Every now and again, the slightest little occurrence causes me to go into deep thought. Like an “encounter” I had with an online virtual assistant (sorry; expert) earlier today.
I was in one of those mellow moods where I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I just wanted to be alone with myself and enjoy my own company. But I have noticed that when I remember things that I need to do, I either have to do them right away, or make a physical note of it. (The mental notes are not as effective anymore)
So, it flashed into my mind that I can go online and talk to a customer service representative about my query.
A few clicks soon led me to the help section and I located “Charlie” –A female Charlie. Have you noticed that virtual assistants usually have a name that ends with an –ie-? Kylie, Charlie. Must be easier to write in computer code.
A followed her written prompts and ended up with a message that said call 1-800 —–. Now that was not my intention in the first place. I did not work my fingers for you to tell me call to speak to a representative. Guess what I did? I continue to click, went right back around in a circle, and ended up in the same place. To my amazement, the little Charlie girl said something to the effect of “I think I am about to give you the same response. Would you like me to continue? So I gave in, called the number and got my concerned addressed by a live person.
A little while later, I was reflecting, and came to the conclusion that I was really stupid. What my little virtual expert was saying to me, if she was a real person, would sound something like;
“I already told you what to do.Call the number. Do you expect me to say something different now? If you keep bugging me you will get the same answer every time. Wise up and call the number if you really want an answer.”
And if she was a Bajan, (dialect for Barbadian) she would probably say, “You harda hearing or wha? I dun tell you wa to do. You is a halfa idiot or wha? Or you went school at de stan pipe? Stan dey, I dun talkin to you. Move out ma face leh me talk to somebody dat got sense do. Doan upset ma Spirit do. (under the breath) educated jackass “
Remember that definition for insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Simply because I thought I didn’t want to make the effort required, I almost ran into a dead end. For the time being, anyway. It was not that hard. I just wanted to remain in my comfort zone of enjoying my peace.
So I came to the conclusion that without even thinking, I was temporarily insane this morning.
How many of you out there are in a place where you desire an answer to a challenge in your life, but are skeptical to make the required change? Do you want to make some extra money every week? Gain more time to spend with your family and loved ones? Do you want to lose some weight so that you can fit better into those cute clothes? (I know from experience, they are hardly ever cute when they grow up to a bigger size)
Do you want to feed your body the right nutrients so that it feels and operates better? Whatever changes you need to make in your life. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Take what ever steps to lead to where you want to be in your life. Take that first step. Once you do, you’ll be glad you did. There is a saying that goes something like this. “The longest journey begins with the first step. Go ahead, do it for you. And, may I add, in most cases it gets easier with each subsequent step. Transform your mindset. Only you can do it for you.
Thanks for sharing this light-hearted moment with me. I cannot help you with everything you need to change, but to encourage you to find that inner strength. But if you want to make any of the changes mentioned above visit me at
http://www.ibourl.com/h9h or
www.fortyplushealthandwealthbuilders.com .
You may continue to peruse my other articles here on www.ibosocial.com/shimari
I work with some teams of wonderful people that have helped me, and we are waiting to help the next person make that journey to better Health and Wealth.

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