Why “SKINNY FIBER” is a phenomenon for 2011

What is a phenomenon you say?

It is described as…. (A fact, occurrence, or circumstance observed or observable: 2. something that is impressive or extraordinary).
SKINNY BODY CARE was already voted the best weight loss product for 2010, even before the worldwide explosion.

SKINNY BODY CARE started as a home business opportunity less than one year ago and had already spread to almost two hundred countries.

In October of 2011 SKINNY FIBER ranked number 3 for network marketing companies. What is responsible for this phenomenon?

Simple: The world was waiting on a product like Skinny fiber.
A quick research will reveal why people are going for SKINNY FIBER.
Of the list of countries of the world, in terms of obesity and overweight, five of the top twenty are in the Western World. Namely; The United States, Mexico, and my home country of Barbados and its neighbors, Dominica, and Trinidad and Tobago.

The rate of obesity and overweight people in these countries range from around 74 % to 67%. Even our children are dealing with overweight issues and the ensuing health challenges.
Medical experts are convinced that being overweight is not just a cosmetic issue. Diseases and health conditions that are attributed to obesity and overweight include heart disease and stroke, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, gout, osteoarthritis, and breathing problems.

SKINNY FIBER has formulated three of the best weight loss ingredients from around the world to bring hope and relief to the millions around the world struggling with weight management and health concerns associated with it.
The product aids in detoxification, oxidative stress, toxicity, and digestive issues. It is believed to block the formation of new fat calls, curb appetite, burn fat reserves, and stimulate the metabolic process.
All this is combined with a marketing tool and a compensation plan that ensures success for not only the consumers but for those who make a home business out of this opportunity. People who recognize the value of SKINNY FIBER will want to use it. So you build a business by just sharing and caring.
This train has already left the station but you can get on board at the next stop, to make it your business opportunity. Just buying and using the product makes you a partner. No sign up fees. No packages to buy. It is available for purchase no matter what part of the globe you are. Leave your contact info here. Watch the movie and get onboard.   overview   product overview

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A case for Anti-oxidant power and Natraburst


So we’ve heard the term “super fruit” being used for various reasons related to health and nutrition. Various lists compiled vary in the fruits which are included. But there are some stars that almost always make the list of “super fruits” A super fruit usually refers to a fruit which naturally contains powerful anti-oxidants.

Natural everyday body functioning, in which oxygen is used up in the body leaves dangerous chemicals -called free radicals. The body needs enough anti-oxidant power to combat this process and maintain a healthy balance. Thus the case for consuming enough anti-oxidant rich super fruits.

Some of these desirable diet inclusions are:-
acai berries, pomegranates, cranberries, blueberries, mangosteen, noni, tomatoes, red grapes, and apples.
And the star of super fruits, the acerola berry which has the highest concentration of vitamin C. One acerola cherry contains about 80 milligrams of vitamin C which is 133% of the daily requirement. And more than a whole orange.

The anti-oxidant blend in NATRABURST ( ) contains concentrated extracts which are equivalent to more than 6 servings of fruit. Anti -oxidants from mangosteen , pomegranate, acerola berries. green tea, Quercitin from apples and grapes, resveratrol from grapes, grape seed extract, blueberries, and lycopene from tomatoes are all included. In addition to other powerful anti-oxidants from Aloe Vera, turmeric, cilantro, and red beet root.

There are several sources where this information may be researched, but if you want to learn about NATRABURST go to

By making NATRABURST a much needed addition to your daily nutritional routine, you can take advantage of the WEALTH building HOME BASED BUSINESS known as one-24. Learn about it here.

We have brought the best of nutrition to you. Your body and your Health will thank you later.

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The SKINNY on dietary fiber…Skinny Fiber

Dietary fiber has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years,

as medicinal practitioners recognize the hazards of consumption of processed foods, which have been stripped of their natural fiber content.

This is evident from the variety of supplemental fiber on the drug store shelves.

