At the heart of any Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing or Direct Selling business is having productive Partners, Associates, or recruits to join your team.
Whether you talk to your family members, seek to help your friends, use paid advertising, use Leads or Lead generation systems, there is one objective to your efforts. To find persons who get the vision of business ownership, leveraging their time, owning their life, and willing to put in the required effort to get there.
As one may imagine, business ownership and having an entrepreneurial mindset is not a desire of every apple in the basket. So when you are introduced to that special person, whether it is daily, weekly or several times a week, those prospective business partners should be seen as treasures that have been entrusted in your care. Your duty as a professional is to take good care of bringing that person from that place of uncertainty and in-experience to become a confident and productive Marketer and team member.
Statistics say that most people fail at Network marketing. Could it be because most people don’t get the coaching and nurturing that is required?
I dare say that if prospective business partners, are told the truth rather than the hype, screened for work ethic (requirement) and tutored a bit before they are given the job, the failure rate would not be so high. The trend seems to be –get them in at all cost and hope that they stay. I could hope all I want that winter doesn’t come each year. It is NOT going to happen because I want it.
Shouldn’t professional Network Marketers be inspired to want to ensure that the odds are reduced with new members on our team? If we look at our new team members as being where we once were, and wanting to make it work for us, it may give us a new prospective from which to work. Many times, these prospects are inexperienced in the field. They are looking to you for guidance, and some measure of confidence in what you are doing, as this would also inspire them. Remember, that whatever you show your new members, they should learn and pass it on to their down line. We know it as duplication; and the apple falls right under the tree.
You must be willing to adjust and handle properly their mood changes. When they are excited and enthusiastic, celebrate with them. As a mentor you know that it can change and you should be just as happy to encourage and uplift them when the momentum slows and the optimism slows with it.
It used to be that Leaders and Mentors were good at doing presentations, explaining compensation plans, and speaking at meeting and gatherings. Most times, those duties, which were chores for some, and a source of discouragement for other prospective business partners, Since the world of technology has taken over those tasks, recruiting and mentoring now has more scope for nurturing the persons who come into your team.
Is your Network marketing business a sieve, where people fall out and you have to work hard to keep filling it up? My personality hates having to do the same thing that I’ve done before. It is wasted effort. I prefer to do it right the first time, take good care of what I have so that it will stay.
I am currently marketing for two network marketing Business with above average retention rates. Some may say it is because they are relatively new. I say it is because they have remarkable products, that people will buy even if they are not business minded. So maybe they get in for themselves and not for the recruiter.
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Why would you not —?


We are all aware that in many places, mankind is suffering from a lack of food and proper nutrition. Thousands die every day, that could have made contributions to our world if only they had the sustenance needed to maintain life.
That scenario is obvious. We can see pictures of children dying from malnutrition and maybe we don’t give it a passing thought, or maybe we stop and think and say what a pity.
In other parts of the world, where there is an abundance of food, and where there are choices, people are still starving. Starving because they eat the wrong kinds of food, not enough of the right kinds of food, too much of the food that keep our bodily organs in a constant battle to function optimally.
When our bodies become compromised and can no longer defeat the enemies that we ingest, the invaders take over, our bodies become diseased and can no longer function properly; thus the battle becomes a war. And one part of the body that is not working optimally puts strain on other body parts and organs. Many times our physical bodies lose the war. Sometimes it survives but is maimed and we then have to keep fighting because of the sustained damage. Like a wounded soldier having to put in way more effort to avoid succumbing to the enemy. So while some forms of malnutrition are blatant and can be seen by the eye, a lot more is camouflaged and has to be seen by the mind.
Nutritional experts agree that several servings of a variety of fruits and vegetables DAILY will help to maintain the balance of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and the various properties that will help keep our bodily machines running somewhat smoothly. I think we can all agree that it takes a lot of effort,( if we even try) to eat all the fruits and vegetables we need on a daily basis. Even if we could do it physically, the quality and nutrients are questionable.
In this global village that we live in fruits and vegetables that reach our kitchens could be from any part of the world. In many cases fruit are picked way too young (in the interest of preservation) where the nutritional value has not developed.
If you live in a tropical country, you know that a mango or papaya (or any fruit) bought at a market on the other side of the planet can in no way compare to one that is picked tree ripened, just when the birds tell each other in their bird code ….“They are ready” and go to lunch on them. (It’s called instinct.)
What is natural about a vegetable that has to be waxed and tarred, and sprayed with a battery of chemicals and preservatives? So many herbicides and pesticides, you would think you are at the local hardware store?
Getting your daily supply of quality nutrients from fruits and vegetables can be a challenge, or it can also be a fun to look forward to experience. Options are out there. “WHY WOULD YOU NOT?”
People who care about Health and nutrition have made it their business to bring you this convenience with built in guarantees.
NATRABURST is one of those good options.
“WHY WOULD YOU NOT? …do this for yourself and your loved ones? www.ibourl.com/djq
WHY WOULD YOU NOT?….tell your friends and other loved ones about it and make money helping each other to have a fighting chance in this world of compromised food and nutrition. www.ibourl.com/e5x


What is a phenomenon you say?

It is described as…. (A fact, occurrence, or circumstance observed or observable: 2. something that is impressive or extraordinary).
SKINNY BODY CARE was already voted the best weight loss product for 2010, even before the worldwide explosion.

SKINNY BODY CARE started as a home business opportunity less than one year ago and had already spread to almost two hundred countries.

