This is the first part of a two part article on POSITIONING YOURSELF FOR NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS.

We have all heard the stories of the boy who was raised by apes, or the Russian “werewolf boy”.  Similarly, we know the quote that” It’s Hard to Soar like an Eagle When You Are Surrounded by Turkeys.”

It is not too difficult to comprehend that one’s environment plays a great part in the actions that you take, the insights that you learn, the characteristics that you develop, and the attitudes that you form.

Most actions are caused by some kind of motivation. Motivation does not always have to be from a positive source. If you were being chased by a pit-bull, you will be motivated to run like your life depended on it. Not because you want to run, or enjoy running, but because you have to. Kind of like being pushed. As in the case of the boss you says you must produce so much in order to get paid, or you must produce X,Y,Z, by a given point in time in order to be considered for the promotion. This is more of an external y- based, fear-based motivation. If I don’t make the quota, I wont get paid. Or if I don’t out do my colleagues, I will not find favor in the eyes of the people who matter.

The other way is to be motivated enough internally to want to do something because you have a strong will. If you decide to go for a three mile run, because you believe that running is good for your heart and circulation, and it will increase your energy and possibly your life span, that’s a far different cry from running from a pit bull.

Motivation is the reason that you are called to action. The same derivative as in motion, locomotion, or locomotive. It is just the act of moving, and is not necessarily birthed in positivity.

There are very few of us, who started our adult life and working career as a NETWORK MARKETER. There is a growing trend among young people, fresh out of college or college students, to grasp the concept of multi-level marketing, or network marketing at an n early age and run with it. But many network marketers are people who have experienced the realities of the world of having a job and believe there has to be a better way.

Whichever category, you find yourself in, your success or failure in the Network marketing industry will greatly depend on the environment in which you place yourself. Unlike the job world, there is no supervisor or manager to demand you take action. There is no promise of a Christmas bonus to motivate you. Perhaps the only motivation that you have as an individual business owner is the dream of one day owning your life and your time and having a residual income. AN income that will come in even on the days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. Or the times when you become ill and can’t go to work. POSITIONING YOURSELF FOR NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS is like associating with eagles if you want to learn to soar.

At this stage of my NETWORK MARKETING endeavor, where my success is Ok but not great, and I feel the need to soar, I find myself strongly inspired by my sons, when they were toddler and baby.

Tune in tomorrow to hear how a particular episode has given me the inspiration I needed to join My Lead System Pro, and strive for much more than I would be capable of achieving on my own.  at

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