As we toast in the New Year, I am venturing to encourage you make a toast to a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE in 2012.
What a wonderful time of the year for “New Beginnings”. The year 2011 is as gone as 2000 or 1955 or any of the years that went before it. What is done is done. What is gone is gone. What went right we can cherish. What went wrong we can try to better in the coming year.
All the things that we intended to fix, the ideas that never left the thinking pad, the ones that got started and had a hard time taking off. This is the right time to whip up a new attitude about whatever you believe that you should change for the best. I can’t think of anything better to adopt at the beginning of a NEW YEAR, than a more active approach to FOOD and NUTRITION.
Like the name of my business implies, I am here to encourage you to build your HEALTH first and foremost, and then to build your WEALTH so that you can enjoy life with a renewed vigor.
There are many ways that we can improve the health and performance of our bodies.
Getting enough rest. This is the time that the body goes to work in healing, repairing, and regulating. Without sufficient rest, it compromises everything else that you are trying to do.
Drink enough water. It helps with the absorption of nutrients, as well as to flush unwanted toxins and left- overs from metabolism. (Read a fuller article here) http://princessshimari.com/?p=137
Of utter- most importance to maintaining a healthy body is supplying our cells with NUTRITIONAL FOOD.
Before you begin to think to yourself, that I have some nerve telling you to eat well, I want to remind you that the quality of the food is not determined by the amount on the bill at the restaurant. It is not determined by the tastiness or satisfaction of it, or whether you eat it with a gold plated cutlery or plastic ones.
Nutritional food is the kind that contains the nutrients that the body needs to keep it functioning well, allows it to repair and rebuild, and fight off invasive elements.

We could reduce the incidences of many diseases and ailments by simply feeding the body right. One of the endearing benefits of cultivating a new habit of this kind, could be to show a child or two the right ways to nourish their bodies, so that they grow up with better eating habits. Children should not be dealing with the kind of health conditions that many are battling with. They should be taught and guided in a better direction.
It is not possible to get into all the details at this time, but I just wanted to encourage you to include in your mid- night toast, a pledge to yourself, to adopt a healthier attitude toward FOOD AND NUTRITION for the new YEAR. It could make all the difference to the success of the year.
Cheers to your success in building your HEALTH and your WEALTH for 2012.
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GET IN THE GAME and turn it around.


I pondered on this topic for three or four days. I wanted to be able to get the correct message across without offending anyone. But the reality is this; there are many people out there, who know within themselves that their health is not optimum. Whether you suffer from diabetes, High Blood Pressure, high cholesterol, migraines, or any number of ailments, chances are: that whatever is ailing you is caused by poor eating habits. And chances are that it can be turned around or improved by adjusting your eating habits. Some of us actually think that it is normal and we can’t do anything about it. That is a lie from the pit of hell. And the devil wants to see us destroy our health. That way we are doing his job for him.
Some of us have decided that this is the year we will try to take better care of our bodies. Some of us will start off with a boom. How far we go as the year slides on depends solely on the individual. Continuing on the same path doing the same things we are used to doing will make the situation worse.
The only thing that goes away by ignoring it is time.
Your body is not a dollar bill, which with continued abuse will become deteriorated. When it becomes too worn, it is taken to the mint and shredded and replaced with a brand new one. Your body is not replaceable. It is the only one you have. The sooner you start to take better care, the sooner it will begin to repair itself.
I know there are persons out there who are sitting and thinking to themselves that it is too late.
“I’m already on medication.” “I’m already doing insulin.”
Maybe you are saying, that the doctor says I have to take the medication for the rest of my life, so that means the hypertension can’t be cured.
Someone might be saying. “I am too fat, too much over weight. It does not matter anymore.”
I have actually heard a person say something to the effect of, I am going to eat what I want and live till I die. That is actually giving up without a fight. Are you not worth fighting for? Aren’t your children and grand- children worthy of having you around for those special moments in their lives?
Perhaps you are one of us who just have a little weight to lose, twenty, thirty, maybe forty pounds. And every year you promise yourself. You will start to lose it soon. Every day that you put it off, every month that you put it off, every year that you put it off, you are not only going further in the wrong direction, but making it harder to get motivated to start the journey back to optimum weight and better health.