Fiber capsules, singles packs, flavored fiber, clear fiber, fiber pills, and even fiber wafers are available in supplemental form. SKINNY FIBER is a combination of three of the best fibers from around the world.

In nature, fiber is found in Fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains.

Some fibers dissolve in water and are therefore able to enter the blood stream and help to clean the blood vessels; thus decreasing cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. Beans and peas, oat bran, fruit and vegetables contain water-soluble fiber.

Insoluble fiber is the kind that does not dissolve. Instead it passes through the digestive system, forms bulk and cleans the system as it goes. In the process, it helps to remove unwanted residue from food in a timely manner. Some of the benefits of insoluble fiber are reducing constipation and harmful toxins. Evidence is inconclusive but it is believed to prevent the formation of colon cancer and rectal cancer. Insoluble fiber can be found in green leafy vegetables, nuts and many vegetables.

Only plants foods contain fiber. Some plant foods are higher in fiber content than others.

Recommendations are that an average adult consume 25-35 grams of fiber a day.


An article from the Chicago times stated “High-fiber foods can also aid in weight management. They absorb water to create a sense of being full, so you’re less likely to overeat. And fiber-rich foods aren’t usually as energy-dense as processed foods, meaning you can feel full on fewer calories.”*

A report on ABC suggested, “Most women under 50 are getting about 40 percent less fiber than they should. And men are even worse, getting only about half the recommended amount. Fiber is good support for your digestion and helps promotes weight management”*

The fiber content in SKINNY FIBER expands to 50 times its size. You are then able to eat less, feel full. And gain all the benefits of cleansing your digestive system.

Hear all about it here.

Watch the short video, and then enter your details on the left to get more details. It’s about your health. Show up to support it.

Because SKINNY FIBER expands when taken with a generous amount of water, you feel fuller, and therefore eat less. When you eat less, you create a calorie deficit and losing weight is natural. Testimonials are pouring in about the way this fiber regimen is lowering blood Pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol leels, because you end up eating less of the bade foods.

Give your body a fighting chance. Eat enough fiber or Take your fiber supplements.


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WATER – A vital part of a healthy diet

Today I want to draw our attention to the importance of drinking water.
About seventy-one percent of the earth’s surface is water, (albeit salt water), and even more of it is fresh water.
About sixty percent of our body is water. The human brain is about seventy percent water.
The human lung is about ninety percent water. Water lubricates our joints, cushions our organs, digests our food, and transports waste out of our bodies in urine, perspiration and faecal matter, and helps to control our body temperature. Are we beginning to get the picture? Water is crucial to maintaining our body structure as well as the functioning of our body.

Because water has the ability to dissolve so many substances, it allows our cells to dissolve and make use of the nutrients in the food we consume. So then we can conclude that if we go the length to ensure that we consume a variety of nutrients to improve our health; then it is just as necessary to drink enough water to complete the process. It would be like putting those fertilizer pellets on top of the soil and not watering the soil to give those nutrients the opportunity to be absorbed by the roots.
Water also flushes the waste substances (toxins) out of your organs. Without enough water in our body these toxins not only compromise the proper functioning of our organs but may eventually destroy the organs.
Many fruits and vegetables, milk and other foods contain water, but not in sufficient quantities as is required. It is always necessary to drink additional water.
One’s water needs vary on factors such as climate, body weight, and lifestyle. An average woman needs about 2 liters of water on a daily basis, and men need slightly more. It is not a good idea to replace water consumption with other beverages. In addition to adding calories, some beverages like coffee are diuretics and actually draw water from the body.
Although this rarely happens, it is possible to drink too much water. If water is consumed too rapidly, our kidneys can‘t get rid of the water fast enough. It remains in the body, dilutes the blood, and reduces the proportion of sodium (salt) that is necessary for proper proper body functioning. This can be fatal.
One theory claims that by the time we feel thirsty, our body is already lacking in water. Another theory claims that many times when we feel hungry, we are really thirsty for this life-giving water.
I hope that I have made a good case of convincing everyone to make sure that you drink enough pure clean water every day. The life and health of our body depends on it.
For BLOGS on other tops related to Health and Wellness, like this FB page. Thanks.

