After highlighting the effects of including too many high carbohydrate, high glycemic foods in your diet, I also highlighted the carbohydrate foods that are better to your health, by providing valuable FIBER.
A reader confessed that they love noodles. Well so do I. As we know noodles come in all shapes and sizes and are named according to the shape of the noodle, But in the final analysis they are mostly made of refined white flour. Some brands may include eggs and call them egg noodles. Some multicolored varieties may include spinach, carrots beets etc., but in order for them to be shaped and maintain the shape, some form of flour is used in some quantity, and are generally deficient in FIBER content.
The last time I was on a diet, I was introduced to a miracle noodle substitute.
This noodle of Asian origin is made from all soluble fiber. The fiber is obtained from the root of a yam grown in Asian countries, and all that is added is water and they are shaped into various noodles. This noodle is commonly called “Shirataki noodle”. Touted as zero calories, zero carbohydrates, all fiber. Can there be a better Health food?
Made from the root of the Conjac yam, this product is also known as Glucomannan. It is described as all fiber noodle. Because of this, the noodle has no flavor and absorbs the flavor of whatever you cook them with. (try stir fries)

If these are too bland for you, you can try the brown version which is the glucomannan fiber combined with seaweed, for an added health benefit. For a softer texture try the tofu shirataki.

I have heard that they sometimes come in dry form, but the only ones I have encountered are the wet ones. They are packaged in a liquid. I was warned beforehand and proved this to be true, that the liquid they are packed in, may have an unpleasant odor. I understand this is necessary for the noodles to maintain their shape until they are used. (Remember: no flour, no gluten). I usually open the package over a colander under running hot water so as not to encounter the odor, and proceed to simmer them in water with a little lemon juice added. That takes care of the only negative of this product.
Using shirataki noodles gives you the satisfaction of a noodle meal with no carbohydrates or calories to worry about. Additionally you get all the benefits of what fiber in the diet can do for you, and in particular GLUCOMANNAN fiber, which is a soluble fiber. Click this link to watch the evidence from a learned doctor.
Additionally you can read this article about the benefits of DIETARY FIBER.
Two easy things to remember about FIBER is that fiber slows the rate at which food enters the blood stream, thus regularizing blood sugar spikes, and it also increases the rate at which the waste leaves the body taking more of the unwanted toxins, more calories and more cholesterol with it.
Shirataki noodles can be found at most Asian markets. Unless you want to have GLUCOMANNAN noodles every day, I suggest you investigate SKINNY FIBER. It will give you the benefits of glucomannan PLUS. Caralluma, PLUS Cha De’Bugre and your body will love you for it.
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Wishing you success in building your HEALTH AND YOUR WEALTH.

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