Let me agree with those of us who know that we need to step up our game when it comes to losing weight and improving our health. I know it is not easy. It has never been and will never be easy to come from a negative position to the place of optimum performance. It requires an extra bit of effort. I included this video as a motivator. In 33 seconds, the outcome of the game was determined. Somewhere in that final minute, someone decided that it was not over till it was over. Perhaps you are not the one this article is intended to motivate. But maybe you know someone who you are reading this for and who is waiting for you to reach out and encourage them. Will you make an effort to make a difference, in your little corner of the world?
If it were not for my children who were both less than ten years old at the time, pleading with me day in and day out; I may still be smoking. God knows where my body would have deteriorated to in the last 19 years. But it took love to jolt me to reality.
The longest journey begins with the first step, and every step brings you one step closer to the destination. There is a lot of power in counting yourself worthy of fighting for. Believe me when I tell you that I care more about people helping themselves than I care about pushing SKINNYM FIBER. But at the same time, it is the help that many of us need. Not only for weight loss, but to help in many other areas. (This will take a separate article). You can see picture and audio testimonials here. http://www.insanelanes.org/dreamteam/testimonials.htm
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Journey to SKINNY in 2012- “Dare to do it“ PART 2
If you missed PART 1, you can read it here. http://www.ibosocial.com/shimari/blog.aspx?blogid=52263
In continuing from the previous article with the same name……This process can be maintained as a way of life rather than a diet, as one gets to enjoy the food they are used to without feeling deprived or hungry. Because there is less consumption of (the usually not so nutritious) food to the digestive system, over time, the kidneys, liver and other digestive organs are less stressed and able to function better. As a result, the body regulates itself and blood pressure is stabilized, blood sugar is stabilized, cholesterol levels are stabilized and users have reported amazing transformations in other health conditions.
I dare say that the option to lose weight is not a challenge, but a “dare”. A decision in one’s mind that they have the courage to do it. As Nike ushered that dare to just do it, using the shoes they designed. I dare you to just do it, using the innovation of combining three special gifts of nature to get the job done. Nature has provided natural foods to aid the body in healing itself. SKINNY BODY CARE has provided a triple whammy of natural fibers to help us who are ready and want to rid our bodies of the excess fat and toxins. We are hardly going to be faced with a famine any time soon. We don’t need to store excess fat under our skin, around our organs, and in other parts of our body that is making us sick.
I dare you to get your mind in that place in time for the New Year. Join me as I dare myself to do it. We have the right tool to get the job done. The tool is no good to anyone if it is left lying in the toolbox. Get it now. If you do it right and see no results after thirty days, the company WILL refund your purchase price, even if the bottle is empty. So you have nothing to lose but unhealthy fat and toxins.
I have a confession to make. In the three months that I have been a distributor for SKINNY BODY CARE, I never really got into the program. This was partly because I had dieted much this year and partly, because I was monitoring my system for adjustments to a gluten free diet. I am happy to say I am now ready in mentally and physically to “dare” myself to do it.
Let’s do it.
Let us band together and support each other as we dare ourselves every day to “do it” I have created a Facebook Group as our meeting place to support and encourage and celebrate each other. Join the group if you want to lose weight. If you know someone who wants to lose weight and regain or improve their health or if you want to become a SKINNY BODY CARE distributor and help others. https://www.facebook.com/groups/220711901337278/
DISCLAIMER !!! I wish to inform all readers, that I lay or state no claims to medical knowledge. I was a career long school teacher. I have had a passion for healthy living and being my own Health Advocate for many years. Dr. Llaila Africa ignited my quest for health awareness several years ago and a long association with Dr. Edward Layne nurtured it, as I continued to research and learn. My statements are drawn from my personal accumulation of knowledge and personal experiences. Any reference that I make in my articles can be easily researched. To cite references would limit the reader’s scope, as there is a vast amount of places and documentation that one may gather information from.

CAUTION. The key to the success of SKINNY FIBER pills is that you take the pills at least thirty minutes before a big meal with lots of water. Eat a smaller than usual meal, and STOP EATING WHEN YOU FEEL FULL. If you continue to eat as much as you did before, the results will be less than satisfying.
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When you decide to purchase a product whether it is a food item, household goods, a car, or anything that is on the market, your decision is mostly based on who has been able to sell you on their product. The selling comes before the purchasing. Once you are “sold” the purchasing comes after. By the time you reach the supermarket you know what brand of detergent you will buy because you are already sold on it. Maybe you have used it for years and have no intention of switching. Maybe the television ad was impressive. Or a neighbor recommended it. Maybe the manufacturer enticed you with a 30 cents coupon. Maybe you believed that you could smell the sunshine in the bottle. However it happened you were sold.
What have you “sold” today?
Did you stop on your way to work and grab that cup of coffee or breakfast sandwich. You may have because your body needed the food, but when you tell your co-workers or friends where you had your breakfast, or where you went for lunch, you have just sold those business places, their food and everything on their menu.
The person you were speaking to, the listeners on, all registered in their brain that you like that particular food and are likely to go eat there.
When someone asks, “Where did you get that purse?” And you give an answer, it registers. The person you just sold may go there looking for a purse and end up buying three or four different items. So the store benefits from your efforts.
But do they pay you for the “free advertising” No. Their CEO’s and directors reap the benefits. When you tell your relatives, friends, co-workers or anyone of a product you like, what you are doing is recommending the product or service. That is free advertising that would otherwise cost the company. The truth is that we recommend products continuously. We market things we like, without being aware of it.
So why not market something for yourself. Get your own little piece of the retail pie? Find a product or two that you like; that you use or have used. That you would be proud to recommend to others and market them. The difference is that when you are a registered distributor for that product, you get paid for your advertising. Gone are the days when you had to buy the products and sell them personally. Now it is as simple as showing someone where to find the information on the internet. How simple can that be?
Direct selling is simply a person (usually called a distributor) advertising and encouraging others to purchase a particular product without a fixed retail location. The rationale behind this concept is that it eliminates a lot of the cost of wholesalers, retailers warehousing and advertising, which is then paid (in varying degrees) to the distributor. As a distributor recruits others to do the same, they build an organization, the company sells more products, and the team is rewarded for doing so.
This is something that can be done in addition to your regular source of income, but many individuals are successful in making it their only source of income. Look at direct selling as a method in which an individual can secure their own financial freedom, and have more control of their time, and energy.
There are numerous products to choose from for direct sales. I chose the products that I need and want, where there is no excuse to not get my personal supply, but you don’t have to be a consumer to be a marketer. I doubt that many Chinese eat fried chicken wings, but they sell them in abundance in certain places, because people want to buy them. Some organizations take longer to build than others, but every journey begins with the first step.
Direct Marketing, is nothing to turn up your nose at, and avoid. You spend money every day buying things that someone else sold to you. Get out there and do your own selling. It is not as hard as you think.
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A case for Anti-oxidant power and Natraburst



