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“Happily ever afters” are still possible, at least in a realistic kind of way


About two years ago I came up with the idea that I wanted to start a blog. At that same time, I was also looking for a Network Marketing company to become a part of. Since the purpose of my blogging endeavor was to explore the benefits of achieving optimum Health and Wellness Naturally, I decided that I would settle on a Health and wellness company.  I joined a company that marketed wellness products. This company had a built in “in house “ team and sadly most of their training was geared towards marketing their company and recruiting for that particular company.  This was very unfulfilling for me, as I felt like I was not doing what I was passionate about. I wanted to blog, and write, and build my own brand. Suggestions about writing for the team blog fell on deaf ears, as that was not what I wanted to do.

The Longest Journey Begins With The First Step.

So I jumped in at the deep end of the pool. I picked a hosting company and secured a domain name for my website, and then the “fun” started. I had no idea what I was doing.  Setting up my website, and learning how to use WordPress was like trigonometry to me. But I took it slowly, and persevered. It took a while to get it in a working state, but it was worth the effort. As I learned, I implemented what I learned. By doing it that way, I can now maintain and improve the site on my own.

I thought I was doing pretty good until I was encouraged to join a business building and blogging challenge. It was a challenge alright!! Being challenged to do things that I was never taught, or learned to do was indeed challenging and at times frustrating . The best thing about it, was the wonderful interaction between fellow challengers. I learned a lot from some young smart savvy entrepreneurs. Before long, with tips and insights from them, my website had taken on a brand new look and looked much more professional. A blog website is always a “work in progress” but there are some basic components that need to be in place to make it functional.

Perseverance Seldom Fails.

The journey into the Blogging world, involved some terms and concepts that were new to me, like, Search Engine Optimization, syndication, page ranking, signatures,  spinning, capture pages, and lists, sales funnels, auto responders, tags, and keywords, and the list goes on……and on.

In my quest to grow and master this new world of online marketing, I joined a company that was supposed to teach me how to generate and capture leads. Well, that didn’t happen. Listening to top dogs brag about how much they have accomplished and you can do it too, was not my idea of growing.

I soon discovered that I also needed an auto responder, to compliment this other system. Then I learned that I needed to do videos and email marketing. I was told to join a tribe, and numerous other “things that would be good to have”.

Before long, my head was spinning faster than my hands could keep up. Not to mention to task of keeping up with all of these different accounts and monthly payments. I had had enough!! I thought to myself, I wanted to have fun blogging, and this was not it. . But I did not know where I had ended up. So I cancelled all those accounts that were supposed to help me, which were just confusing me. I practically took a break out of frustration. The one lasting good thing that came from the experience, is that I met some wonderful supportive Network Marketers along the way, even though never achieving the level of success which I expected.

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open.

In an online conversation with an apparently, hugely successful, Network Marketer, about how I could step up my game, he said one thing to me that made a lasting impact. He said, find a team that you can work with. I’ve never seen anyone do it alone.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Then I heard through one of my online Associates, about “Networking Superstars”. Here, I discovered that I had training, support, free tribe, built in syndication, and lots more in one place. Most of all, I had people that I could connect to at any time, whether it was to just chit chat or ask for help on marketing matters. No more running all over the place and trying to remember six different user-names and passwords.

Someone besides me must have known that it was exhausting to be scampering around the internet from company to company to find the tools that are needed for successful  “online marketing”.

While all of these components are very necessary to be efficient, it was extremely exhausting trying to pull them together in a working arrangement.


This initial concept of “Networking Superstars” has grown to include “VIP Wealth Academy”, Our internal, marketing and Support group.

We have recently partnered with Pure Leverage to give us everything that we need for promoting our business in one place. We have the tribe, the support, the leadership, the training and much more. Pure Leverage offers a blogging platform, built in capture pages, traffic and lead generation , banner ads, email marketing, and video email, in one place. Pure leverage also has a built in affiliate program, where you can invite others to become a member and earn 100% commissions.

If You know Where You Want To Be, You’ll Know When You Get There

Now within this community, I am comfortable enough  that I can efficiently resume my quest to be an impactful Blogger. Thanks to Gavin Mountford, and VIP Wealth Academy, his Networking Superstars Tribe, and Pure Leverage, I can now log in to one site and have everything at my fingertips.

All is well in my marketing world . Amazing!!!! AT least in my marketing world!!!


If you would like to join me in the team, contact me on Facebook, or click this link.

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