BODY WASTES. How they can reflect your health.



Today I want to draw your attention to a few things concerning body wastes.  I would not skin up my nose if I were you. Your body wastes are directly related to what you consume. What goes up must come down, and what goes in must come out right? Both liquid and solid wastes are what is left over after the body has extracted all the nutrients it can from the food you feed it.


When you go to the doctor, the first thing the doctor does is ask you a bundle of questions. Why are you here? What symptoms do you have? What’s been going on? Once they have an idea, then they can hone in on the questions and be more specific. The reason is that the doctor has to ask these questions, is that you are the only person who lives in your body. If you tell the doctor you have a pain, they have to ask you what kind of pain? Is it a sticking pain, a numb pain, a throbbing pain? You are the only one who knows. Because you have a ring-side seat to the operations of your body, you should use this position to your benefit. Read the rest of this entry



Things you didn’t know ABOUT AVOCADOS !!

Super fruit AVOCADO, packs a nutritional punch

Many people have different interpretations as to what is the world’s most perfect food. The food that provides the most nutrients on its own, is not processed, contains no harmful chemicals, does not contribute to any illnesses or lifestyle conditions, and can be consumed with relative EASE.

Sounds like a tall order for a single food right? As a matter of fact, it is not so unachievable.
Depending on who we listen to, or what part of the planet you call home, you may come up with different ideas for a near perfect single food. Read the rest of this entry

Many grain contain GLUTEN..and triggers GLUTEN INTOLERANCES.



I never attempted to write a blog on  GLUTEN INTOLERANCE  before, mainly because I was struggling to understand it myself.

I was struggling to understand my symptoms and what to do about healing my body, since all I heard from my various tests was that there is nothing wrong.  So as such, I was the only one that knew that I had a problem, but had no idea what it was. .

Because there is so much that many people are not aware of and which may be useful, I will not try to cram it into one post.

This article will deal with GLUTEN SENSITIVITY, GLUTEN INTOLERANCE (allergy) and their relation to CELIAC DISEASE.

I realize that in order to do a meaningful job of this, I have to infuse it with my personal experiences. That is quite OK.  If this helps anyone to zero in on their symptoms and cause people to be on the look-out for symptoms it would be worth it.

It is estimated that only a small percent of the occurrence of gluten intolerance are diagnosed as such. In many instances it is discovered while investigating other diseases. One school of thought is that as many as 15% of persons are gluten sensitive. Read the rest of this entry

Ginger Root for Your HEALTH AND WELLNESS


Are you familiar with the story of the ginger bread boy? 

The one where the baked goodie jumped out of the oven and ran away? A whole slew of people and animals were chasing the ginger bread boy to eat him? And the fox was cunning enough to devour him all for himself? Read the story here. 

Well, they probably all knew what goodness they were going after. Ginger has been used in a variety of ways and for a host of ailments for thousands of years in contributing to the Health And Wellness of humankind.

The ginger root has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments.  It is used as a component in prepared anti- nausea medications, because it has that effect on the digestive system.  Fresh Ginger root can be used to combat the effects of morning sickness in pregnant women, for motion sickness and nausea. Read the rest of this entry


refined white sugar..what does it resemble?

The process of getting sugar from the sugar cane is varied depending on the finished product.

It is necessary to understand the process, as, a lack of knowledge can be detrimental to your efforts to live a “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE”

First the cane stalks are washed, and then crushed, to extract the juice.  The left over fibrous residue is called bagasse and in some sugar factories is burned to produce energy to run the manufacturing machines.

The juice is then boiled to reduce the moisture content.

The reduced liquid is then processed to remove some of impurities and color. A carbon compound (similar to chalk) is added to the juice to absorb some of the impurities and this also removes some of the sugar content, after it is removed. This can also be done with a phosphate solution. Read the rest of this entry

SHIRATAKI… the miracle noodle substitute


After highlighting the effects of including too many high carbohydrate, high glycemic foods in your diet, I also highlighted the carbohydrate foods that are better to your health, by providing valuable FIBER.
A reader confessed that they love noodles. Well so do I. As we know noodles come in all shapes and sizes and are named according to the shape of the noodle, But in the final analysis they are mostly made of refined white flour. Some brands may include eggs and call them egg noodles. Some multicolored varieties may include spinach, carrots beets etc., but in order for them to be shaped and maintain the shape, some form of flour is used in some quantity, and are generally deficient in FIBER content.
The last time I was on a diet, I was introduced to a miracle noodle substitute.
This noodle of Asian origin is made from all soluble fiber. The fiber is obtained from the root of a yam grown in Asian countries, and all that is added is water and they are shaped into various noodles. This noodle is commonly called “Shirataki noodle”. Touted as zero calories, zero carbohydrates, all fiber. Can there be a better Health food?
Made from the root of the Conjac yam, this product is also known as Glucomannan. It is described as all fiber noodle. Because of this, the noodle has no flavor and absorbs the flavor of whatever you cook them with. (try stir fries) Read the rest of this entry

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