Are you familiar with the story of the ginger bread boy? 

The one where the baked goodie jumped out of the oven and ran away? A whole slew of people and animals were chasing the ginger bread boy to eat him? And the fox was cunning enough to devour him all for himself? Read the story here. 

Well, they probably all knew what goodness they were going after. Ginger has been used in a variety of ways and for a host of ailments for thousands of years in contributing to the Health And Wellness of humankind.

The ginger root has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments.  It is used as a component in prepared anti- nausea medications, because it has that effect on the digestive system.  Fresh Ginger root can be used to combat the effects of morning sickness in pregnant women, for motion sickness and nausea.

Because of the positive effect of ginger on the digestive track,

a cup of warm ginger tea can relieve the effects of stomach flus and mild food poisoning.  Research has also shown that the use of ginger root can also relieve the side effects of chemotherapy because of its anti-nausea properties…

It has even been reported to be beneficial in slowing the growth of cancer cells.

Some components of the medicinal root have been shown to have ant- inflammatory properties. Ginger contains anti- viral, anti- toxic, and anti- fungal properties, and consequently, reduces pain naturally and is definitely beneficial in relieving the onset and progression of cold and flu symptoms.

These anti-inflammatory properties makes it useful to treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and various other muscular disorders. The medicinal effects of ginger root improve circulation and blood flow, thus relieving sore muscles.

Studies show that a consistent use of the ginger root can aid in the repair of kidney damage, and diabetic neuropathy.

Ginger root is believed to lower cholesterol levels of the blood and can therefore assist people with heart problems.

Ginger acts as an antihistamine and aids in the treatment of allergies.

My experience with ginger from childhood was …… a cup of ginger tea for everything that is not right…

Gas pains, upset stomach, belly ache, colds, fevers, all required the brewing of a cup of ginger tea.


Ginger is available in powdered and crystalized forms for easy use. However, the fresh unaltered ginger is definitely better.

Common uses for ginger are in ginger cake, ginger bread and ginger biscuits. Beverages made with ginger include ginger ale and ginger beer.

For a fresh cup of ginger tea, peel and grate a small piece of root, steep in boiling water and sweeten.

For a refreshing cold ginger beer, add the strained juice after grating and steeping in cold water) to water and sweeten. A sprig of lemon can be added. 

Add thinly sliced pieces of ginger to oriental stir-fries, or to any food preparation. Grating the ginger root will extract more flavor. Be careful with the quantities as the flavor is pungent and may take some getting used to.  With so many beneficial properties, it can be useful to incorporate the use of ginger root into one’s Health And Wellness routine.


CLICK HERE FOR A SHORT VIDEO ON The Health Benefits Of Ginger


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