I received the following communication in one of my inboxes yesterday; that was really touching.

“It makes me happy to see that you are a health and wellness crusader as well. I am to, as you might be able to tell from my various posts and site info. Who wouldn’t If they had been care-taking for an older brother for the past 18 months, in and out of doctor’s offices, MRI technicians offices, pharmacies while he sits in a wheel chair unable to stand or walk, due to knees and spine problems, (a young man , a career ……) or a cousin (only 54 years young), loosing both legs to diabetes within a single month ?”

The content of this captivated my heart for most of the day. I sought the person’s permission to include this communication in my blog; bur really, I didn’t have to.

You are probably saying that; that would have been rude of me. My answer to that is; If you are honest with yourself, you would agree that the sentiments expressed here, could have been from anyone of hundreds of thousands in this world. There is not much unique about the situation expressed here. Because things are so out of control, we are forced to be more pre-occupied with fighting abnormalities, and doctors and medications, rather than maintaining HEALTH AND WELLNESS .


Have you ever considered that for every insulin prescription that is written, there is a person that is suffering from a debilitating disease. For every name on a kidney donor list, there is a family in crisis. Anxious moments of waiting for the phone to ring for the news that would return some semblance of normalcy to their lives. For every wheel chair that is sold, there is a life that has been changed drastically and in most cases never to return to normal. Yes, for every medical emergency there is a story to tell.

For every blood pressure monitor that is sold, there is someone in that home who is concerned about their circulation. For every toe and foot amputation due to complications from diabetes, there is someone who is devastated and perhaps thinking that they could have done something differently.

Life is a journey; chances are that if you walk the rocky road, there will be more obstacles in your way. There is absolutely nothing that is guaranteed, and some things will always be outside of our control. But the reality is that a lot of the sickness, suffering, disruption of lives, and pre-mature deaths can be altered, if we become our own health advocates and do our bodies right.(Chances are, it will return the favor) Feed your body good nutritious food. Do not overload it with sugar,bad carbs and bad fat. It will take a bit more effort to do the right things, but what can be more important and more worthy of your time and effort? Who better to be consumed with your own HEALTH AND WELLNESS?

The chemicals that stop the insects from eating the plants (herbicides and pesticides) are not your friends. The chemicals that stop food from decaying before you buy it; (preservatives) are not your friends. Make a small change one day at a time. Some of these we have not much control over, but we are able to counter the influx by introducing other essential nutrients to our cells.

It is sad. So sad. And my heart goes out to this brother, as I am sure yours will also. Make a difference in your little corner of the world. Share what you know. Influence a child. Who knows? It may save someone a bit of pain and suffering one day.

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