SHIRATAKI… the miracle noodle substitute

After highlighting the effects of including too many high carbohydrate, high glycemic foods in your diet, I also highlighted the carbohydrate foods that are better to your health, by providing valuable FIBER.
A reader confessed that they love noodles. Well so do I. As we know noodles come in all shapes and sizes and are named according to the shape of the noodle, But in the final analysis they are mostly made of refined white flour. Some brands may include eggs and call them egg noodles. Some multicolored varieties may include spinach, carrots beets etc., but in order for them to be shaped and maintain the shape, some form of flour is used in some quantity, and are generally deficient in FIBER content.
The last time I was on a diet, I was introduced to a miracle noodle substitute.
This noodle of Asian origin is made from all soluble fiber. The fiber is obtained from the root of a yam grown in Asian countries, and all that is added is water and they are shaped into various noodles. This noodle is commonly called “Shirataki noodle”. Touted as zero calories, zero carbohydrates, all fiber. Can there be a better Health food?
Made from the root of the Conjac yam, this product is also known as Glucomannan. It is described as all fiber noodle. Because of this, the noodle has no flavor and absorbs the flavor of whatever you cook them with. (try stir fries) Read the rest of this entry

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SALAD CHOICES for your Health and Wellness

Whether you are on the road, at your lunch break, or taking a lunch bag. Choosing a salad as an option is easy most times. When we have decided that we need to make better choices when it comes to our choice of food items, we sometimes don’t have the time to dedicate towards including a variety of FRUITS AND VEGETABLES in our meal plan. Having a salad is usually an easy choice whether we eat out, in fast food restaurants, soup and salad joints, or simply purchase it prepared or semi prepared from the supermarket.

How is your salad going for you?
The bulk of most salads is iceberg lettuce. Commercially this is a better option because it is more sturdy, and stays fresher longer than green lettuces. Lettuce is certainly a good choice for bulk because it makes you feel fuller quicker. It is also a good choice for water content, providing much needed water to the cells. Iceberg lettuce also a good source of much needed fiber. But is it adequate in meeting our daily supply of FRUITS AND VEGETABLES? Read the rest of this entry

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JUST A THOUGHT (your health and wellness)

I received the following communication in one of my inboxes yesterday; that was really touching.

“It makes me happy to see that you are a health and wellness crusader as well. I am to, as you might be able to tell from my various posts and site info. Who wouldn’t If they had been care-taking for an older brother for the past 18 months, in and out of doctor’s offices, MRI technicians offices, pharmacies while he sits in a wheel chair unable to stand or walk, due to knees and spine problems, (a young man , a career ……) or a cousin (only 54 years young), loosing both legs to diabetes within a single month ?”

The content of this captivated my heart for most of the day. I sought the person’s permission to include this communication in my blog; bur really, I didn’t have to.

You are probably saying that; that would have been rude of me. My answer to that is; If you are honest with yourself, you would agree that the sentiments expressed here, could have been from anyone of hundreds of thousands in this world. There is not much unique about the situation expressed here. Because things are so out of control, we are forced to be more pre-occupied with fighting abnormalities, and doctors and medications, rather than maintaining HEALTH AND WELLNESS . Read the rest of this entry

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Carbohydrates are actually an essential and vital nutrient for the proper functioning of the body, and should be part of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. They are the fuel that gives us energy. Energy is not just needed for exercise. Practically all bodily activities require energy. It is therefore not a good idea to not have enough carbohydrates in the daily diet. Since we have already examined the harmful effects of bad carbs, I want to highlight some of the carbohydrate foods that are considered good carbs.
It may be noted that most fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates in varying amounts. Because fruit and vegetables in their natural state also contain vitamins, minerals, FIBER and other phytonutrients, they are considered good sources of carbohydrates and PROPER NUTRITION.

Consider trying fruits hat are new to you. Tropical fruits are interesting. It is kind of exciting to introduce my friends to tropical fruits which are readily available in Asian markets. I have one friend who had never heard of a guava two years ago. Now guava juice is the only juice she drinks, and will scout the town to find mangoes for mango salsa. Try avocado as a more healthy alternative to mayo. were you aware that a cashew is really a fruit and the nuts are merely the external seed of the fruit? and that pomegranates are one of the most anti-oxidant dense fruits on the planet. I have tried some new fruits myself recently and there are none that I have not liked.

