As many of us endeavor to lose weight at the beginning of this year, we use different methods. Some of us join the gym. Some purchase exercise equipment to use at home. We sign up for various weight loss programs, go to meetings and whatever method we believe will work for us.

The ultimate goal is to have our bodies use more calories than we feed it on a daily basis so that it is forced to go into the fat stores for the extra energy it needs to keep going.
I chose to go the route of SKINNY FIBER on this occasion. SKINNY FIBER is a method of weight loss that is based on replacing some of the food you consume with fiber. Not just any fiber. The capsules, which you take with plenty of water 30 to 45 minutes before a large meal, are made up of three remarkable forms of fiber from around the world.

Glucomannan is native to Asia. Sometimes referred to as a super fiber, it expands up to 50 times in your stomach, allowing you to eat less, feel full, and curve cravings.
Watch this video to hear it straight from the Doctor.

Caralluma extracts block the formation of new fat, and causes fat reserves to be burned, so that you maintain your energy even with less food.
Cha de bugre is the Brazilian secret to losing weight. It stimulates fat burning by gently energizing your metabolism, and lowering cravings for food.

These three forms of fiber are well documented and can be easily researched. They are sold separately by many Health providers. SKINNY BODY CARE combines them all to produce an amazing product.
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I waited to start at the beginning of the year, and in the past few days, I have noticed one glaring fact. One I am sure that with a little more conditioning of my mind will adjust to.
I am a foodie. I love food. Love to cook, bake and I get thrills from preparing meals. So not being able to eat at will is not exactly fun. I take my SKINNY FIBER pills and I am not hungry. I know I have to eat less, I start out with less food, but I feel like I have to leave some back because, to force it would be counter- productive. Whatever method of weight loss you choose will most likely involve making some kind of significant adjustments in your eating habits. With SKINN FIBER, it is reducing the amount of your intake significantly.

I am one of those people who don’t like to waste food. I feel like since God has blessed us with good food we ought to consume it. I always think about all the people in the world who don’t have what we are blessed with, and how what I throw away could have saved some child’s life for a day or two.
So now I have to adjust my mind set to see food not as a source of joy and fulfillment but as just to provide enough sustenance for the day.

I will not venture to get on the scale until the first week has passed. But it does not matter what the scale says, as much as it matters that I control my desire to eat more than I need to. In short I need to start looking at food in a different light.
Anyone who decides to use SKINNY FIBER as their means of losing weight and improving their health should bear in mind that the ultimate goal is to eat less than you normally would. This is more of an emotional issue and one that I am sure others will be faced with, and needs to know that they are not alone and it should not be used as a reason to give up on their goals.
I hope this insight helps someone on their journey to better health in 2012.

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