The average adult can assess the quality of a vehicle by looking at it. Or even by the mention of its name. Most people can distinguish a high end car from a low end one. They choose their vehicles carefully; considering the durability and resale value. All of this is good. A lot of thought goes into acquiring our material possessions. We also know which oil is better for the car. Which lubricant protects the engine better, and which gasoline gives better performance. An expensive vehicle is an indication of the lifestyle we live? My mission is to encourage us to focus more on having a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

Would the average person be able to distinguish a good carb from a bad carb? Name a high glycemic index carbohydrate, from a low glycemic index carbohydrate? Can we evaluate the effect of high sugar foods from those that are reasonably safe to our body’s systems? Is it a worthy endeavor to give the same attention to our HEALTH AND NUTRITION?

Carbohydrates are necessary in the diet. They are the energy foods that fuel our activities. Muscles need fuel to walk write, even to breathe. The challenges with carbohydrates come in the way they are consumed and digested.

In their natural form, most carbohydrates are contained in foods with other stables, like fiber. Carbohydrate Foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans are considered good carbs. The fiber in these foods causes the carbohydrates to be absorbed more slowly into the blood stream, minimizing the chance of a rapid spike in blood sugar content. This is known as the glycemic index. (The rate at which the sugar is absorbed into the blood). A low glycemic index also ensures a slower release of energy which means that the energy gained from a meal is prolonged. Good dietary practices contribute a more HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

Carbohydrate foods that have been stripped of their fiber, like breads, pastas and other foods made with refined flour, as well as white rice are considered bad carbs. This is because many of the other nutrients have also been stripped in the refining process.
When these, white flour and added sugar foods are eaten, the kidneys are unable to process the sugars at this abnormal rate, and the excess is quickly pushed into the bloodstream. There is an influx of energy which is quickly used up and followed by an energy crash. This is not good for our NUTRITION AND HEALTH.

To consume enough fiber with your carbs eat plant foods in their natural state. Sweet potatoes, beans, vegetables fruits, legumes and brown rice, are good choices. In addition to preventing blood sugar spikes, these foods also ensure an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. (Plant nutrients)
It should be noted that most fruit juices are not equivalent to fruit in its natural state. The fiber is missing. Additionally, chances are the juice is concentrated, making the sugar content and glycemic index abnormally high. If you have ever squeezed an orange, you will see that the juice bears no resemblance to the stuff you pour from a cartoon or bottle.

So the quality of the carbohydrate food, basically, can be determined by its fiber content. Even though most fiber is not absorbed, they perform irreplaceable functions. Fiber slows down food absorption which is optimal. It also acts like a broom, helping to carry the unwanted fat (saturated fat) —the type that clogs the kitchen sink—-.out of the body, thus lowering cholesterol.

A more detailed article on the importance of fiber in the diet can be found here.
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