Whether you are on the road, at your lunch break, or taking a lunch bag. Choosing a salad as an option is easy most times. When we have decided that we need to make better choices when it comes to our choice of food items, we sometimes don’t have the time to dedicate towards including a variety of FRUITS AND VEGETABLES in our meal plan. Having a salad is usually an easy choice whether we eat out, in fast food restaurants, soup and salad joints, or simply purchase it prepared or semi prepared from the supermarket.

How is your salad going for you?
The bulk of most salads is iceberg lettuce. Commercially this is a better option because it is more sturdy, and stays fresher longer than green lettuces. Lettuce is certainly a good choice for bulk because it makes you feel fuller quicker. It is also a good choice for water content, providing much needed water to the cells. Iceberg lettuce also a good source of much needed fiber. But is it adequate in meeting our daily supply of FRUITS AND VEGETABLES?

When you look at iceberg lettuce, what do you see? Mostly white with not much color. This is an indication that the much preferred lettuce choice does not have much in the way of nutrient content. Making the best choices for salads can be tricky. A badly compiled salad can render as many calories as a non salad dish. Look for items with as much color as possible.The presence of nutrients in a food is USUALLY indicated by the presence of color.
Try to include salad options of a variety of color. Tomatoes, spinach, watercress, carrots and other similar options add value to the salad. Chickpeas and beans are excellent options for salad additions, as they are also a good source of plant protein.Avocados are excellent inclusion in your salads as they provide a variety of nutrients including good fats which are needed for everyday functioning of the body.

Not so good choices for salad options are:

CROUTONS: these bread bits are another form of dressed up white flour.
SALAD DRESSINGS: should be chosen carefully, as many are fat, and sugar filled, and add plenty of calories to the fare.
CHEESES: Add additional calories, cholesterol.
BACON BITS: for obvious reasons.
A salad is a good choice for a meal, but you should make it worth your while, without bumping up the calories and unhealthy elements.

If you are not satisfied that you are getting enough nutrition from your salads, (or even if you are) it is a good idea to supplement them by replacing one of you meals a day with a delicious shake or smoothie containing NATRABURST. This superb FRUITS AND VEGETABLES blend contains blends of super greens, antioxidants, protein, and much needed digestive enzymes. The ingredients in this blend would be difficult to put together on your own. Take the guess work out of your nutritional needs.
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