Did you know that all whole grains (including rice) are the seeds of grasses?
Brown rice is a more natural source of carbohydrates than white rice because it has not had the husk (fiber) removed. Although the calorie content is not much less than white rice by volume, brown rice is better because of the fiber content.
Some substitutes for rice that are healthier, include, Quinoa which is cooked just like rice but is a smaller grain, and has a nutty flavor. Next time you feel like some polenta, try some amaranth. These are two of many delicious options that require only a bit of boldness in the kitchen.

Various forms of potatoes and yams are also good carbs. Other root vegetables such as yucca, (cassava) radishes, beets, eddoes, squashes and pumpkins (yes they are edible) are all sources of good carbs, and constitutes HEALTHY NUTRITION.

Green bananas can be cooked in the skin and is a nutritious and tasty source of carbs. So is its cousin the plantain, which can also be cooked in the skin, or sliced and pan fried.

Peas and beans such as lentils, red beans, pigeon peas, white beans, navy beans, chick peas (garbanzo beans) are not only good for carbohydrates, but are good sources of protein as well as numerous other nutrients.

Explore the world of alternate sources of carbs. All of these items and numerous others are readily available in various farmers markets and international farmer’s markets. A year ago, I had no idea what was quinoa, or amaranth were. Today they are two of my favorites, and so much tastier and nutritious than rice or corn. You don’t have to stick to rice and pasta (refined white flour) to get your carbohydrate content in your diet. Nature has provided an abundance of sources for us to obtain HEALTHY NUTRITION. If you insist on having refined, bleached, white flour (in all its many faces) as your carbohydrate staple, there is always SKINNY FIBER to the rescue.

If you are reading this on a site that has no images, you can view images when you visit my BLOG site at and please leave a note to let me know that you were there.

Cheers to building your HEALTH and your WEALTH.

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We have already established that processed white flour is the king of bad carbs, and not part of HEALTHY NUTRITION. Mainly because it is the residue of whole grain wheat, with all of the fiber removed. I believe most of the nutrients are also removed, because some commercially sold brands are labeled as enriched. Since whole grain wheat is not white, white flour is bleached. Chances are with chlorine. Again some brands offer an unbleached version.

Many of you probably can’t relate to this, but I remember as a child, when Easter was approaching, it was kite season. We made our own kites with various sticks and any kind of paper. It was an art form. Involving competitions, of beauty and flying endurance. There was hardly commercial glue available, and if it was, it could not hold a candle to home made. We made glue with flour and water. Once that sucker dried, it was stronger and harder than any manufactured glue. Think for a second. Do you think that gunk behaves any differently when it is cooked, or when other ingredients are added to it to make food? No matter how appealing it is prepared, and how tasty it is made, it is still all gunk we are putting in our bodies. What do you think is the cause of most constipation? In most cases a lack of fiber in the diet, and too much refined white flour in its many forms. It has gotten so bad that fiber is now sold in many different varieties in the pharmacy, for way more than it would cost to get it naturally from fruits and vegetables.

Bleached white flour is used to produce more food items than you can imagine. While there are many shapes, and slight variations in the make- up of these pasta forms, they are mostly made of this all carbohydrate, high glycemic index, staple.

The Daily Mail of the UK recently concluded a survey of the world’s most popular foods. 1. Pasta 2. Meat 3. Rice 4. Pizza 5. Chicken 6. Fish and seafood 7. Vegetables 8. Chinese food 9. Italian food 10. Mexican food. Read about it here:

Pasta, rice, pizza, Chinese food, Italian food, and Mexican food usually include lots of bread based items. Then we have the cakes and pies, the fried foods that are battered with—you guessed it—flour. Is it a small wonder that our consumption of bad carbs is out of control, and leading to related health conditions? Modern day eating habits are leading to children with type two diabetes, kidney failures, and amputations, obesity and other related conditions that were once rare. We must strive toward reducing these from our daily intake and adopt a more HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

There is a theory out there that many other illnesses are caused by the body’s inability to tolerate the gluten in flour. Many persons are discovering that they have an intolerance to gluten (the substance in wheat that makes it sticky) while investigating the mysterious cause of various health conditions. Rumor has it that 98% of people who suffer from gluten intolerance don’t know it, and will discover it after it has created health challenges that are too severe to ignore. Since rumors are not always true, I invite you to do your own research on this topic.

