Do not despise small beginnings. "Penny Matrix"

Do not despise small beginnings. “Penny Matrix”


Or you may have heard, small acorns grow into huge oak trees.

Today, I want to draw your attention to an opportunity that requires very little input, but has the potential to grow into something big.

For two basic reasons: Have you ever heard the saying, “Pennies make quarters, and quarters make dollars”?

The basic concept is that consistent effort adds up.

The second reason is that the world of technology continues to evolve and there is nothing we can do to stop it. So we may as well go with the flow.


The evolution of e-books and e-book readers started back in the 1970”s

Seems like a long time, Right?

E-BOOK READERS gained attention with the popularity of the Kindle.  As time went on, and more and more people opted for the convenience of downloading a book, rather than making that trip to the library or the bookstore, it seems that anyone with an interest got in the act. Read the rest of this entry

A Network Marketing Opportunity for Everyone.




All roads lead to the best Network Marketing opportunity

All roads lead to the best Network Marketing opportunity

When I started out in trying to make a go of a Network Marketing opportunity, I made a lot of rookie mistakes. The first one was to trust marketers who did not deserve to be trusted. I spent hundreds of dollars at a time hoping to make some back.

I put out $300, and $400 and some ridiculous amounts of money. I was paying for kits that I did not need, buying products that I did not use, and just listening to people that I wanted to trust. I believed them when they said they were in the best Network Marketing opportunity.

One person convinced me that the only way I could sign up was to purchase the most expensive product the company sold. The proceeded to sign me up automatically for a $200 a month auto ship. That did not last too long, but I always remembered the deception. It was not about what I wanted, or what I could afford, it was about what they could make the most commissions on. IN SOME PEOPLE’S EYES THEY WERE BEING SUCCESSFUL.

But if you don’t know, you don’t know. This is not an attempt to bash anyone, or discredit anyone’s business practices. I am merely relating what I considered to be mistakes on my part. But like I said earlier, ALL roads leads to where you want to be. When you have a vision in your head, you know it when you see it. This is now where I have settled, in a Network Marketing Opportunity, that I feel good about.

Read the rest of this entry

Explore “Health and Wealth Builders”

Be healthy to enjoy the good life

Be healthy to enjoy the good life


Today I want to do something different. Instead of writing about any one particular topic, I want to invite you to my FACEBOOK FANPAGE, where you will find a wealth of information.

I called my business Health and Wealth Builders.

 My intention was to encourage and guide others into how they can improve their overall lives, by following a healthy lifestyle and gaining financial freedom.

I must confess that I focus more on building health than on building wealth. This is because my passion for good health far outweighs the other area.

 After all, you wealth can serve no purpose without good health.

And “Health is your first wealth”

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There is a college student who just signed for another student loan.  It was totally necessary. He must finish the degree so he can start to earn money. But he is smart. He realizes that it is going to take him many years to pay off the loan. When will he start to live, with all this financial commitment?  There has to be a better way he thinks. Could there be a Network Marketer in there some where?

His good friend graduated last year, and entered the world of work. The thought of working for forty years, for forty hours a week, and retire with forty percent of his income is not at all appealing to him, but it seems that is the way the world works. But he continues to wonder, is there an alternative?

There is a mother who just resigned from her job. You see, her baby is three months old. She went back to work, but the day care costs, and the after care is almost as much as what she is paid. So she decided to be a stay at home Mum. But she still has some time during the day. She wishes there is something she can do to make a little money while she rears her child. Read the rest of this entry



