Ginger Root for Your HEALTH AND WELLNESS


Are you familiar with the story of the ginger bread boy? 

The one where the baked goodie jumped out of the oven and ran away? A whole slew of people and animals were chasing the ginger bread boy to eat him? And the fox was cunning enough to devour him all for himself? Read the story here. 

Well, they probably all knew what goodness they were going after. Ginger has been used in a variety of ways and for a host of ailments for thousands of years in contributing to the Health And Wellness of humankind.

The ginger root has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments.  It is used as a component in prepared anti- nausea medications, because it has that effect on the digestive system.  Fresh Ginger root can be used to combat the effects of morning sickness in pregnant women, for motion sickness and nausea. Read the rest of this entry



When you decide to purchase a product whether it is a food item, household goods, a car, or anything that is on the market, your decision is mostly based on who has been able to sell you on their product. The selling comes before the purchasing. Once you are “sold” the purchasing comes after. By the time you reach the supermarket you know what brand of detergent you will buy because you are already sold on it. Maybe you have used it for years and have no intention of switching. Maybe the television ad was impressive. Or a neighbor recommended it. Maybe the manufacturer enticed you with a 30 cents coupon. Maybe you believed that you could smell the sunshine in the bottle. However it happened you were sold.
What have you “sold” today?
Did you stop on your way to work and grab that cup of coffee or breakfast sandwich. You may have because your body needed the food, but when you tell your co-workers or friends where you had your breakfast, or where you went for lunch, you have just sold those business places, their food and everything on their menu.
The person you were speaking to, the listeners on, all registered in their brain that you like that particular food and are likely to go eat there.
When someone asks, “Where did you get that purse?” And you give an answer, it registers. The person you just sold may go there looking for a purse and end up buying three or four different items. So the store benefits from your efforts.
But do they pay you for the “free advertising” No. Their CEO’s and directors reap the benefits. When you tell your relatives, friends, co-workers or anyone of a product you like, what you are doing is recommending the product or service. That is free advertising that would otherwise cost the company. The truth is that we recommend products continuously. We market things we like, without being aware of it.
So why not market something for yourself. Get your own little piece of the retail pie? Find a product or two that you like; that you use or have used. That you would be proud to recommend to others and market them. The difference is that when you are a registered distributor for that product, you get paid for your advertising. Gone are the days when you had to buy the products and sell them personally. Now it is as simple as showing someone where to find the information on the internet. How simple can that be?
Direct selling is simply a person (usually called a distributor) advertising and encouraging others to purchase a particular product without a fixed retail location. The rationale behind this concept is that it eliminates a lot of the cost of wholesalers, retailers warehousing and advertising, which is then paid (in varying degrees) to the distributor. As a distributor recruits others to do the same, they build an organization, the company sells more products, and the team is rewarded for doing so.
This is something that can be done in addition to your regular source of income, but many individuals are successful in making it their only source of income. Look at direct selling as a method in which an individual can secure their own financial freedom, and have more control of their time, and energy.
There are numerous products to choose from for direct sales. I chose the products that I need and want, where there is no excuse to not get my personal supply, but you don’t have to be a consumer to be a marketer. I doubt that many Chinese eat fried chicken wings, but they sell them in abundance in certain places, because people want to buy them. Some organizations take longer to build than others, but every journey begins with the first step.
Direct Marketing, is nothing to turn up your nose at, and avoid. You spend money every day buying things that someone else sold to you. Get out there and do your own selling. It is not as hard as you think.
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Why would you not —?


