Fruit can be an answer to the SNACK DILEMMA, and contributes to a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Getting past the SNACK DILEMMA on your way to a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.

So you are on a journey to adopt a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE. You know that what you eat and when you eat is at the core of your success in tipping the balance that keeps the scale moving in a negative direction.

Planning meals is a challenge, but what can be a greater challenge, is planning what you will have for snacks. Or worse yet, Not planning for your snacks. This is a crucial but often overlooked part of your journey to WEIGHTLOSS AND A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

Snacking may be tricky. It is almost never planned for, and will creep up on you in the form of hunger pangs. So we tend to look for the most convenient or handy thing to eat. The grabs can range from snack machine items to refrigerated left overs and liquid calories.
Snacks must be part of the equation, in order to be successful in weight loss. Calories eaten at snack time, are just as crucial, as they do factor into the equation.
If you have not had an ample supply of FRUIT for the day, fruit may be a good option for a snack. One must be careful to have an adequate quantity of fruit, and pay attention to the nutritional content of fruits. Some fruits can be high in sugar and calories. Even though fruits are healthier and contain more fiber than many commercially prepared snacks, one must consider the calories in them, for optimal weight loss.

VEGETABLES may be another good option for snacks, as some of them are convenient. Celery or carrot sticks, cucumber slices, broccoli spears are all delicious with hummus (can be flavored to your liking), and other condiments. Vegetable snacks are excellent for lower calories and sugar content, and will be more filling. The key is to be creative Avocado is a good choice also.

SKINNY FIBER also helps to balance the fiber in your diet, and lowers your cravings for sugary snacks.

It may be a good idea to examine the nutritional content of these easy to grab snacks. Chances are they are preserved in some way. Question for you? Is salt added to many package snacks because people like the taste? Or did people come to like the taste because they had no choice as salt was the cheap and effective preservative. (The chicken or the egg?)
Energy bars are loaded with sugar, as sugars and carbs are the energy giving nutrients. A carefully structured healthy snack can even help your diet efforts. This can become a part of your HEALTHY SNACK ROUTINE.http://www.ibourl.com/dnu

Nuts and seeds are great. And can be combined for convenient on the go snacks. Create your own trail mix according to what you like. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut chips , nuts, and dried fruit are excellent considerations. You may have heard me mention, I love Asian markets, where one can find a wide variety of tropical fruits both fresh and dried.

Coming up with an interesting nutritional snack repertoire can be a challenge, but it is an integral part adopting a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, and also for your WEIGHT LOSS efforts. Be creative and try different things.
Many a diet has been ruined at the snack bar.


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