At the heart of any Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing or Direct Selling business is having productive Partners, Associates, or recruits to join your team.
Whether you talk to your family members, seek to help your friends, use paid advertising, use Leads or Lead generation systems, there is one objective to your efforts. To find persons who get the vision of business ownership, leveraging their time, owning their life, and willing to put in the required effort to get there.
As one may imagine, business ownership and having an entrepreneurial mindset is not a desire of every apple in the basket. So when you are introduced to that special person, whether it is daily, weekly or several times a week, those prospective business partners should be seen as treasures that have been entrusted in your care. Your duty as a professional is to take good care of bringing that person from that place of uncertainty and in-experience to become a confident and productive Marketer and team member.
Statistics say that most people fail at Network marketing. Could it be because most people don’t get the coaching and nurturing that is required?
I dare say that if prospective business partners, are told the truth rather than the hype, screened for work ethic (requirement) and tutored a bit before they are given the job, the failure rate would not be so high. The trend seems to be –get them in at all cost and hope that they stay. I could hope all I want that winter doesn’t come each year. It is NOT going to happen because I want it.
Shouldn’t professional Network Marketers be inspired to want to ensure that the odds are reduced with new members on our team? If we look at our new team members as being where we once were, and wanting to make it work for us, it may give us a new prospective from which to work. Many times, these prospects are inexperienced in the field. They are looking to you for guidance, and some measure of confidence in what you are doing, as this would also inspire them. Remember, that whatever you show your new members, they should learn and pass it on to their down line. We know it as duplication; and the apple falls right under the tree.
You must be willing to adjust and handle properly their mood changes. When they are excited and enthusiastic, celebrate with them. As a mentor you know that it can change and you should be just as happy to encourage and uplift them when the momentum slows and the optimism slows with it.
It used to be that Leaders and Mentors were good at doing presentations, explaining compensation plans, and speaking at meeting and gatherings. Most times, those duties, which were chores for some, and a source of discouragement for other prospective business partners, Since the world of technology has taken over those tasks, recruiting and mentoring now has more scope for nurturing the persons who come into your team.
Is your Network marketing business a sieve, where people fall out and you have to work hard to keep filling it up? My personality hates having to do the same thing that I’ve done before. It is wasted effort. I prefer to do it right the first time, take good care of what I have so that it will stay.
I am currently marketing for two network marketing Business with above average retention rates. Some may say it is because they are relatively new. I say it is because they have remarkable products, that people will buy even if they are not business minded. So maybe they get in for themselves and not for the recruiter.
See for yourself. . www.healthandwealthbuilders.info
Visit my blog and leave a comment at www.fortyplushealthandwealthbuilders.com



Well, it is HOLIDAY SEASON again!! I am sure you noticed. Lights are everywhere. On the streets, in the trees, on the houses, in the stores, and each year, creative minds find additional ways to declare that it is holiday time, and we are celebrating in a big way.

Some of us celebrate Christmas, some celebrate Quanza, and yet others celebrate Hanukkah. Some celebrate birthdays or anniversaries during the holidays. And when we add the office parties, the club parties, the group gatherings and family affairs, it makes for a massive continuous almost month long celebration.

But I wanted to focus on a vital aspect of the holiday season.
Have you noticed that in most countries of the world, the term celebration is synonymous with food. Holidays and holiday seasons are identified with certain kinds of food. Many kinds of food actually. Each country, race, or religion prepares special foods to help them celebrate.
When a celebration is centered around persons rather than holidays, it usually involves a gathering of family and friends, co-workers or strangers, and again we celebrate with food. Birthdays, anniversaries, even deaths are celebrated with food.

There is no getting around the abundance of food whenever there is cause for a celebration of some kind. The holidays that are upon us are sure to come with a variety of cookies, cakes, pies, candies and whatever makes our individual hearts glad. Food, festivities and fun always go hand in hand.

I am reminded at this time, of one of my Health and Wellness Mentors who coined the word, and wrote a book on “Nutricide” We are killing our bodies by the food we feed it. (www.drafrika,com) At the same time we are not conscious of the dangers of what we substitute for “real food.”

Traditionally, people enjoy the holidays, overindulging in goodies, and prepare to go on a diet once the holidays are over. Sounds like a plan right? Come January, we resolve to make it to the gym, go on a diet, start walking, jogging, or acquire the latest exercise video. However well intentioned, some of us keep those resolutions, some of us don’t. Some of us arrive back at this time of the year with the same weight that we added last holiday season. In 2010, I succeeded in losing a noticeable amount of unwanted unsightly fat. In 2011, I was not so successful. It was a see-saw journey that ended up with me being only about 10 pounds lighter than when the year started. I am one of those who love food, and cakes etc. and always fall for telling myself, “I can always go on a diet”

For all those who may be facing that struggle this holiday season, and those who have come catching up to do from holidays past, or who wants to get a head start on your New year’s resolution to lose weight and become healthier. I would like to introduce you to SKINNY FIBER.
I would not attempt to explain what SKINNY FIBER is. The professionals do it way better than I can. In five minutes you can learn all the details here. www.ibourl.com/h9h In 4 or 5 days you can have it on your doorstep. If you are not in the USA, It may take a day or two longer.
And, Guess what? When you start to lose weight and be healthier and your friends ask what you are doing. You can tell them where to go. When they help themselves to SKINNY FIBER and all the benefits of using it, you make a commission. It is as simple as that holiday pie. A Big Time.. Win_ Win. That takes care of New Year’s resolution #2 to become more financially stable.
Get that peace of mind to be able to enjoy the Holiday treats, without feeling guilty.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. STAY SAFE from the harmful effects of food overindulgence

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