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A Miracle Natural Medicine

Your Best Shot at purchasing Health and Wellness.

Your Best Shot at purchasing Health and Wellness.

As we become more and more aware of the nutritional content of our food, and how we can help our bodies to heal and repair itself, there are certain foods and nutrients that we are now more cognizant of that can be of tremendous benefit to our Health and Wellness.

Several years ago, the word antioxidants was not a part of the vocabulary of most people.

Now we are more aware of what they are, why we need them, and what foods we should include in our daily diet to have an ample supply.

Concepts Like; tomatoes contain lycopene, red grapes contain resveratrol and, apples, berries and grapes contain quercitin and other bioflavonoids are more familiar to health conscious individuals. More information on essential nutrition can be viewed here.

Read the rest of this entry

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Life is a journey” I am sure you’ve heard it said before. And it is. It has a beginning and an end.
We start at birth. We want to arrive at old age. Every day, every year, every stage of life opens new possibilities and new experiences. We make plans for our future. We set milestones along the way. Hopefully, we make decisions along the way that will make that journey as long as possible. We want to be here seventy, eighty, perhaps ninety years after we begin our journey.
In this era that we live in presently, almost any journey requires the use of some form of vehicle. It may be a car, a plane, or a ship, but, we want a reliable mode of transportation that we are confident has the ability to take us safely to our destination. There is nothing guaranteed and things happen that may hamper the process, but at least we start out with the understanding that all things being equal, the trip will be safe.

Remember that journey of life? Individual also needs a VEHICLE to take us on journey through life. It is our physical bodies that can carry us through life. Think about it. No body-no life. Broken body- rocky life. Sick or incapacitated body- the journey is basically stagnant.

There are some events which we don’t have much control over, that can alter our journey of life, and like I said before, things happen. But for the most part we have some measure of control over the condition of our body.

YOUR VEHICLE FOR LIFE—-Just like a vehicle, the body needs fuel, regular maintenance, and mostly to pay attention to when something is not quite right.

FUEL–Just like your vehicle cannot perform without fuel, neither can our bodies. Without the right, clean optimum fuel, it may run for a while, but the quality of the performance will decline over time. The right nutrients in your diet are as crucial to its performance as the fuel in your car. We don’t put the wrong things in our fuel tank, why would we put it in our bodies?
MAINTENANCE—Every now and again, we need an oil change for the vehicle, because muck and dirt accumulates and hinders the performance. Same thing with our bodies. We need a regular detoxification and cleansing to give our systems and organs power.

PAYING ATTENTION–If you heard a clicking in our vehicle we would worry about it. But we ignore the clicking in your knee, the headache, the heartburn, and the irritating digestive issues. These are all signs that something is not quite right. Don’t ignore those symptoms. And some bodily malfunctions have no warning signs or symptoms, so the proactive thing to do is –your best. Eat and drink right. Get enough rest, and relaxation. Feed your body the right nutrients. The body is made to heal and repair itself as long as it has the tools to do it with.

Unlike going from one location to another, we have no choices regarding what vehicle we will use to get there. Our body is the only vehicle that can take us through life. Making every effort possible to keep it is good condition, and protecting it from outside attacks is the best way to ensure that it is up to the challenge of taking us safely through life. And the attack is not only physical in nature. It can be as simple as the air we breathe, the water we drink, and what we do consume, and more importantly, DO NOT CONSUME.

We don’t want the plane falling from the sky, or the car stalling in the middle of the highway. Neither do we want our bodies failing us at a crucial point in our journey of life.

One way you can ensure your body has the tools for daily use is NATRABURST. Don’t let it pass you by. Life and the only vehicle we have do not have to be a game of chance. Get nutritional support for your vehicle.
And if you think you want to help others do the same and profit financially from doing so. Take a look at this. Don’t you want to help others? Yea, you do, because we are indeed our brother’s keeper.

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