In October of 2011 SKINNY FIBER ranked number 3 for network marketing companies. What is responsible for this phenomenon?

Simple: The world was waiting on a product like Skinny fiber.
A quick research will reveal why people are going for SKINNY FIBER.
Of the list of countries of the world, in terms of obesity and overweight, five of the top twenty are in the Western World. Namely; The United States, Mexico, and my home country of Barbados and its neighbors, Dominica, and Trinidad and Tobago.

The rate of obesity and overweight people in these countries range from around 74 % to 67%. Even our children are dealing with overweight issues and the ensuing health challenges.
Medical experts are convinced that being overweight is not just a cosmetic issue. Diseases and health conditions that are attributed to obesity and overweight include heart disease and stroke, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, gout, osteoarthritis, and breathing problems.

SKINNY FIBER has formulated three of the best weight loss ingredients from around the world to bring hope and relief to the millions around the world struggling with weight management and health concerns associated with it.
The product aids in detoxification, oxidative stress, toxicity, and digestive issues. It is believed to block the formation of new fat calls, curb appetite, burn fat reserves, and stimulate the metabolic process.
All this is combined with a marketing tool and a compensation plan that ensures success for not only the consumers but for those who make a home business out of this opportunity. People who recognize the value of SKINNY FIBER will want to use it. So you build a business by just sharing and caring.
This train has already left the station but you can get on board at the next stop, to make it your business opportunity. Just buying and using the product makes you a partner. No sign up fees. No packages to buy. It is available for purchase no matter what part of the globe you are. Leave your contact info here. Watch the movie and get onboard.
www.ibourl.com/eo0   overview
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A case for Anti-oxidant power and Natraburst



So we’ve heard the term “super fruit” being used for various reasons related to health and nutrition. Various lists compiled vary in the fruits which are included. But there are some stars that almost always make the list of “super fruits” A super fruit usually refers to a fruit which naturally contains powerful anti-oxidants.

Natural everyday body functioning, in which oxygen is used up in the body leaves dangerous chemicals -called free radicals. The body needs enough anti-oxidant power to combat this process and maintain a healthy balance. Thus the case for consuming enough anti-oxidant rich super fruits.

Some of these desirable diet inclusions are:-
acai berries, pomegranates, cranberries, blueberries, mangosteen, noni, tomatoes, red grapes, and apples.
And the star of super fruits, the acerola berry which has the highest concentration of vitamin C. One acerola cherry contains about 80 milligrams of vitamin C which is 133% of the daily requirement. And more than a whole orange.

The anti-oxidant blend in NATRABURST ( www.ibourl.com/djq ) contains concentrated extracts which are equivalent to more than 6 servings of fruit. Anti -oxidants from mangosteen , pomegranate, acerola berries. green tea, Quercitin from apples and grapes, resveratrol from grapes, grape seed extract, blueberries, and lycopene from tomatoes are all included. In addition to other powerful anti-oxidants from Aloe Vera, turmeric, cilantro, and red beet root.

There are several sources where this information may be researched, but if you want to learn about NATRABURST go to www.ibourl.com/djq

By making NATRABURST a much needed addition to your daily nutritional routine, you can take advantage of the WEALTH building HOME BASED BUSINESS known as one-24. Learn about it here. www.ibourl.com/e5x

We have brought the best of nutrition to you. Your body and your Health will thank you later.

Super Greens And Your Health


Your grandmother was right. You should eat your greens. Why? You ask. Because they are good for you!! But, do we really know how good those bright green leaves are for our nutritional armor and overall good health?
Green leafy vegetables carry an impressive list of nutritional credentials. This food group includes stars such as spinach, broccoli, collards, turnip greens, kale etc. which all deliver an armory of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (nutrients found only in plants)
Some grasses are included in this list of nutritional gems such as wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, and lemongrass.
Green leafy vegetables have been credited with having the most concentrated source of minerals including iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The vitamin armory includes vitamins K, C, E, and many of the B vitamins.
Spirulina and chlorella are algae which are in the group that has been credited with boosting the immune system, detoxification, and chelating effects (heavy metal cleansing).
Consuming dark leafy vegetables help to alkalinize the body, thus ensuring another set of health benefits.
This food group has also been credited with certain phytonutrients including beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which protect our cells from damage and our eyes from age-related problems. Some studies suggest that lutein and zeaxanthin may help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.Dark green leaves are said to even contain small amounts of Omega-3 fats.
Because dark leafy greens have very few carbs, and their fiber content is high, they are slow to digest, and so have a low glycemic index, helping to maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.
Many persons have struggled for many years to include greens in their diet. Juicers are laying on the kitchen countesr because they are time consuming and cumbersome. We want our greens but it is not as simple as it should be. We can buy some fresh greens, but do we know where to find fresh grasses and algae? And is it feasible to buy a variety of supplements to get our daily benefits?
Here is an option that will prove to be cost effective, convenient and nutritionally sound.
One of the blends in NATRABURST is an impressive GREENS BLEND. www.ibourl.com/djq for product details.
Barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and beet are all provided. Mixed with a tasty fruit blend and other nutritionally sound ingredients, NATRABURST takes the fight out of the desire to reward our bodies with good nutrition.
If you love the product, and want to consume on a regular basis, you can save by becoming a preferred customer and benefitting from the remarkable compensation plan. www.ibourl.com/e5x
Why not share this with your loved ones? They will be happy you did.

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