Carbohydrates are actually an essential and vital nutrient for the proper functioning of the body, and should be part of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. They are the fuel that gives us energy. Energy is not just needed for exercise. Practically all bodily activities require energy. It is therefore not a good idea to not have enough carbohydrates in the daily diet. Since we have already examined the harmful effects of bad carbs, I want to highlight some of the carbohydrate foods that are considered good carbs.
It may be noted that most fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates in varying amounts. Because fruit and vegetables in their natural state also contain vitamins, minerals, FIBER and other phytonutrients, they are considered good sources of carbohydrates and PROPER NUTRITION.

Consider trying fruits hat are new to you. Tropical fruits are interesting. It is kind of exciting to introduce my friends to tropical fruits which are readily available in Asian markets. I have one friend who had never heard of a guava two years ago. Now guava juice is the only juice she drinks, and will scout the town to find mangoes for mango salsa. Try avocado as a more healthy alternative to mayo. were you aware that a cashew is really a fruit and the nuts are merely the external seed of the fruit? and that pomegranates are one of the most anti-oxidant dense fruits on the planet. I have tried some new fruits myself recently and there are none that I have not liked.

Did you know that all whole grains (including rice) are the seeds of grasses?
Brown rice is a more natural source of carbohydrates than white rice because it has not had the husk (fiber) removed. Although the calorie content is not much less than white rice by volume, brown rice is better because of the fiber content.
Some substitutes for rice that are healthier, include, Quinoa which is cooked just like rice but is a smaller grain, and has a nutty flavor. Next time you feel like some polenta, try some amaranth. These are two of many delicious options that require only a bit of boldness in the kitchen.

Various forms of potatoes and yams are also good carbs. Other root vegetables such as yucca, (cassava) radishes, beets, eddoes, squashes and pumpkins (yes they are edible) are all sources of good carbs, and constitutes HEALTHY NUTRITION.

Green bananas can be cooked in the skin and is a nutritious and tasty source of carbs. So is its cousin the plantain, which can also be cooked in the skin, or sliced and pan fried.

Peas and beans such as lentils, red beans, pigeon peas, white beans, navy beans, chick peas (garbanzo beans) are not only good for carbohydrates, but are good sources of protein as well as numerous other nutrients.

Explore the world of alternate sources of carbs. All of these items and numerous others are readily available in various farmers markets and international farmer’s markets. A year ago, I had no idea what was quinoa, or amaranth were. Today they are two of my favorites, and so much tastier and nutritious than rice or corn. You don’t have to stick to rice and pasta (refined white flour) to get your carbohydrate content in your diet. Nature has provided an abundance of sources for us to obtain HEALTHY NUTRITION. If you insist on having refined, bleached, white flour (in all its many faces) as your carbohydrate staple, there is always SKINNY FIBER to the rescue.

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Cheers to building your HEALTH and your WEALTH.

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