For the most part civilization does not just drift along. Many things are planned and structured for eventualities. Some things we know will l change so we plan for them.
We know that children grow into adults and need to function as adults so we prepare them by providing an education.
We know that the seasons will change, (at least in some locations) so we install central heat when we build houses, so that we are ready when winter comes around.
We know that we will get hungry so we go to the supermarket so that we have food when we do get hungry. We know that the bills need to be paid so we secure a source of income, and work at securing and increasing it.
We know that if we are lucky we will get old and not be able to function as before so we provide for that eventuality with retirement plans etc.
For the most part, the things that are sureties, are things that humanity has no control over.
Then there are some things that we prepare for JUST IN CASE (of emergency)
We ignore the stewardess demonstrating how to use your oxygen mask and lifebelt on the airplane, but it is necessary (in case of emergency)
Did you see the movie TITANIC? Most of the people that were saved, was because of those unsightly life boats that were put there “Just in case (of emergency)”
The entire insurance industry is built on the possibility of something going wrong. Some kind of “spoke in the road” that breaks the flow. We buy health insurance in case we are faced with a health challenge or to take steps to prevent it. It is so guaranteed that emergencies will happen on the road that car insurance is mandated by law.
In case something goes wrong with our home, we are comforted by having insurance. So much is structured on having a “back- up plan” for many aspects of our lives.
But we wake up every day, go to work, and collect a pay check at the end of the week. Spend it, and repeat the process hoping that you will be able to do it for thirty or forty years.
But, what if it doesn’t? Do we have insurance against, the company going bankrupt and leaving you without severance? Against the organization downsizing and you are one of those on the outside of the circle? Against progress changing certain dynamics and eliminating jobs? Example: Blockbuster was once on every third corner. Now we can order movies with our remote, the once bustling, — standing in line– late fees – operation, is now evolving into a booth outside the local supermarket.
The point I am making here, is that “You never know” Do you have an “in case of emergency plan” for your source of income? Nothing is beyond being touched.
Why not create and carry your own financial life jacket? Some people perished on the Titanic, because someone else decided who should go first, who will get preference. What is your back up plan? In the volatile economy of world of commerce, everything depends on something else. You never know. Carry your own spare tire for you and your family. A car with a flat tire is rendered useless temporarily if it can’t roll. It doesn’t matter if the tank is full, if the seats are made of leather and the stereo is equipped with the latest surround sound. No titles, name appendages or office view guarantees there will be no change.
I have come full circle in this article. Some things will change. Some things may or may not change. But we prepare for both eventualities. What have you prepared for your “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY?”
Having your own successful Home Business is one way that you can have more control over your finances. There are several out there that you can choose from, but few will allow you to get started with no fees and guarantees success with a bit of dedication and a team to cheer you on.

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