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Your Best Shot at purchasing Health and Wellness.

Your Best Shot at purchasing Health and Wellness.

As we become more and more aware of the nutritional content of our food, and how we can help our bodies to heal and repair itself, there are certain foods and nutrients that we are now more cognizant of that can be of tremendous benefit to our Health and Wellness.

Several years ago, the word antioxidants was not a part of the vocabulary of most people.

Now we are more aware of what they are, why we need them, and what foods we should include in our daily diet to have an ample supply.

Concepts Like; tomatoes contain lycopene, red grapes contain resveratrol and, apples, berries and grapes contain quercitin and other bioflavonoids are more familiar to health conscious individuals. More information on essential nutrition can be viewed here. www.ibourl.com/djq

Super nutrients are found in foods that were once not given much consideration.

Flax, ginger, cinnamon, avocados, pomegranate and acai have gained popularity, and nutrients like like Chlorella, circumin, spirulina, flavonoids, lutein are now gaining importance in the list of important nutrients. Not to mention weight loss aids such as glucomannan, carralluma, and Cha’ de Bugre. www.ibourl.com/eo0
One super food which has been used for prevention and healing for thousands of years in China and other Western nations and is growing in popularity in the western world is Ganoderma Lucidum. Known as ganoderma for short, this extract from a mushroom called reishi, was once rare and so precious that it was only available to royalty.

Ganoderma is known to assist in healing a multiplicity of ailments from High Blood Pressure to aids.

It is thought to help fight cancer, relieve the pain of arthritis, and has been used in leading cancer research hospitals right here in the U.S. Ganoderma is thought to have anti-aging effects, and boost the immune system among other things. A more thorough research on this extract will be an eye opener.
More information on the reishi mushroom and ganoderma is available here www.reishi.com and other websites.
Ganoderma is readily available as a supplement. It is also available in ORGANO GOLD coffee products, which ensures that you can get your daily dose without any extra effort. Enjoy a cup of black coffee, Latte, mocha or even green tea, and your daily ganoderma is done. No sweat. Most people drink some kind of coffee beverage on a daily basis, so including ganoderma in your routine is simple. If you could ever buy Health and Wellness, this is your best shot.

Some of ORGANO GOLD products to enhance your healthy Lifestyle.

Bringing the Treasure of the east directly to your Healthy Lifestyle.


You may purchase these products as a consumer, and if you know others you can benefit from the amazing nutritional benefits of GANODERMA, you can enroll as a distributor and make an extra income from your sales. ORGANO GOLD. The gold standard in delivering Ganoderma to your Health and Wellness.  Click on Business.
There is an old saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” If there is something you can do to help your body fight off illness, I would be proactive. Wouldn’t you? Treat your Body Right, and it will return the favor.

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