Little Healthy Actions add up to improved body functioning.

Little Healthy Actions add up to improved body functioning.


In an effort to implement as many Healthy Actions as I can, I am always doing research online and trying to understand my body and how it functions and what I can do to make it work better and prevent illness. My favorite people to learn from are medical doctors who also incorporate natural healing methods, and preventative techniques. Along with ancient techniques such as acupuncture, massage and etc. which collectively encourage healthy Habits.

Recently I’ve been discovering much about hormones and the glands that produce them.  What a great impact they have on our bodies and how important they are!!  Understanding the various organs and what is required for them to function optimally, and the various systems in place that keeps everything moving, is truly enlightening.


While meditating on the fact that there is so much we can do to improve our health if we understood it just a little bit, I remembered an incident that bore out my thoughts. A long time ago,( Over thirty years ) when I bought my first car, I went to the dealer to collect the car. Most females would have had someone accompany them, but I went alone. The salesman spent some time showing me certain things about the car. He went under the hood and showed me how to top up the fluids and so on. He also demonstrated what he thought I needed to know on the dashboard and the controls. So when he came to (what I later discovered was) the internal heating system, he said, “don’t worry about that. It doesn’t work.” I very uncharacteristically did not ask any questions about it. So several months later when I started feeling this intense heat at my feet, as I was driving, I had no idea where it was coming from. I imagined all kinds of reasons. I talked to people about what could be the problem, and continued to be perplexed as I drove around with heat on my feet in eighty to ninety degree weather, promising to take the car to a mechanic to figure it out.

One day after my brother drove my car, I subsequently discovered that the heat was gone. When I asked him what he did, you could have knocked me down with a feather when I heard that all that happened is that somehow the heat got turned on, and it was set to heat my feet. My sales person, neglected to explain how the heat works, because, in his mind, I didn’t need to know. His thinking was, obviously, that I will not need it in tropical weather. He did not bargain for the fact, that it was there whether I needed to use it or not, and it was in my interest to at least be aware. But it saved him some time and energy, so why wouldn’t he just skip it?


I know that by this time, you are tempted to call me names. I agree. I was negligent not to enquire. I took it for granted that he knew what was best for me, and what I did not need to know. I trusted that someone else knew what was best for me because they were in the car business.I could have avoided a lot of misery if I only knew what I was dealing with and how simple it was to remedy it. I could have exposed myself to being taken advantage of. Because I was young, and female, and not too savvy about those things, and a professional person could have taken advantage of my ignorance and invented a problem and charged me for fixing it.


That is the same way most of us are with our bodies. The body that is the ONLY vehicle we have to take us through life. But we relinquish control to professionals, the media, the merchants, the farmers, and advertisers. All external forces that do not live in your body. Who do not carry around your pain and discomfort, and whose major interest in your health is how you can help their cause. We must take a greater stake in our own health. Be your own Health advocate. Be more aware of how our body functions and assist it the best you can. Small Healthy Actions add up to big results over time. Once it does not function well, our journey is altered. If the problems are rectified in time, we get to continue the journey. If it is allowed to deteriorate, the body eventually refuses to work.


Engage in Healthy Actions on your own behalf.

Engage in Healthy Actions on your own behalf.

Are you paying as much attention to your body as you do to your car? Do you investigate every time you get an ache or pain, the way you would if you heard a strange noise in your car? Do you think about what you put in your body, and what effect it would have on the way it functions, the same way you consider what would happen if you dropped the wrong thing down your kitchen sink? Do you feed your body right, the way you feed your plants in the spring time?

One of the things I have noticed in talking to people is that people seem to think that some things are normal, and that some things just come with age. I don’t believe that your chronological age is the major factor in the deterioration of your health. It is more about how long you have been doing the wrong things that affect it negatively. Over time, a small issue can grow into a bigger problem if neglected. As in many other areas in life, we have the tendency to think that if we ignore it long enough it will go away. If you accept anything as normal or believe that you cannot do anything about it, then there is no motivation to look for the right answers.


Or we may try to do something, but it may not be the right action. Without casting any spotlights, I venture to say that usually what is used as (not solutions but) coping mechanisms, only exasperate the malfunction. Reminds me of the old lady who swallowed a fly. Before long, she thought that a spider could catch the fly, and when the spider didn’t come back bearing a fly, she swallowed a bird to catch the spider. The premise is, that as she continued to exasperate the problem, she thought she was finding a solution. Before long she had swallowed a cow, and of course, she only lived long enough to swallow the horse. I said all of that to say, that a bit of thought about our actions and the outcomes, is desirous, in dealing with our body and our health.

I wanted to get into one particular gland and the fascinating things that it controls in our body. Paying attention to the proper functioning of this gland, could potentially eliminate a lot of health malfunctions. But it would have made this post too long. So we have something to look forward to next time.

Happy Living!!

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