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This article is a follow up to the last one on how chronic inflammation is created, and the dangers of it. 

I actually was not planning on the topic of inflammation being a two part article, but it seems to have resonated with a lot of readers. One reader asked for an insight into what foods cause inflammation.


To quickly recap the basics on inflammation in the body:

  • Inflammation can be very dangerous to your HEALTH and WELLNESS.

    Inflammation can be very dangerous to your HEALTH and WELLNESS.

    Inflammation is the body’s response to physical injury. The body’s immune system sends proteins and white blood cells to the site to start the healing process.

  • Interaction of cells with oxygen sometimes causes damage. The damaged cells are called free radicals which attack good cells. (This is known as oxidative stress)
  • In the case of damage caused by excessive free radicals, the injury becomes chronic and continuous so the inflammatory response is also chronic and continuous.
  • Inflammation build up in the body causes all kinds of illnesses. (some argue most illnesses)
  • All medical names for inflammatory conditions end in “..its”. As in bronchitis or arthritis.
  • Anti-oxidants combat this kind of oxidation of cells, and limit the need for these inflammatory responses.
  • If you are not sure if you are getting enough anti-oxidant support, go here. 
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 This is PART 1 of a 2 PART article.  See part 2 HERE


I thought this personal experience will illustrate what I mean by “A New Normal”


You can create a new normal

You can create a new normal

When I was in high school, there came a time when I was lost in Mathematics. I think I lost my way somewhere in the fractions arena. After that everything else was a blur. I couldn’t understand much. I was frustrated. I felt inadequate, and often wondered what do some people have that I don’t have? I eventually gave up on myself and Mathematics, and concluded that Mathematics was not for me. So I concentrated on my other subjects, and gained enough GCE passes to become a teacher. So I entered teacher’s college and met a mathematics tutor who knew that:

  • Too many people lost their way in Mathematics.
  • Most people could learn mathematics, with the right teaching.
  • Mathematics was indeed fascinating, and she had the right mindset to show that to us.
  • Teachers had to understand and at least like Mathematics in order to teach it successfully.

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Have you ever had one of those light bulb moments when something suddenly occurs to you, that was hiding in plain sight?  I know you have. Everyone does.

Your HEART is depending on you!!

Your HEART is depending on you!!

How about this!!!. You can be the cure for what ails you.

Earlier this morning, I suddenly realized that my heart is just like the motor that runs the computer or a vehicle.

I did a quick run through on my laptop, which is my daily routine. This is how my routine goes.

I have learned how to ignore those whistles on my phone, until I am ready to wake up. You have no idea how that phone whistles, but I usually only hear it when I am not sound asleep.  Texts, Facebook  notifications, emails, everything elicits some kind of audible signal.

If you are wondering “Why don’t I just turn off the phone?”   The answer is; Because I believe that I should always be available if my kids need me.  So while I keep my phone handy, I learned to tune out those sounds when I want to sleep. (A ring would definitely get my attention.)

By the way!!!!!! What does your body need to do, to get your attention? Are you ignoring the cries for help?


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Every now and again, in researching and learning about NATURAL HEALING, I come across some information which amazes me.

I believe that I have known about “ALOES” AKA “ALOE VERA” my whole life.

I have known of its topical uses for healing cuts and burns, and also of taking it internally for cleansing.

The gel inside this cactus is believed to have great health benefits.

The gel inside this cactus is believed to have great health benefits.

I have seen people travel with an aloe plant or two to grow in their houses and apartments in North America. I have also seen apartment with too many aloe plants because I guess, us Caribbean people, just have to have access to aloes.

A few years ago, when I first realized that I had celiac disease, the only thing that brought some healing to my intestinal trauma, was drinking aloe on an empty stomach.

From this exposure, (article I read) I learned that ALOE VERA is much more beneficial to our health than I was previously aware. You can introduce yourself to the internal benefits of ALOE VERA in this form.

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Seeds are compact. They carry a lot of nutrition in them. Many nutritious seeds can be obtained as oils, and are very versatile.

Here are some HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS seeds to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.



sunflower seeds for your HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

sunflower seeds for your HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Contain :proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
Excellent source of  :
  • B vitamins, which build the immune system.
  • Vitamin E which are powerful anti-oxidant which protects cells from oxidation.
  • Contains considerable amounts of potassium,  phosphorus, and selenium.
UTILIZE SUNFLOWER SEEDS as a Snack,(make trail mix) .Grind them to a flour for cookie, muffin recipes.
Add to stir fry’s, or sprinkle on salads.
Can be obtained as oil, or butter.
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red roobois tea. One of the best beverages on earth.

red roobois tea. One of the best beverages on earth.

Just as you can drink your calories, and other unhealthy food additives, It is  as possible to drink healthy goodness.

As a matter of fact, it is becoming a practice to infuse traditional beverages with health giving, and protective ingredients.

Red rooibos is a traditional tea from South Africa. It has been used there for thousands of years.

It is called red rooibos.(red bush) red clover, red rose,  or red diamond.

This tea has increased in popularity as word began spreading about its high antioxidant value. It is now cultivated in South America and exported to the North American market.

It is high in antioxidants, as well as calcium, zinc, copper, and iron.

Traditionally it has been used for allergies, hay fever, asthma, eczema, and to relieve colic in babies and infants.

It is naturally sweet, contains no caffeine, and scientific Japanese studies have revealed that red tea (roobois) possesses antimutagenic, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity.

Red Rooibos tea is very high in quercitin.(Remember that powerful antioxidant in red wine?) 

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