The French Journalist and Novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse is credited with the quote. “The more things change the more they remain the same.”  


The language of technology.

The language of technology.

I thought about this recently and found myself asking myself.   “really?” Would he have felt the same, if he had lived one hundred years later, and encountered the world of technology, computers, and digital communication?

This is an  expose’ of me and the new digital age. Hope it makes you smile.

I recently had my first experience of learning the simple rudiments of pointing a domain name to a company server. It got me to thinking.
Once upon a time, I thought that pointing automatically involved an index finger.  I guess the basic action is the same as in showing one the way to go to reach a particular destination, but index fingers are not exclusive in this action, in the world of technology, unless you are a one finger typer.

So I pondered some of the new lingo,  that once meant something completely different to me, and how my aged brain has to reset itself to think in this digital age. Having been very much bred in a completely different time and space, the tendency to reflect is somewhat automatic even though at a subconscious level.

The world is moving on. If you want to keeppace, Click here. and then HERE

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New dawn. new goals toward Network Marketing Success

New dawn. new goals toward Network Marketing Success


I woke up this morning, and I silently said to myself , “Welcome to a new day. It’s on!! ”

So I am about to begin a month long, blitz of producing a blog every single day. a stretch in my journey toward ‘Network marketing Success’.

A part  of me wants to scream at my brain “What are you thinking woman?” And then there is another part of me that silently knows that this is more achievable that I want to think. In the center is that future person that knows that I need to challenge myself in the area of quantity of content and expanding my audience.  One more step in my push to be a successful as I can be in the world of Online Marketing. Read the rest of this entry

AWIS American Workers Insurance Services



Providing affordable group insurance for all

Providinfgaffordable group insurance for all

This post may come as a surprise to many of my regular readers. My intention for my blog was always to help you to build your HEALTH and your WEALTH. In recent months, I have been focusing so much on the health aspect because I felt there was more urgency in that arena.
Right now I am very motivated to focus on an opportunity that, while it is centered around the Health industry and your personal Health concerns, is also is valuable, and (in my informed opinion) can be a means of helping you to build your Wealth. Read on to learn about AWIS.

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I had an experience yesterday that got me to thinking about the PROCESS of building a NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS.

Most of us jump in without training or mentoring and hope for the best. Christopher Columbus may have been lucky, but luck hardly ever works in business.

I am sure that you have heard the statistics on Network Marketing Success (or lack of it). If you haven’t, you should; because the skeptics have. I am sure that you are also aware of those who have built successful multi- million dollar businesses, using the Network marketing model. And you are also aware that many don’t make it to the big leagues but are able to set the wheels in motion to earn a sizable supplementary income to improve the quality of their lives. Read the rest of this entry





If you are a television viewer, you,  no doubt,  have noticed the inclusion of Social media into the mainstream traditional media. Have you considered  using Social Media to generate LEADS for your BUSINESS?

Once upon a time, media outlets called you on the phone to get your opinion on their service and find out what you wanted them to do to maintain your interest.

Now all they have to do is entice you to visit them on Facebook. Or get you to follow them on twitter, and encourage you to be interactive with them.

“Follow the discussion on our Facebook page.

“Follow us on Twitter.

“Let us know  how you feel on our Facebook Fanpage. “

“Vote for your choice on our Facebook page.

….are all so familiar to our ears.

Some media even organize competitions, to entice people to access and register for their Facebook sites. “Register on our Facebook and get a chance to win a free I-pad.”

Even product advertisements, some how find a way to lead you to like their face book fan page. Read the rest of this entry



Wow!!! What a world we live in. There is so much technology surrounding us that it seems like  if we blink too often we will miss something.

It seems like every week there is a new technological devise on the market. I am not tech savvy and I am not a gamer, so I am not technically aware of all the amazing things there are out there. But every now and again, I come across something that makes me go, WOW!!! Like when I see how many are using the internet to achieve “Network Marketing Success.”

I was always fascinated with technology. I still have not figured out how on God’s green earth, I can have a devise that I can talk under my breath and someone on the other side of the globe can hear me.

Or, I can have a document in my hand and put it in a machine and it shows up in another person’s hands thousands of miles away. Some of you might be saying, that, perhaps Im too dumb to understand. Maybe it all makes sense to the techies of this world, but for me it is nothing short of amazing.

Almost as amazing as a loaded airplane, weighing several tons; taking off into the air and staying up there. I get it (a bit) about velocity and momentum, and such, but in my brain it is still amazing. Read the rest of this entry

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