Introducing “fortyplus health and wealth builders” The blog that will help us to help each other at this phase of our lives. No more midlife crises here.

Stay in touch with us and together we will manage our Health and build our wealth.

About our wealth! It is a known fact that the economies of the world are not exactly what they used to be. Jobs are not guaranteed. A bachelors degree no longer provides the opportunities it used to. A graduate degree was once an open door to employment that guaranteed the holder a life with a certain degree of comforts in life.
A retirement plan that was once the security to which many looked forward in their golden years, is now much more unreliable. It has become apparent to those who dare to look, that working for another person , or company, or institution, is no longer a guarantee of wealth building.

Much has been written about the security of having your own business.
Here at Forty Plus Wealth Builders, you will be provided with the latest research and commentary on being a Business owner, or a Network Marketing Professional.

Take a look at our other pages, and read some of our other blogs. All comments are welcome and appreciated.

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