We see them everywhere at this time of the year. The television ads are so glamorous!!! All the folk who have lost weight using one weight loss product or the other. The magazines are filled from cover to cover of the glamor shots of the new bodies, transformed by a system or product. It is a good thing to lose weight if you need to. And having a mentor or someone to emulate is very desirable. I remember when I put a picture of Oprah on the refrigerator door as my motivation. It worked for a while. But you have to really believe in what you are doing. You will need a transformed mind to fight the “BATTLE OF THE BULGE”. That motivation has to be more intrinsic than spurred by external forces.
Me, personally, I think the impression that is given is that it is walk in the park. Have you seen pictures of the subjects when they are exercising, and exhausted? Have you seen the struggle to bypass the ice-cream in the supermarket? The battle in the mind when you cook the pasta for the kids but you know you shouldn’t eat it. We don’t see those images. As a matter of fact, some things cannot be portrayed either pictorially or literarily. Some things just have to be experienced. What I am attempting to do here to convey the reality that there is nothing glamorous or easy about losing weight. Losing weight is a battle, a war between you and the unwelcome fortress that has surrounded your body. Wait!! surrounded? No invaded. The fat is not just under your skin, on the outside, it is in your organs, your blood vessels attached to your organs, every place that it shouldn’t be. I read somewhere once that one of the reasons the body creates fat is to house the unwanted toxins so that they don’t make their way into your vital organs where they will be more dangerous. (Could be worth investigating, don’t you think?) Perhaps that is why many diet programs start with a detox regimen. Could it be that a toxic body will hold on to the fat to protect itself? Maybe, maybe not. Just food for thought.
For a more realistic view of the process of weight loss, cast your mind to “the biggest loser” That is more likely what fighting the “BATTLE OF THE BULGE” is all about. Even then, the participants are advantaged, because they have trainers, and coaches, and medical back-ups, and the list goes on. For most of us, it is a lonely fight. A one man army fighting the “BATTLE OF THE BULGE”
I thought I would highlight a few tips that can be tools to help you fight that battle. Besides this article, you can read further about your health and wellness here. www.healthandwealthbuilders.blogspot.com
The first step in losing weight is to want to condition your mind that you want it badly enough. If you believe that you are “big and beautiful”, that you have “big bones” that men like women with “meat on their bones” and “there is more of me to love” and all the other excuses of the mind, you may as well spell diet backward and forget about it. Likewise, if someone else thinks that you should lose weight, and you are not ready, it will last as long as a snow-cone in Hawaii. If however that external motivation causes you to condition your mind that you should, then it is a different kettle of tea.
If on the other hand you think that the older you get, the older your heart gets, and can no longer perform like when it was young. If you understand that your blood vessels are wearing out from the constant pressure on them for decades, if you understand that the more ground your blood has to cover the more pressure and exertion it takes for your heart to do the job? If you understand that the more non-healthy food you eat, the harder your filters like your kidneys and liver have to work to keep up, and that a dialysis machine disrupts your life, then you are going to do it, no matter how difficult it becomes. And the difficult junctions will come from time to time. If you understand that it is going to be a struggle you are more likely to not give up at the first challenge. Here is a tool that may help: www.healthandwealthbuilders.net
Be realistic. Don’t expect too much too soon. Set small goals and work towards them one week at a time. I said one week instead of one day because that can mess you up. Getting on the scale every day and expecting to weigh less, is counterproductive. And can easily be discouraging.
Prepare. Try to have the right foods around you. This is as important as not having the wrong foods within reach.
Keep satiated. Eat small healthy meals often. At two and a half to three hour intervals. All things being equal, this ensures that your metabolism keeps working and there is almost something to digest. If you get hungry and stay hungry your body goes in to starvation mode and hangs on to the fat for an anticipated drought. Worse yet, is to go hungry for a long time and then eat unhealthy food. The body them grabs hold of whatever it can, because it thinks it is going to be starved again.
I could go on and on, but the last point I want to make is to prepare your meals in bulk. Either fully cooked or prepared for easy cooking. This will ensure you stick to a healthy eating pattern. If you allow yourself to get hungry, you are more likely to eat anything in sight.
Equip yourself with the right armor to fight this “BATTLE OF THE BULGE”. You cannot go into a battle unprepared and without the right tools. The battle would have been lost before the first bugle sounds.

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