Tobacco smoke is bad for your health.

Tobacco smoke destroys the lungs.

Have you ever heard that¬†“smoking Tobacco is bad for your health?”

Here are some hard facts to back up that claim.

1. Statistics say that half of all long term smokers will die pre-maturely from smoking related illnesses. At least half of those deaths will be in their middle age years.

2 Smoking harms almost all organs of the body.

3. Smoking actually cancels out the positive effects of other good health habits.

4.Smoking contributes to many other forms of cancer other than lung cancer. Of the deaths directly

Cancer regions affected by tobacco smoke.

Tobacco does not only affect the lungs. Cancer in these regions are also associated with tobacco smoking.

from smoking, about 40% are from cancers (smoking related), 30% from cardio vascular diseases (heart related) and 30 % from emphysema (lung related)

5.Four thousand chemical compounds. Four hundred toxic substances. If you had to guess one place on earth where this concentration of killers can be found, most people would conjure up images of the local sewerage treatment facility. Nope in cigarettes. Read the rest of this entry