Journey to SKINNY in 2012- “Dare to do it“ PART 2
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In continuing from the previous article with the same name……This process can be maintained as a way of life rather than a diet, as one gets to enjoy the food they are used to without feeling deprived or hungry. Because there is less consumption of (the usually not so nutritious) food to the digestive system, over time, the kidneys, liver and other digestive organs are less stressed and able to function better. As a result, the body regulates itself and blood pressure is stabilized, blood sugar is stabilized, cholesterol levels are stabilized and users have reported amazing transformations in other health conditions.
I dare say that the option to lose weight is not a challenge, but a “dare”. A decision in one’s mind that they have the courage to do it. As Nike ushered that dare to just do it, using the shoes they designed. I dare you to just do it, using the innovation of combining three special gifts of nature to get the job done. Nature has provided natural foods to aid the body in healing itself. SKINNY BODY CARE has provided a triple whammy of natural fibers to help us who are ready and want to rid our bodies of the excess fat and toxins. We are hardly going to be faced with a famine any time soon. We don’t need to store excess fat under our skin, around our organs, and in other parts of our body that is making us sick.
I dare you to get your mind in that place in time for the New Year. Join me as I dare myself to do it. We have the right tool to get the job done. The tool is no good to anyone if it is left lying in the toolbox. Get it now. If you do it right and see no results after thirty days, the company WILL refund your purchase price, even if the bottle is empty. So you have nothing to lose but unhealthy fat and toxins.
I have a confession to make. In the three months that I have been a distributor for SKINNY BODY CARE, I never really got into the program. This was partly because I had dieted much this year and partly, because I was monitoring my system for adjustments to a gluten free diet. I am happy to say I am now ready in mentally and physically to “dare” myself to do it.
Let’s do it.
Let us band together and support each other as we dare ourselves every day to “do it” I have created a Facebook Group as our meeting place to support and encourage and celebrate each other. Join the group if you want to lose weight. If you know someone who wants to lose weight and regain or improve their health or if you want to become a SKINNY BODY CARE distributor and help others. https://www.facebook.com/groups/220711901337278/
DISCLAIMER !!! I wish to inform all readers, that I lay or state no claims to medical knowledge. I was a career long school teacher. I have had a passion for healthy living and being my own Health Advocate for many years. Dr. Llaila Africa ignited my quest for health awareness several years ago and a long association with Dr. Edward Layne nurtured it, as I continued to research and learn. My statements are drawn from my personal accumulation of knowledge and personal experiences. Any reference that I make in my articles can be easily researched. To cite references would limit the reader’s scope, as there is a vast amount of places and documentation that one may gather information from.

