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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” ― Helen Keller


Teamwork is good for MLM

Teamwork is good for MLM

Have you ever moved into a new neighborhood, and was feeling a bit apprehensive about being in a strange place? Perhaps you were not feeling too optimistic about getting to learn the ins and outs of what is going on, in that particular corner of the world? Then some-one shows up with a cake (maybe not…that may be a movie ideal). Maybe you just encounter someone, or they come over to say hello, and after the first conversation, your level of comfort rises. Just by making a connection, and knowing that there is someone you can go to with your question, or maybe just someone to introduce you to the rest of the neighbors, made you feel like you can settle in.

Or have you ever started a new job, and had a few butterflies in your stomach, while waiting to hear what is expected of you. You look around to see how others are acting, and what they do and do not do, and of course you keep your ears open, in an effort to acclimatize yourself with your new surroundings. Then someone,(or maybe several people) stop by to say hello and welcome you to the office. Maybe someone was gracious enough to whisper a few sentences of vital information that Perhaps someone invites you to sit at their table in the lunchroom, or invites you to join them at their favorite deli or restaurant for lunch.

Come along for the ride.

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. ……… Mattie Stepanek

I hear the question in your mind…..OK..…..Enough!!   I get it!!! I get the point!!! Now what are you trying to say?

Well, here goes….For most of us, our entry into the world of network Marketing is new unchartered territory. Or at least it was at one point. Very few people set out to plan a career in Network Marketing. After all …you hardly see a Network Marketer show up in high school or college for “career day.”

Either you want to supplement your income; You retired and want to make good use of your new found time and freedom, or you found a product that you just loved and wanted to share it. What-ever the reason, I imagine that venturing into offline or online marketing was a bit overwhelming for you. But there is free MLM help available.

My journey was an interesting one, but I believe I found the secret.

When I first attempted to do Network Marketing, I was not even connected to any online Social sites. It did take me a while to decide to join FB. And then it was not for the purpose of marketing. I wasn’t even aware that that world existed.  Needless to say it was hard to make connections outside of my friends and family. Who, by the way, couldn’t care less what I was selling.

Teachers call it copying. We call it teamwork!   – Unknown

The world at your finger tips

Then I joined another company and was introduced to the world of internet marketing. I slowly learnt how to connect with people, with fellow marketers, and spread my wings to various Social Media sites. But something was still missing. Then I joined a challenge, where I thought I was going to learn strategies to market online. Turns out that the best part of that challenge, was meeting and connecting with fellow Online Marketers.

During that time, I joined a small tribe, and the information, support and knowledge I gained from those eight or so people was invaluable.

Teamwork is good for MLM

Teamwork is good for MLM

So I did not hesitate when I got the opportunity to become a part of Gavin Mountford’s, Networking Superstars. Being in those master mind groups, has driven my abilities, confidence and knowledge to new heights.

With the advent of “Game of Tribes”, I again became connected and learned a lot from my fellow tribers.  In fact, it was one of my tribe members who invited me to this challenge. I was a bit hesitant to attempt to write a blog post every day for thirty days. But at day twelve, and counting, I will never again question what I am capable of, in this world of Internet marketing.

Here is an affordable Network marketing opportunity.

Loving the trip

Yes I am enjoying the challenge. I am grateful for Lesly Federici and the other members of our Game Of Tribes Mastermind group. Although The Game Of Tribes Masterminds is on hiatus, I can still count on their encouragement and support.  It is imperative that you connect with a group whose members are headed in the same direction as you are. The support and encouragement is more than enough to justify it, but then you learn and grow from each other as well. If you would like to become a part of our Game of Tribes, look at this video and see how much fun it is to have some free MLM help..



Success is close with a team.

Success is close with a team.


As John Maxwell puts it:    “Teamwork makes The Dream Work”


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