I am sure you have heard the word resveratrol.

red wine can be a healthy indulgence

red wine can be a healthy indulgence

May be you even know that it is associated with red wine.  Can you explain what resveratrol is?

Hopefully you will be able to make a confident statement from now on.  Resveratrol  is a polyphenol that is found only in red wine. A polyphenol is a particular set of anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants are found in some form in most fruits and vegetables, and help to clean up free radicals in the body. It is like using lemon to clear up rust build up.

The foods richest in anti-oxidants are mostly the ones with dark red, blue and black colors.

Quercetin is another form of flavonoid found in red wine that is known to have tremendous health benefits. Read about it here.     http://www.naturalnews.com/029182_quercetin_health.html

It is believed that anti-oxidants prevent against, and help to prevent inflammation in the body. This allows your blood to flow more freely and improve circulation,  and can contribute to heart health and prevent against strokes and other circulatory diseases. FULVIA also improves heart function. Read the rest of this entry



Its summer time!!!

Watermelon is more nutritionally sound than we thought.

Watermelon is more nutritionally sound than we thought.

It is time for outdoor living, picnics, back yard barbecues. And time for watermelon.

Whether you like to eat it from the skin or make water melon balls, most people will agree that water melon is refreshing, especially when the temperature outside starts to rise.

Watermelon is actually more than a refreshing summer fruit. All fruits have some great nutritional benefits, and watermelon is no exception. This is an excellent example of how you can use simple everyday fruits to enhance your healthy lifestyle.

See the amazing, anti-aging,health benefits of “fulvia”


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SALAD CHOICES for your Health and Wellness


Whether you are on the road, at your lunch break, or taking a lunch bag. Choosing a salad as an option is easy most times. When we have decided that we need to make better choices when it comes to our choice of food items, we sometimes don’t have the time to dedicate towards including a variety of FRUITS AND VEGETABLES in our meal plan. Having a salad is usually an easy choice whether we eat out, in fast food restaurants, soup and salad joints, or simply purchase it prepared or semi prepared from the supermarket.

How is your salad going for you?
The bulk of most salads is iceberg lettuce. Commercially this is a better option because it is more sturdy, and stays fresher longer than green lettuces. Lettuce is certainly a good choice for bulk because it makes you feel fuller quicker. It is also a good choice for water content, providing much needed water to the cells. Iceberg lettuce also a good source of much needed fiber. But is it adequate in meeting our daily supply of FRUITS AND VEGETABLES? Read the rest of this entry

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