Positioning yourself for NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS 2


In continuing to point out the power of being in an environment where you can learn and grow  in order to position yourself for NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS,  I find myself being inspired by the memory of my sons when they  were a merely a two year old and a baby.

Have you ever had one of those light bulb moments?  Where something you heard or experienced, all of a sudden brings enlightenment?  I never understood the power of what I am about to relate to you until very recently.

I recently joined My Lead System Pro, and connected with a lot of awesome people in the NETWORK MARKETING industry.   I was contemplating the way everyone is so willing to reach out to help each other. I was also thinking of how it makes it so much easier for me to accomplish feats that I would never even have taught possible before being exposed to MLSP, and learn of tools, strategies and technologies  that would be difficult to discover on my own.

My first son never walked until he was almost ten months old. He had no role model, no one was there urging him on to get up and get it done.

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Positioning yourself for NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS


This is the first part of a two part article on POSITIONING YOURSELF FOR NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS.

We have all heard the stories of the boy who was raised by apes, or the Russian “werewolf boy”.  Similarly, we know the quote that” It’s Hard to Soar like an Eagle When You Are Surrounded by Turkeys.”

It is not too difficult to comprehend that one’s environment plays a great part in the actions that you take, the insights that you learn, the characteristics that you develop, and the attitudes that you form.

Most actions are caused by some kind of motivation. Motivation does not always have to be from a positive source. If you were being chased by a pit-bull, you will be motivated to run like your life depended on it. Not because you want to run, or enjoy running, but because you have to. Kind of like being pushed. As in the case of the boss you says you must produce so much in order to get paid, or you must produce X,Y,Z, by a given point in time in order to be considered for the promotion. This is more of an external y- based, fear-based motivation. If I don’t make the quota, I wont get paid. Or if I don’t out do my colleagues, I will not find favor in the eyes of the people who matter. Read the rest of this entry

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