New dawn. new goals toward Network Marketing Success

New dawn. new goals toward Network Marketing Success


I woke up this morning, and I silently said to myself , “Welcome to a new day. It’s on!! ”

So I am about to begin a month long, blitz of producing a blog every single day. a stretch in my journey toward ‘Network marketing Success’.

A part  of me wants to scream at my brain “What are you thinking woman?” And then there is another part of me that silently knows that this is more achievable that I want to think. In the center is that future person that knows that I need to challenge myself in the area of quantity of content and expanding my audience.  One more step in my push to be a successful as I can be in the world of Online Marketing.


This is the deal. I know it is going to be a challenge.  But I also know that I am very capable of accomplishing this feat, and that there is a part of me that needs to do this. For the past four to five months I have been producing one blog post every week. Because there was no pressure, other than to publish it within the week, I almost always left it for the last minute. Even when it was a two part or three part article. An article of multiple parts means that it was partially done and only needed a little more work. So there was less to do and less reason to hurry up and do it. Therefore presenting less of a challenge.

So in my brain, I am thinking that knowing I have twenty four hours in which to publish a post,I will adjust my thinking and have them ready. Really that is all there is to it. Knowing I have to do it in limited time makes all the difference.
Working in Beth Hewitt’s simple blogging Network, with so many accomplished and hardworking Bloggers,  will definitely ensure that I put my best foot forward. It will be intense, but I know it will also be exciting. Stretching oneself is always a good thing. It allows you to be able to reach further, to increase your output and capacity.

Stretching toward Network Marketing Success

Stretching toward Network Marketing Success


Whether you are talking about physical stretching, (as the kind you do before exercising), or expanding your social horizons, it is always good to stretch yourself, to allow yourself to grow. Sometimes it is good to jump in at the deep end without knowing exactly what to expect, but knowing that you are willing to do what-ever it takes. I remember many, many years ago, I started taking swimming lessons as an adult, and after being equipped with a floatation device, the first instruction we received was “jump” off a jetty. “pier”

You cannot swim, if you are not in the water. You cannot know if you are still scared or feel comfortable unless you are in the water. I will never know if I can produce a Blog-post a day until I attempt to do it.

As T.S. Eliot  …one of the premier American/British writers of the 20th century once said.

“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”

I am sure that my fellow challenge participants are as excited as I am, and we are looking forward to challenging each other as we challenge ourselves to be the best bloggers on the internet.

We will learn from each other, as we learn from Beth and other mentors.

So, we have all volunteered to get in over our heads, because we want to stretch ourselves, to grow and to stand tall at the end.
I am viewing this as a PUSH. It requires me  bracing myself, directing some extra energy into this activity, and expecting it to propel my blogging efforts to a place it has not formerly been.

New dawn. new goals toward Network Marketing Success

New dawn. new goals toward Network Marketing Success

In the words of HENRY FORD…….. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”I have experienced this with my fellow Bloggers in Gavin Mountford’s Game of tribes, In Networking Superstars, and in my mastermind Group led by Lesly Federici.

You are welcome to join us, in this challenge. Even if you are a beginning blogger, your participation will be welcomed. I know you will also get the encouragement and guidance you may need. And you will grow from this experience.   Participation is open up till August 23rd.  There are prizes to be won and many hurdles will be crossed and achievements reached.

What is important is that you gain something from the experience, and have something new to take with you out into the world of online Blogging.

To join the challenge click on this link.

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