If you are a television viewer, you,  no doubt,  have noticed the inclusion of Social media into the mainstream traditional media. Have you considered  using Social Media to generate LEADS for your BUSINESS?

Once upon a time, media outlets called you on the phone to get your opinion on their service and find out what you wanted them to do to maintain your interest.

Now all they have to do is entice you to visit them on Facebook. Or get you to follow them on twitter, and encourage you to be interactive with them.

“Follow the discussion on our Facebook page.

“Follow us on Twitter.

“Let us know  how you feel on our Facebook Fanpage. “

“Vote for your choice on our Facebook page.

….are all so familiar to our ears.

Some media even organize competitions, to entice people to access and register for their Facebook sites. “Register on our Facebook and get a chance to win a free I-pad.”

Even product advertisements, some how find a way to lead you to like their face book fan page.

When a company , manufacturer, or retailer gets you to their Facebook page, they can influence you more than in an extremely costly radio or television add. They can get feedback from you, and plan according to what you indicate will secure you as a consumer,  or customer. They can show you pictures, and they can draw you in and make you feel special by inviting you to give your opinion. They can invite you to come back by promising something exciting.

When you follow them on twitter, they can send you short messages to influence your thinking several times a day.

On “The view”, maybe once a week, there is a segment where they form a game over, who said what, on Twitter. I am sure this is a popular expose, because it has been running for a few months at least.

Remember the unrests in certain parts of the planet in the not too distant past? It was just a few months back that activists were able to rally support for their cause. This eventually  had far reaching effects in the political arena in some Asian and Northern African nations.

Newspapers, magazines, restaurant chains, all have Facebook pages. The world is wound up on Social media. Using SOCIAL MEDIA TO GENERATE MASSIVE LEADS FOR YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS will be well worth your while.

It is estimated that by August of 2012, Facebook will have one Billion users worldwide. I think that is a thousand million. To put that in perspective; The entire world has around seven billion people.  In the USA and United Kingdom it is estimated that users are between 47 and 49 percent.

Related statistics show that Twitter has 100 million users. There are almost 7,000 tweets sent per second, and Twitter is adding half a million users daily.

Linkedin boasts 130 million, mostly professionals.

On Youtube,  3 billion videos are viewed every day, and every minute 43 hours of video are uploaded.

Google Plus registers  around 50 million users  and growing steadily. They add 625,000 new users every day.

It is estimated that there are over 200 Social Media sites in existence. The buzz these days is about “Pinterest”

Businesses know how to utilize the power of Social Media. Many of the world’s new billionaires  are climbing on the backs of the world’s obsession with Social media.

Many of the new billionaires have amassed their fortune from the internet and internet related products.

If you are a Network marketer, you too should be harnessing the power of the internet. You have access to thousands of people every time you  login. There are proven methods to use  SOCIAL MEDIA TO GENERATE ENDLESS LEADS FOR  YOUR NETWORK MARKETING EFFORTS. If done haphazardly, it can ruin the potential of this resource.

Be careful not to make a mad dash and make a mess of it. Here are some free trainings to show you how to optimize the use of some of the most popular Social Media sites. Free of cost. Your only investment is your time.





If you want more free training on how to market your online business, CONTACT ME, and I’ll show you how to move past the crowd.




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