“Think I will, Think I wont”

Is cow's milk all that it is "pumped out" to be?

Is cow’s milk all that it is “pumped out” to be?



We make decisions on what we do and do not eat for various reasons. Sometimes it is basically what we are used to (what our ancestors taught us). It may be based on an allergy. It may be because we want to lose or gain weight. Every now and again a fad comes along and we feel like jumping on the band wagon.

But sometimes we make conscious decisions based on newly gained information, or a bad experience of a loved one. I recently came to the conclusion which is basically an extension (……to zero) of a decision that is almost half a century old.

I have been hearing a lot recently about cow’s milk and the negative effects it may be having on human health and wellness. During that time, I have also been thinking and observing a lot regarding cow’s milk.


The only thing I am qualified to speak with authority on is my personal experiences and those of others that I have witnessed first hand.

You know, we get so used to the status quo that we accept so many things as normal; which really, can lay no claims to being normal. Perhaps accepting it as normal gives us an excuse to say there is nothing I can do about it or perhaps, I don’t have the strength to figure it out. After all; if most people do it, it cant be all that bad. Right?

In my (singular and non-verbal)deliberations, concerning cow’s milk, I went back to the year 1958.

It was the habit back then to give school children a glass of milk along with crackers for a mid-morning snack. As time progressed, children started bringing their own snacks, and  then some more, and some more. This practice progressed to the point where, as I teacher, I wondered if the parents thought they were going to camp. But the tradition of the government providing milk for primary school students continued.

Back in the late 50’s I remember distinctly that ever so often, (too often when you think about it) children would develop diarrhea during school time which always brought a lot of unwanted attention.

I remember this because I was one of those children who had these unfortunate incidents from time to time. I also remember that around seven years of age, I made a conscious decision that I was done drinking milk. A half a decade later, you still could not pay me to drink cow’s milk.

All’s well that ends well!!!

Fast forward twenty years or so. I was pregnant with my first baby, and the constant urgings were a bit annoying.  ”You have to drink milk.” “Milk makes the babies bone strong.”  “You need milk to get a healthy baby. “ yada,  yada Yada…..

I was always stubborn. So I don’t listen to people too much. I forced myself to eat ice cream a few times, but that was nothing I wanted to do either. I was also opposed to constipation, so those multi vitamins that were laden with “iron” got stock-piled.

I must admit that I was surprised when my baby was put in my arms and he was whole. I half expected that no milk, and no cast iron in my stomach meant no proper development.

Do I owe few apologies?

After about 5 months when I returned to work, I tried to feed my baby “lactogen” Guess that name has something to do with replacing lactation. Anyway, from that imposition, I was party to such violent expulsion (I think we call that vomiting) and rejection of that stuff, that I grew scared. I was almost as scared as the time he put a live millipede in his mouth. I called the pediatrician after about a day and was advised to resort to an expensive soy replacement.

Fast forward to two years later, and my second baby drank the cow’s milk formula with no rebellion from his digestive, and immune system.  But what I did have to deal with, were the constant ear infections and asthma. I almost died the first time I realized he was suffering from asthma. And he was merely three years old, when they had to put him under general anesthesia to clear the inflammation from his tiny ears.

Statistics show that colic and ear infections are the two most common illnesses in babies. Do you know of a child who died from an

Are cranky babies "normal"

Are cranky babies “normal”

asthma attack? Or lived in fear of triggering an attack? I almost had to make sure my baby was not in the house when it was being cleaned. Dust, chemicals, just about anything triggered his immune system. Could it e that some of this could be prevented?

What about the rise in the numbers of little children who develop allergies to so many foods. Do you think it is worth investigating whether or not ingesting cow’s milk that was designed to rapidly triple the birth weight of a calf in a short time could have something to do with it?

We have accepted so much as “normal” or to be expected, that we think strange of any efforts to work toward a better alternative. Who said that babies are supposed to have colic?


If I knew then, what ———-

At one point in time in my life, I used to get sinus infections like crazy. I knew the names of every prescription sinus medication out there. When one stopped working, it was replaced with to another one.

I also used to get unbearable migraines. (The kind that lasted two or three days) I’m talking about “shut off the light’, ‘don’t talk to me’ kind of migraines. After I had had enough, and was physically and emotionally tired of feeling like my head belonged on another body, I decided it must be something I’m eating. I started noting when the migraines arose, and figured out it was when I ate cheese.

Yes. I didn’t do cow’s milk but I ate macaroni pie. If you are wondering what that is, it is a “pumped up” version of mac and cheese. A Barbadian staple!! Needless to say, that was the end of an era for me. I would eat something made with cheese occasionally but in very small quantity. “What about pizza?” you asked. Never a favorite of mine!!! White flour always gave me heart burn. Another story!!  LOOK HERE

But I had one weakness left. Cheesecake!!! Because I was anti milk, anti cheese, I couldn’t take the butter scent or taste, I found that a well- made cheese cake was not cheesy. So I developed a liking for an occasional cheesecake slice. (1 slice)

Once I eliminated gluten, I found that I had to make my own cheese-cake. After a couple of times of making a whole cheese-cake and eating one or two slices, it was apparent I had to come up with a different plan. So I started adding cream cheese to Gluten Free muffins at intervals. Two kinds in particular)

I also developed a liking for “snickers” ice-cream bars. After all, they had very little ice-cream) but I got to indulge every now and again.

So one night when I could find no snickers bars I opted for a Klondike bar. That night I had no doubt in my mind that it was the milk in the ice-cream that my digestive and immune system were rebelling against.

So recently I was struggling with the same symptoms as I did when I was eating gluten. The freight- train kind of activity in your intestines that is not cool. As I say “a whole lot of carrying on” I did everything I could think of.

The first set of live pro-biotics I swore they were dead, because a whole bottle made no difference. A course of parasite cleanse, and a different live pro-biotic later, (wasted money)I became convinced that I will never eat anything made of milk again.

My mission is not to prove anything to you, or convince you of anything.

My mission is to open your awareness to the point where you want to investigate for yourself, and think about your own experiences and the effect they have on your health, and those whom you love.

You are probably wondering. “what is wrong with her?” Why does everything bother her” Because I pay attention. Everyone that is suffering from anything that is not optimum health has similar concerns. If I had paid attention earlier on I may have prevented my immune system rebelling so harshly. I just take action, because I so hate the idea of swallowing chemicals.

Over the weekend, news broke of the death of a television actor, and the speculation started. I thought to myself. We are so quick to condemn others for using quick acting drugs. But if you pour enough cups of water in the reservoir it will be just as full in a matter of time. The chemicals will kill you whether it is slow or fast. “Remember! I did say it was my thoughts.”

That’s my story, but I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE who has had bad experiences with cow’s milk.  Research and science currently have many concerns and recommendations when it comes to cow’s milk. Are we paying attention? Or are we doing what we have always done, with the antiquated information, and status Quo?

And the moral of the story is……

“An alligator by any other name, is still an alligator. It will still get you even if you choose to see it as a sheep”

There are more names for by-products of cow’s milk than I can even hope to know. But what I do know is that they are all cow’s milk in disguise.

NEW information on cow's milk is everywhere.

NEW information on cow’s milk is everywhere.


There is much research, many studies, observations and recommendations coming from various sources on the subject of cow’s milk.

In PART TWO of this article, I will outline some of them, and give you the other perspective.

See you soon.

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