We are all aware that in many places, mankind is suffering from a lack of food and proper nutrition. Thousands die every day, that could have made contributions to our world if only they had the sustenance needed to maintain life.
That scenario is obvious. We can see pictures of children dying from malnutrition and maybe we don’t give it a passing thought, or maybe we stop and think and say what a pity.
In other parts of the world, where there is an abundance of food, and where there are choices, people are still starving. Starving because they eat the wrong kinds of food, not enough of the right kinds of food, too much of the food that keep our bodily organs in a constant battle to function optimally.
When our bodies become compromised and can no longer defeat the enemies that we ingest, the invaders take over, our bodies become diseased and can no longer function properly; thus the battle becomes a war. And one part of the body that is not working optimally puts strain on other body parts and organs. Many times our physical bodies lose the war. Sometimes it survives but is maimed and we then have to keep fighting because of the sustained damage. Like a wounded soldier having to put in way more effort to avoid succumbing to the enemy. So while some forms of malnutrition are blatant and can be seen by the eye, a lot more is camouflaged and has to be seen by the mind.
Nutritional experts agree that several servings of a variety of fruits and vegetables DAILY will help to maintain the balance of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and the various properties that will help keep our bodily machines running somewhat smoothly. I think we can all agree that it takes a lot of effort,( if we even try) to eat all the fruits and vegetables we need on a daily basis. Even if we could do it physically, the quality and nutrients are questionable.
In this global village that we live in fruits and vegetables that reach our kitchens could be from any part of the world. In many cases fruit are picked way too young (in the interest of preservation) where the nutritional value has not developed.
If you live in a tropical country, you know that a mango or papaya (or any fruit) bought at a market on the other side of the planet can in no way compare to one that is picked tree ripened, just when the birds tell each other in their bird code ….“They are ready” and go to lunch on them. (It’s called instinct.)
What is natural about a vegetable that has to be waxed and tarred, and sprayed with a battery of chemicals and preservatives? So many herbicides and pesticides, you would think you are at the local hardware store?
Getting your daily supply of quality nutrients from fruits and vegetables can be a challenge, or it can also be a fun to look forward to experience. Options are out there. “WHY WOULD YOU NOT?”
People who care about Health and nutrition have made it their business to bring you this convenience with built in guarantees.
NATRABURST is one of those good options.
“WHY WOULD YOU NOT? …do this for yourself and your loved ones?
WHY WOULD YOU NOT?….tell your friends and other loved ones about it and make money helping each other to have a fighting chance in this world of compromised food and nutrition.

A case for Anti-oxidant power and Natraburst



So we’ve heard the term “super fruit” being used for various reasons related to health and nutrition. Various lists compiled vary in the fruits which are included. But there are some stars that almost always make the list of “super fruits” A super fruit usually refers to a fruit which naturally contains powerful anti-oxidants.

Natural everyday body functioning, in which oxygen is used up in the body leaves dangerous chemicals -called free radicals. The body needs enough anti-oxidant power to combat this process and maintain a healthy balance. Thus the case for consuming enough anti-oxidant rich super fruits.

Some of these desirable diet inclusions are:-
acai berries, pomegranates, cranberries, blueberries, mangosteen, noni, tomatoes, red grapes, and apples.
And the star of super fruits, the acerola berry which has the highest concentration of vitamin C. One acerola cherry contains about 80 milligrams of vitamin C which is 133% of the daily requirement. And more than a whole orange.

The anti-oxidant blend in NATRABURST ( ) contains concentrated extracts which are equivalent to more than 6 servings of fruit. Anti -oxidants from mangosteen , pomegranate, acerola berries. green tea, Quercitin from apples and grapes, resveratrol from grapes, grape seed extract, blueberries, and lycopene from tomatoes are all included. In addition to other powerful anti-oxidants from Aloe Vera, turmeric, cilantro, and red beet root.

There are several sources where this information may be researched, but if you want to learn about NATRABURST go to

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We have brought the best of nutrition to you. Your body and your Health will thank you later.

An Idea Whose time Has Come


This world is constantly evolving. Some of it may be detrimental and, not so good for the planet. Like soil erosion, global warming, fast food and pollution; to name a few.
But there have been so many innovations that have made life better, and more exciting as we progress. Are you old enough to know when you had to get up to change the channel on the television set? When you had to stick your finger into a little hole to dial a telephone number? We may have seen pictures of the first cell phones that fit in the trunk of a car, but most of us never saw a real one, because they were not so accessible or affordable.
Suffice it to say that, as we progress, we welcome inventions, upgrades and innovations.
For many reasons, some of which we are not aware, we have found it a huge challenge to control our body weight and resulting health challenges, over time. The rate of obesity in many countries of the world has grown in numbers and has begun to span a wider age group. Obesity is not just about not being able to find cute dresses in your size. It has some cohorts, like diabetes, toxins, hypertension, heart disease etc.
It has become crucial that we address the matter of being overweight, in the interest of being able to enjoy all that we strive for and want to accomplish in this life.
Gastric by-pass, lap band surgery, and other surgical procedures offered hope for those that could afford it and were well enough to undergo the procedure.
It is the year 2011. Enter an idea called SKINNY BODY CARE. The world was waiting on this new idea, and the world made no bones about embracing it. After only ten months on the market, the product has spread to over 200 countries. People are losing weight without surgery. And what is amazing, it comes packaged in a home based business that allows anyone to share the good news and make money.
The SKINY FIBER phenomenon is being endorsed by physicians, natural Healing proponents, Herbalist and just about everyone who takes the time to look at it. And, get this; it is not only about losing weight. The components of the SKINNY FIBER pill help to address a wide range of health concerns.
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