This is Part One of a Two-Part Article. 

Some time ago, I wrote an article on the dangers to our health, of many beauty products, because of the chemicals used to make them.

Healthy oils make healthy skin

Healthy oils make healthy skin


Today I want to talk about some alternatives which are not only safe and effective, but may even benefit your overall health with consistent use for skin care. Plant-based oils, are gaining in acceptance in the Western world, even though many of them have been used for millenniums elsewhere. 

Natural oils have been used for centuries, for skin and hair care. Natural oils are safe and plant based, so the chances of damaging your skin or your body are minimal. This anti-aging skin serum, contain extracts from twelve powerful super foods. 

Also minimal is the amount you have to use, so an investment will take you a long way.

Some of the natural plant-based oils which have been used for thousands of years in various locations around the world, and are increasing in popularity are:-                                                                                                                       

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