership and success in the Network Marketing arena. Instead of me trying to explain it (I cant anyway), here is a video for you to watch. Don’t  close this page and in 4 or 6 weeks, wonder if it would have made a difference to your paychecks. This is your opportunity. There is an app for almost everything, but will power is not one of them. Go ahead,WATCH THE VIDEO.

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