Tobacco smoke is bad for your health.

Tobacco smoke destroys the lungs.

Have you ever heard that “smoking Tobacco is bad for your health?”

Here are some hard facts to back up that claim.

1. Statistics say that half of all long term smokers will die pre-maturely from smoking related illnesses. At least half of those deaths will be in their middle age years.

2 Smoking harms almost all organs of the body.

3. Smoking actually cancels out the positive effects of other good health habits.

4.Smoking contributes to many other forms of cancer other than lung cancer. Of the deaths directly

Cancer regions affected by tobacco smoke.

Tobacco does not only affect the lungs. Cancer in these regions are also associated with tobacco smoking.

from smoking, about 40% are from cancers (smoking related), 30% from cardio vascular diseases (heart related) and 30 % from emphysema (lung related)

5.Four thousand chemical compounds. Four hundred toxic substances. If you had to guess one place on earth where this concentration of killers can be found, most people would conjure up images of the local sewerage treatment facility. Nope in cigarettes.

Here are some of the killers in a white robe.

NICOTENE:  is the addictive substance in cigarettes. It is also the active ingredient in BUG SPRAY. It stimulates your heart to beat faster and increases your blood pressure, which leads to another set of health related issues.

TAR:Have you ever driven on a newly paved road and had some black residue on your car. It is the same TAR (a petroleum by-product) that is in cigarettes to give it (flavor) Now you know that the tar is going to adhere to the first part of the body in which it can hide out, which happens to be the lungs. Over the period of one year, the average smoker will build up about 1 cup of tar in their body.

Looks familiar? Tar is tar, no matter where it end up.

Lungs were made to process air.

FORMALDYHIDE.  A toxic gas, that is used in preserving many materials and for embalming.

CYANIDE: The main ingredient in RAT POISON.

ACETONE:  A common ingredient in paint and nail polish remover. The reason you are suddenly catching for breath when you encounter one of these substances. ….Consider this, with the popularity of acrylic nails came the need for  non-acetone nail polish. Acetone will eat away at many substances.

AMMONIA. The active ingredient in many household cleaners. I remember once trying to find a non-labor- intensive way to clean a shower and mixed ammonia with Clorox. Some things you just don’t forget. It may have had the potential to get the job done but after I got a whiff , and feeling like I was going to expire; letting the air out of the house, and the liquid down the drain as fast as I could, was my only alternative.

These are just a few of the FOUR HUNDRED harmful substances in cigarettes. Others include, Carbon monoxide, and LEAD.

Tobacco smoke Can cause asthma. Is just the way the lungs fight back to what it perceives as poisonous and dangers to the body (constricts in an effort to keep the smoke out.( Read here for a better explanation of allergies and body intolerances.)

The more you smoke, the more dangerous it becomes. One cigarette a day is five percent of the danger of a pack a day. Filters at the end of the cigarettes prevent some of the toxic substances from entering the body. A smoker is at less risk of being contaminated than the person in the same room, because they have the benefit of a filter. About 3,000 people die in the US A every year from the effects of second hand smoke.

In the United Kingdom, there are about three hundred deaths DAILY that are directly related to smoking. More than car accidents, AIDS, breast cancer and (illegal) drug addictions combined.

Your good health depends on a clear traffic system.

One of the effects of tobacco smoke.

Much of the damage from smoking is caused by hardening and tightening of the arteries and other blood vessels which lead to conditions that are too extensive to delve into here.

Smoke causes blood clots. This can lead to numerous other conditions, and coupled with compromised blood vessels, is a recipe for disaster.

Another danger of smoking is accidental house fires started by un- extinguished cigarettes. Unfortunately many kids lose their lives this way. Another reason why smoking tobacco is bad for your health.

You can break that HABIT. 

Most habits start out innocently. Sometimes we don’t recognize the dangers in forming a bad habit. Sometimes, it may be intended to be an occasional indulgence, or perhaps it is fun in the beginning. The best way is to not start a habit. and this is what we need to be educating children about.

Powdered tobacco. Just as harmful as smoking it.

Many years ago when I was a child, old people used to take snuff. A powdered tobacco which they stuffed in their noses and inhaled. I am willing to bet anyone that most of them had no clue what it was, or how dangerous it was. They probably didn’t even consider it a bad habit. They took snuff as a matter of course. Surprisingly this did not catch on, and I can imagine a few scenarios on how this habit was formed.


The first step is to STOP SMOKING. Do whatever it takes to break the habit. This has to be an individual process, but a good idea would be to replace it with a better habit. The body has a remarkable way of cleaning and repairing itself. It is the reason your eyes water when you are in a toxic environment. Why your nose runs when you have a cold, or you develop diarrhea or vomiting. The moment you stop begins the cleaning and healing process.

Giving the body the right nutrients it needs to heal itself will be beneficial. When I was a smoker, I was told that it would take five years for my lungs to be cleaned once I stopped. At first it seemed daunting, and my initial thought was “what is the point” But the longest journey begins with the first step. Much like having to lose fifty pounds. It seems like it is impossible, but once you lose the first five, it is less intimidating. (Get in the game and turn it around)

P.S.  SMOKING CIGARS vary a bit in the dangers they present to the body, but are no less harmful. A CIGAR has a greater volume of tobacco than a cigarette, and even if it is not inhaled, the smoke is absorbed through the mouth.

Bad habits are hard to break. One of the many quotes I learned in Elementary School, was “Nothing beats a trial, but a failure” If you are a smoker, you owe it to yourself to try to break that habit. If you have a loved one who is a smoker, you owe it to them to pass on this information. The love of my family convicted me to quit.

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