So we’ve heard the term “super fruit” being used for various reasons related to health and nutrition. Various lists compiled vary in the fruits which are included. But there are some stars that almost always make the list of “super fruits” A super fruit usually refers to a fruit which naturally contains powerful anti-oxidants.

Natural everyday body functioning, in which oxygen is used up in the body leaves dangerous chemicals -called free radicals. The body needs enough anti-oxidant power to combat this process and maintain a healthy balance. Thus the case for consuming enough anti-oxidant rich super fruits.

Some of these desirable diet inclusions are:-
acai berries, pomegranates, cranberries, blueberries, mangosteen, noni, tomatoes, red grapes, and apples.
And the star of super fruits, the acerola berry which has the highest concentration of vitamin C. One acerola cherry contains about 80 milligrams of vitamin C which is 133% of the daily requirement. And more than a whole orange.

The anti-oxidant blend in NATRABURST ( www.ibourl.com/djq ) contains concentrated extracts which are equivalent to more than 6 servings of fruit. Anti -oxidants from mangosteen , pomegranate, acerola berries. green tea, Quercitin from apples and grapes, resveratrol from grapes, grape seed extract, blueberries, and lycopene from tomatoes are all included. In addition to other powerful anti-oxidants from Aloe Vera, turmeric, cilantro, and red beet root.

There are several sources where this information may be researched, but if you want to learn about NATRABURST go to www.ibourl.com/djq

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We have brought the best of nutrition to you. Your body and your Health will thank you later.

WATER – A vital part of a healthy diet


Today I want to draw our attention to the importance of drinking water.
About seventy-one percent of the earth’s surface is water, (albeit salt water), and even more of it is fresh water.
About sixty percent of our body is water. The human brain is about seventy percent water.
The human lung is about ninety percent water. Water lubricates our joints, cushions our organs, digests our food, and transports waste out of our bodies in urine, perspiration and faecal matter, and helps to control our body temperature. Are we beginning to get the picture? Water is crucial to maintaining our body structure as well as the functioning of our body.

Because water has the ability to dissolve so many substances, it allows our cells to dissolve and make use of the nutrients in the food we consume. So then we can conclude that if we go the length to ensure that we consume a variety of nutrients to improve our health; then it is just as necessary to drink enough water to complete the process. It would be like putting those fertilizer pellets on top of the soil and not watering the soil to give those nutrients the opportunity to be absorbed by the roots.
Water also flushes the waste substances (toxins) out of your organs. Without enough water in our body these toxins not only compromise the proper functioning of our organs but may eventually destroy the organs.
Many fruits and vegetables, milk and other foods contain water, but not in sufficient quantities as is required. It is always necessary to drink additional water.
One’s water needs vary on factors such as climate, body weight, and lifestyle. An average woman needs about 2 liters of water on a daily basis, and men need slightly more. It is not a good idea to replace water consumption with other beverages. In addition to adding calories, some beverages like coffee are diuretics and actually draw water from the body.
Although this rarely happens, it is possible to drink too much water. If water is consumed too rapidly, our kidneys can‘t get rid of the water fast enough. It remains in the body, dilutes the blood, and reduces the proportion of sodium (salt) that is necessary for proper proper body functioning. This can be fatal.
One theory claims that by the time we feel thirsty, our body is already lacking in water. Another theory claims that many times when we feel hungry, we are really thirsty for this life-giving water.
I hope that I have made a good case of convincing everyone to make sure that you drink enough pure clean water every day. The life and health of our body depends on it.
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