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Sometimes in life, we find ourselves at a crossroads, where we have to decide if we should turn in another direction, or keep on going the road we were on. We wonder if we have what it takes to change direction. At the beginning of every year, we come to that place of decision. We want to do better in certain areas of our lives, and gather the resolve to tackle the issue. You may know this process as making New Year’s resolutions. Many of them get lost as the months go on. Staying healthy and keeping our bodies in good condition is one of those challenges for many. In the area of weight loss and health improvement, having a team to cheer and support is of immeasurable value.
To feed our cells and organs optimally so that they function the way they should is increasingly a challenge because of several factors. Our busy lifestyles at times, does not allow us to exercise the way we should. For some, daily medications and other chemicals interfere with the process of the elimination of harmful toxins from the body. Preparing healthy meals may appear to be an inconvenience at a glance, but it is not as challenging as it would seem.
Whatever the reason, as we get older it is increasingly more difficult to maintain optimum weight, vitality and bodily functioning. For some it is a few pounds of unwanted fat. For others it is maybe a bit more (fifteen or twenty pounds.) For others the journey may be a longer one to optimum weight because we are further away from the place where we want to be.
A friend of mine always jokes that she loses about 20 pounds each year. Looking at her, one would never guess that she lost 20 pounds, because I have never seen her body weight increase. But she continues; I lose the same five pounds over and over. Consider that if it was left unattended it really would have been an accumulation of 20 pounds. Ignoring the issue of weight control does not make it go away. Good intentions do nothing for the prevention of illnesses and diseases which are caused by overweight. Being overweight is associated with certain conditions for a number of reasons. A body that is fed too much of the wrong food is still malnourished. So food is stored because the body feels deprived and stores what it can for future use. There is another theory that the body creates fat to house an accumulation of toxins in the body to save them from bedding down in the vital organs. (Do a quick research and see what you come up with)
But as the saying goes, the longest journey begins with the first step. Small steps on a regular basis will get you where you want to be. Perhaps you don’t have to lose weight, but you can feel that everything is not quite right. Maybe small adjustments in your nutritional habits will make a difference. Perhaps you are doing well with managing your weight and your health, but you have a friend who needs to be encouraged. Join us on Facebook as we
“Journey to SKINNY in 2012”
You are your number one priority. Do what no one else can for you.

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