Well, it is HOLIDAY SEASON again!! I am sure you noticed. Lights are everywhere. On the streets, in the trees, on the houses, in the stores, and each year, creative minds find additional ways to declare that it is holiday time, and we are celebrating in a big way.

Some of us celebrate Christmas, some celebrate Quanza, and yet others celebrate Hanukkah. Some celebrate birthdays or anniversaries during the holidays. And when we add the office parties, the club parties, the group gatherings and family affairs, it makes for a massive continuous almost month long celebration.

But I wanted to focus on a vital aspect of the holiday season.
Have you noticed that in most countries of the world, the term celebration is synonymous with food. Holidays and holiday seasons are identified with certain kinds of food. Many kinds of food actually. Each country, race, or religion prepares special foods to help them celebrate.
When a celebration is centered around persons rather than holidays, it usually involves a gathering of family and friends, co-workers or strangers, and again we celebrate with food. Birthdays, anniversaries, even deaths are celebrated with food.

There is no getting around the abundance of food whenever there is cause for a celebration of some kind. The holidays that are upon us are sure to come with a variety of cookies, cakes, pies, candies and whatever makes our individual hearts glad. Food, festivities and fun always go hand in hand.

I am reminded at this time, of one of my Health and Wellness Mentors who coined the word, and wrote a book on “Nutricide” We are killing our bodies by the food we feed it. (www.drafrika,com) At the same time we are not conscious of the dangers of what we substitute for “real food.”

Traditionally, people enjoy the holidays, overindulging in goodies, and prepare to go on a diet once the holidays are over. Sounds like a plan right? Come January, we resolve to make it to the gym, go on a diet, start walking, jogging, or acquire the latest exercise video. However well intentioned, some of us keep those resolutions, some of us don’t. Some of us arrive back at this time of the year with the same weight that we added last holiday season. In 2010, I succeeded in losing a noticeable amount of unwanted unsightly fat. In 2011, I was not so successful. It was a see-saw journey that ended up with me being only about 10 pounds lighter than when the year started. I am one of those who love food, and cakes etc. and always fall for telling myself, “I can always go on a diet”

For all those who may be facing that struggle this holiday season, and those who have come catching up to do from holidays past, or who wants to get a head start on your New year’s resolution to lose weight and become healthier. I would like to introduce you to SKINNY FIBER.
I would not attempt to explain what SKINNY FIBER is. The professionals do it way better than I can. In five minutes you can learn all the details here. www.ibourl.com/h9h In 4 or 5 days you can have it on your doorstep. If you are not in the USA, It may take a day or two longer.
And, Guess what? When you start to lose weight and be healthier and your friends ask what you are doing. You can tell them where to go. When they help themselves to SKINNY FIBER and all the benefits of using it, you make a commission. It is as simple as that holiday pie. A Big Time.. Win_ Win. That takes care of New Year’s resolution #2 to become more financially stable.
Get that peace of mind to be able to enjoy the Holiday treats, without feeling guilty.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. STAY SAFE from the harmful effects of food overindulgence

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