The French Journalist and Novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse is credited with the quote. “The more things change the more they remain the same.”  


The language of technology.

The language of technology.

I thought about this recently and found myself asking myself.   “really?” Would he have felt the same, if he had lived one hundred years later, and encountered the world of technology, computers, and digital communication?

This is an  expose’ of me and the new digital age. Hope it makes you smile.

I recently had my first experience of learning the simple rudiments of pointing a domain name to a company server. It got me to thinking.
Once upon a time, I thought that pointing automatically involved an index finger.  I guess the basic action is the same as in showing one the way to go to reach a particular destination, but index fingers are not exclusive in this action, in the world of technology, unless you are a one finger typer.

So I pondered some of the new lingo,  that once meant something completely different to me, and how my aged brain has to reset itself to think in this digital age. Having been very much bred in a completely different time and space, the tendency to reflect is somewhat automatic even though at a subconscious level.

The world is moving on. If you want to keeppace, Click here. and then HERE

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