CAUTION. The key to the success of SKINNY FIBER pills is that you take the pills at least thirty minutes before a big meal with lots of water. Eat a smaller than usual meal, and STOP EATING WHEN YOU FEEL FULL. If you continue to eat as much as you did before, the results will be less than satisfying.
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Every now and again, I am confronted online with a challenge by one weight- loss company or another. A twenty-one day challenge, a sixty day challenge. And every time I see it my brain goes into a tail spin. I wonder if it is a contest between the person and the products you use to see which one will prevail? The fat or the product? Or is the challenge between the various users to see who will lose the most fat?
A challenge brings to mind the idea of a contest that tests one’s skill or strength in a particular area. In some places it is described as a call to battle.
Alternatively, I prefer to think of a person’s decision to lose weight as a “dare”. One’s decision to demonstrate that they have the courage or boldness to get the job done.
Losing weight has never been considered an easy task. The transformation has to start in the mind of the person. Until one’s mind is made up that this is what they want to do, no amount of external influences will get the job done. Yes, I said job and I said task previously, because that is what it is. If there is someone out there who has succeeded in intentionally losing weight without putting out a great deal of effort, I invite you to share your experience with others who may benefit from it. Who knows I may be missing a few details along the way.
The simple truth is that for the most part and under normal circumstances, weight gain is a result of consuming more calories than the body uses. The excess is therefore put into storage for later use (fat cells). It is a rather simple mathematical equation. Opposingly, for the most part, and again under normal circumstances, weight loss is the reverse… Consuming fewer calories than the body needs to use at a given point in time, so that the body goes into storage (fat cells) to make up the shortfall.
Some methods of weight loss require more effort than others. Whether one puts the emphasis on exercising more, or eating less, the need is created to use stored fat. Obviously a combination of both should prove to be even more efficient. In today’s environment many methods and products have been researched and developed to stimulate the brain, manipulate the metabolism, engorge the muscles to work harder, and various other enhancements to the process.
Many people who went on diet programs by eating less became nutrient deprived and could not keep it up for any length of time. Others took the exercise route and for various reasons fell short of their goals. I am one of those individuals who get physically sick when I get hungry, so I know what it feels like. For as long as I live I will remember trying to convince my body that it was going to comply with what my brain decided was a program that would surely get the job done. (I believe it was the cabbage soup diet at that time in the early 1980’s.) My body became so traumatized that I ended up pulling off the road to eat an apple, which I carried around just in case I needed it. The irony is that at the time, I was at a weight and size that I would give anything to be at again. (I guess the idea of closing the stable before the horse got out didn’t quite work.) If I started to name the diet programs and adjustments in eating that I have voluntarily encountered, I would have to write a three part series for this article. Being “diagnosed” with hypertension and being put on a regimen of dangerous chemicals, didn’t help either. Maybe I was the culprit in not carrying out the instructions as given. But that’s another story for another place and time.
—–Moving right along—.
After decades of individuals in many countries of the world, struggling to reduce the quantity of their food consumption, and do it in a healthy way, there is now a simple method that is presently working well for thousands. Beneficial, all natural soluble and insoluble fiber is introduced as a portion of food consumption. So one feels full quicker and therefore eats less. (Read about the fiber in SKINNY FIBER here.) http://princessshimari.com/?p=143
The fiber is taken with lots of water, which is also of undeniable benefit to the body. (The benefits and necessity of clean water to the system can be seen here. http://princessshimari.com/?p=137
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WATER – A vital part of a healthy diet


Today I want to draw our attention to the importance of drinking water.
About seventy-one percent of the earth’s surface is water, (albeit salt water), and even more of it is fresh water.
About sixty percent of our body is water. The human brain is about seventy percent water.
The human lung is about ninety percent water. Water lubricates our joints, cushions our organs, digests our food, and transports waste out of our bodies in urine, perspiration and faecal matter, and helps to control our body temperature. Are we beginning to get the picture? Water is crucial to maintaining our body structure as well as the functioning of our body.

Because water has the ability to dissolve so many substances, it allows our cells to dissolve and make use of the nutrients in the food we consume. So then we can conclude that if we go the length to ensure that we consume a variety of nutrients to improve our health; then it is just as necessary to drink enough water to complete the process. It would be like putting those fertilizer pellets on top of the soil and not watering the soil to give those nutrients the opportunity to be absorbed by the roots.
Water also flushes the waste substances (toxins) out of your organs. Without enough water in our body these toxins not only compromise the proper functioning of our organs but may eventually destroy the organs.
Many fruits and vegetables, milk and other foods contain water, but not in sufficient quantities as is required. It is always necessary to drink additional water.
One’s water needs vary on factors such as climate, body weight, and lifestyle. An average woman needs about 2 liters of water on a daily basis, and men need slightly more. It is not a good idea to replace water consumption with other beverages. In addition to adding calories, some beverages like coffee are diuretics and actually draw water from the body.
Although this rarely happens, it is possible to drink too much water. If water is consumed too rapidly, our kidneys can‘t get rid of the water fast enough. It remains in the body, dilutes the blood, and reduces the proportion of sodium (salt) that is necessary for proper proper body functioning. This can be fatal.
One theory claims that by the time we feel thirsty, our body is already lacking in water. Another theory claims that many times when we feel hungry, we are really thirsty for this life-giving water.
I hope that I have made a good case of convincing everyone to make sure that you drink enough pure clean water every day. The life and health of our body depends on it.
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