Do not despise small beginnings. "Penny Matrix"

Do not despise small beginnings. “Penny Matrix”


Or you may have heard, small acorns grow into huge oak trees.

Today, I want to draw your attention to an opportunity that requires very little input, but has the potential to grow into something big.

For two basic reasons: Have you ever heard the saying, “Pennies make quarters, and quarters make dollars”?

The basic concept is that consistent effort adds up.

The second reason is that the world of technology continues to evolve and there is nothing we can do to stop it. So we may as well go with the flow.


The evolution of e-books and e-book readers started back in the 1970”s

Seems like a long time, Right?

E-BOOK READERS gained attention with the popularity of the Kindle.  As time went on, and more and more people opted for the convenience of downloading a book, rather than making that trip to the library or the bookstore, it seems that anyone with an interest got in the act.

Other electronic giants and book-stores marketed competing versions  of electronic readers.

E-books are not only convenient for purchasing, it also eliminates the problem of what to do with the hard cover or paper-back once you have finished it.

My guess is that, gone are the days when people swapped books, or held on to them for their children and grand-children.

No wonder!!!! Book content and interest has changed so much over time. I recently walked through a neighborhood yard sale and noticed that almost every participant had a truck load of books for sale, and for practically nothing!!  It was as if they were saying, “Just take them off my hands. “


Take a look at some article headlines in recent years.

Borders Bookstore Chain is Closing All Remaining Stores, Pretty Much Dead.

More than 1,000 bookstores closed between 2000 and 2007.

Borders Bookstore Chain is Closing All Remaining Stores, Pretty Much Dead (july 2011

“E-books have captured $3.2 billion of the market.”

“Amazon has 22.6% of the book market.”

“Even mega-chains of bookstores are suffering.”

“The average book buyer is 45 to 64, white, has a high income, is married, lives in the west, and is a college graduate.”

“Independent bookshops in crisis, as e-book sales rise.”

“Barnes and Noble CityPlace: Bookstore shuts down after more than 12 years”

OK!! Do you get the picture? My conclusion is that E-book readers, whether they are specifically for that purpose, or built into your cell phone device, are fast replacing paper books.

Do you believe that Amazon alone will be marketing e-books?

 Here is an opportunity for you to become an active part of the e-book distributorship which is guaranteed to explode in the future.

With “Pennymatrix” Network Marketing Opportunity,

  • You get to participate for a mere $7 a month.
  • Your back office and e-book store are free to manage.
  • You can sell your own, or friends’ e-book,s on the platform.
  • You get to download and read e-books from the platform.
  • You make commissions from directing buyers to purchase e-books from your store.
  • You are only required to recruit 2 people to start building your team.
  • You can build your team as large as you want to, and make matching commissions (to infinity) from their activity.
  • There is so much more:
  •  Watch this short video to get all the info.
  • If you just cant wait to invest $7 in your future, CLICK THIS LINK.

Here is a bonus. If you join PENNYMATRIX within the TEAMFAM organization, you get to participate in the Minibank Community, and get the opportunity to invest in a team effort to leverage your money. This may be a bit late for you, because the current Minibank is the last one open to the public. (If you act fast, you can get in….not guaranteed) Here is the link.

 Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed”. Robert H. Schuller

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