In continuing to point out the power of being in an environment where you can learn and grow  in order to position yourself for NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS,  I find myself being inspired by the memory of my sons when they  were a merely a two year old and a baby.

Have you ever had one of those light bulb moments?  Where something you heard or experienced, all of a sudden brings enlightenment?  I never understood the power of what I am about to relate to you until very recently.

I recently joined My Lead System Pro, and connected with a lot of awesome people in the NETWORK MARKETING industry.   I was contemplating the way everyone is so willing to reach out to help each other. I was also thinking of how it makes it so much easier for me to accomplish feats that I would never even have taught possible before being exposed to MLSP, and learn of tools, strategies and technologies  that would be difficult to discover on my own.

My first son never walked until he was almost ten months old. He had no role model, no one was there urging him on to get up and get it done.

My second son was able to literally take his first steps before he was seven months old, because he had someone there urging him on and being a role model for him. It was as though neither of them was satisfied with one running around and the other laying down. He constantly encouraged and urged his baby brother to do something new.  I don’t quite understand the dynamics of how a 6 month old baby decides that he will go along for the adventure to do things that one would think were beyond him.

That desire to catch up with him and do the things that he could do, did not end with those first steps.  When my then 3 year old decided that, the once a day bedtime feeding from a nipple was no longer necessary, a week later, his almost 1 year old brother decided that he was too big for that also. He was ready to drink from a toddler cup as well. Same with the bedtime pamper routine.  It was as if his mission in life was to prove that he could do whatever his older brother could do , despite the twenty six month age difference.

When he was three years old and I enrolled him in Nursery school, like I was supposed to, he was not having it. In his little brain, he was not in that place, he did not belong there, and he cried like a baby every day. His argument was that he was big enough to go to “big boy’s school”. My logic made no sense to him, because in his mind, he knew he could handle it.

He even invented a method of measuring himself to prove to me that he was growing daily.

When I finally gave in and allowed him to come to “big boy’s school”, it was as though he knew that he had to prove that he could handle it.

He entered and left school with children who were older than he was. He always held his own, and throughout his life, hanging out with big boys became his norm. I’ve never known him to have friends his own age. It was as though he challenged himself, right from the beginning and maintained the posture that he deserved to be given a break.

Just in case you thought this article is about my sons, you missed it. This article is to demonstrate the power of having mentors in your life. Deciding to use the advantages available to climb the ladder of success. People whom you can emulate, and who will guide you when guidance is necessary, but wise enough to allow you to take responsibility for your own success.

If you are in the Network Marketing business, and you believe, or have experienced that success is hard to come by; joining MLSP is the step you need to take. This is your opportunity to POSITION YOURSELF FOR NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS.

It doesn’t matter if you just joined a business, haven’t joined a business yet, or have tried so many that you are about to give up.

Don’t hold yourself back.

Get out of the bubble.

Get in the right environment

. Position yourself in place with the eagles, so you can begin to soar.

We will guide you, but we will not carry you. And when you are strong enough to master those first steps, you will want to switch roles and be that motivator for others. But you cant help others until you help yourself. Go ahead take that first step.

And now that I have publicly endorsed the power  of this potential, I am in reality promising myself and my readers that I am poised for massive success. How about it? Care to join me? LISTEN TO THIS PRESENTATION NOW.

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