Have you ever had one of those light bulb moments when something suddenly occurs to you, that was hiding in plain sight?  I know you have. Everyone does.

Your HEART is depending on you!!

Your HEART is depending on you!!

How about this!!!. You can be the cure for what ails you.

Earlier this morning, I suddenly realized that my heart is just like the motor that runs the computer or a vehicle.

I did a quick run through on my laptop, which is my daily routine. This is how my routine goes.

I have learned how to ignore those whistles on my phone, until I am ready to wake up. You have no idea how that phone whistles, but I usually only hear it when I am not sound asleep.  Texts, Facebook  notifications, emails, everything elicits some kind of audible signal.

If you are wondering “Why don’t I just turn off the phone?”   The answer is; Because I believe that I should always be available if my kids need me.  So while I keep my phone handy, I learned to tune out those sounds when I want to sleep. (A ring would definitely get my attention.)

By the way!!!!!! What does your body need to do, to get your attention? Are you ignoring the cries for help?


ROUTINES ARE IMPORTANT.   Do you have a health care routine?

So when I am finally awake, I boot up the computer and do a quick run through, email 1, email 2, email 3, and maybe a fourth. Nation-Newspaper. Facebook, etc. . Etc. Once there is nothing urgent it is over in about 20 minutes, and today I realized that I have sub-consciously developed the habit of closing the lid on the laptop, so that the motor goes off.  I previously had the experience of burning out a laptop fan, which rendered the whole device useless.

If you stay with me, I’ll take you to a point which you will find useful.

So I close the laptop and my mind starts going. I thought:

  • The motor is like the heart of the computer.
  • The computer goes dead when the motor goes off.
  • All the other parts are there but remain useless once the motor goes off.
  • The human heart keeps everything in our body working, but it does not get to take a break.
  • It goes from before we are born until we die. In an adult the heart beats 60 to 100 times every minute.  That is about 100,000 times in a day, and about 35 million times in one year.  (In babies and children, it is even faster.)
  • It is not like a car engine, that we can take it in for an overhaul.
  • We don’t get to service it every couple of months, like a car, or call the repair man when it breaks down like a refrigerator.
  • Even if we are in a coma our heart keeps beating.
  • If we are under anesthesia our heart has to keep going.
  • How faithful does a heart have to be to get some love?
  • Shouldn’t we care for our heart as though it were a precious diamond?
  • Your heart is the center of it all.

    Your heart is the center of it all.


The health of your blood vessels, also directly impacts your heart health, so they should be considered just as precious.  Picture it as the pipes in your kitchen. If there is a blockage, or if there is sludge build up, the water doesn’t flow as it should. Then you run for a plunger and try to put a lot of pressure on it, to get it to move. (This is what we call high blood pressure)And your heart is the plunger, except it has no hands, or external pressure to help it. It has to generate the extra pressure on its own.

Our heart is strong, yet delicate, resilient yet fragile. It can last a long time, or it can succumb to ill treatment.

Just imagine that with all the actions, and interactions, that goes on in your circulatory system and how they impact the functioning of your other organs and systems. Imagine how (not so difficult) it would be, for something to go wrong? (In medicine these possibilities are lumped together and referred to as CARDIO-VASCULAR diseases.) The arteries  and veins can become blocked. They can harden they can burst. Your heart can get bigger from the extra work it has to do. The possibilities are as numerous as the system is complex. And the choices that one makes concerning their health habits does impact it either positively or negatively. Your “heart health” make everything else worth fighting for.

There are so many names for so many things that can go wrong in the heart and veins, it is amazing.

It is much simpler for me just to remember, that unless one is born with a heart condition, it is your responsibility to take good care of your heart. There is only so much abuse it can take.

Heart disease is now considered to be the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States.  It is also put in the category of LIFESTYLE DISEASES. This simply means that in most cases, the conditions are caused by our lifestyle choices, and can be prevented, and in many cases, remedied.


How? Do you ask!!!

  • It has been suggested that by cutting down on foods that would accumulate inside your blood vessels. Foods like saturated fats and oils that will congeal and harden once they cool.
  • Eat lots of fiber to help clean out the digestive and vascular systems.
  • Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your meals. (HERE IS A GOOD IDEA — and its free)
  • Include Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet (be careful of fish oils that may be laden with mercury.Get them from plant sources.I’ll tell you a little story. I will not volunteer to take fish oils. Even before I learnt about mercury. And even before I learnt what the job of the liver is in the body, and figured out that (in my warped mind) livers cannot be clean. Oh! I am assuming that you realize that those fish oils are derived from the liver of the fish. I recently spoke to someone who never thought that cod-liver oil means it comes from the liver of the cod. So anyway, when I was a child, there was a grand-mother routine, of a dose of shark-oil ever so often. (much like cod-liver oil) I am sure it did whatever they expected it to do, but every time, I smell fish oil, it takes me back to being held down, nose squeezed and having it poured down my throat. And then you smell like shark oil for hours on end. Not to mention the belching. Lucky m!!!. I had two grandmothers who believed in home remedies and prevention. (Well I guess there was not much of a choice for them.)

So I am very happy that I can get enough Omega 3 fats from nuts and also from avocado.

Nature has provided us with the right nutrients to keep our blood vessels clean. Nature has provided the nutrients to keep those pipes (arteries, veins, capillaries subtle and in good working condition.

The American heart Association recommends that you eat a diet with ample fruits and vegetables. ELIXIR BLAST is a combination of fruits and vegetables that is rich in Omega 3, 6 9. Lycopene, lutein, and CoQ10.  This product is so reasonably priced and all natural, you will want to give it to everyone you love.

Your heart is depending on you.

Doctors also recommend that you have enough soluble fiber to keep your blood vessels clean and make it easy on your heart. SKINNY FIBER has been shown by users to reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, as well as help users to lose weight.


Skinny Fiber products combines the best fibers from around the world.

Skinny Fiber products combines the best fibers from around the world.



GO HERE to learn how you can buy two bottles and get one free. If you get together with two friends, you can buy 3 bottles and get three free. That way you have a two month supply for the price of one. This is not a one-time offer either.  At least look at the effort that is put into getting the best fibers from around the world. I know that you know someone who needs skinny fiber in their life.

What are you waiting for? Are you sure your heart health cannot use some help?

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