The other thing that has to be considered is that many of the items made with white flour are also made with sugar, which further increases the negative effects of bad carb absorption. Added to that we sometimes consume these foods with a sugar infused beverage. WOW!! Can you hear somebody’s kidneys screaming “Help me!!” Yes, we can help. By paying more attention to eliminating some of the gunk from our diet, and replacing it with healthier, fiber- filled forms of carbohydrates.

Tomorrow, I shall write about some interesting forms of good forms of carbohydrates, since we do need carbohydrates as part of a HEALTHY DIET. Go here to learn how you can counteract cravings for these bad carbs. SKINNY FIBER is formulated with three kinds of fiber that help to reduce cravings and also help you to eat less.


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The average adult can assess the quality of a vehicle by looking at it. Or even by the mention of its name. Most people can distinguish a high end car from a low end one. They choose their vehicles carefully; considering the durability and resale value. All of this is good. A lot of thought goes into acquiring our material possessions. We also know which oil is better for the car. Which lubricant protects the engine better, and which gasoline gives better performance. An expensive vehicle is an indication of the lifestyle we live? My mission is to encourage us to focus more on having a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

Would the average person be able to distinguish a good carb from a bad carb? Name a high glycemic index carbohydrate, from a low glycemic index carbohydrate? Can we evaluate the effect of high sugar foods from those that are reasonably safe to our body’s systems? Is it a worthy endeavor to give the same attention to our HEALTH AND NUTRITION?

Carbohydrates are necessary in the diet. They are the energy foods that fuel our activities. Muscles need fuel to walk write, even to breathe. The challenges with carbohydrates come in the way they are consumed and digested.

In their natural form, most carbohydrates are contained in foods with other stables, like fiber. Carbohydrate Foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans are considered good carbs. The fiber in these foods causes the carbohydrates to be absorbed more slowly into the blood stream, minimizing the chance of a rapid spike in blood sugar content. This is known as the glycemic index. (The rate at which the sugar is absorbed into the blood). A low glycemic index also ensures a slower release of energy which means that the energy gained from a meal is prolonged. Good dietary practices contribute a more HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

Carbohydrate foods that have been stripped of their fiber, like breads, pastas and other foods made with refined flour, as well as white rice are considered bad carbs. This is because many of the other nutrients have also been stripped in the refining process.
When these, white flour and added sugar foods are eaten, the kidneys are unable to process the sugars at this abnormal rate, and the excess is quickly pushed into the bloodstream. There is an influx of energy which is quickly used up and followed by an energy crash. This is not good for our NUTRITION AND HEALTH.

To consume enough fiber with your carbs eat plant foods in their natural state. Sweet potatoes, beans, vegetables fruits, legumes and brown rice, are good choices. In addition to preventing blood sugar spikes, these foods also ensure an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. (Plant nutrients)
It should be noted that most fruit juices are not equivalent to fruit in its natural state. The fiber is missing. Additionally, chances are the juice is concentrated, making the sugar content and glycemic index abnormally high. If you have ever squeezed an orange, you will see that the juice bears no resemblance to the stuff you pour from a cartoon or bottle.

So the quality of the carbohydrate food, basically, can be determined by its fiber content. Even though most fiber is not absorbed, they perform irreplaceable functions. Fiber slows down food absorption which is optimal. It also acts like a broom, helping to carry the unwanted fat (saturated fat) —the type that clogs the kitchen sink—-.out of the body, thus lowering cholesterol.

A more detailed article on the importance of fiber in the diet can be found here.
If you don’t believe you are eating the right kinds of carbs? If you usually get a sugar high followed by a sugar crash? If you want to help regulate your blood sugar levels? If you want to help clean cholesterol from your digestive tract? SKINNY FIBER can help. Learn about it here.


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