Have you heard of AGELESS as yet? Probably not, because this brand new product by SKINNY BODY CARE is being launched in North Carolina, this weekend.

Billions of dollars are spent each year on surgical procedures to lift faces, brows and necks. Many are looking for that fountain of youth that will restore that youthful young skin and take years off your appearance. We know some of those who have had facelifts. We probably also know many who would have it if they could afford it, and some who are afraid of the knife, and the harsh procedures. Now everyone can have the look without the hassle, with an all-natural skin care product called AGELESS. See it here.


Over the years I have been using all kinds of natural ingredients, (fruits and vegetables) on my skin. I have piles of store bought skin care products that are unused. Like most people I would see an advertisement and decide, “I want to try that”. I never over did it; instead I selected very carefully what was worth trying. In spite of being very selective, I always still ended up with a myriad of unused products. My main reason is that I discovered that natural ingredients were just as effective. Read the rest of this entry