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I thought this personal experience will illustrate what I mean by “A New Normal”


You can create a new normal

You can create a new normal

When I was in high school, there came a time when I was lost in Mathematics. I think I lost my way somewhere in the fractions arena. After that everything else was a blur. I couldn’t understand much. I was frustrated. I felt inadequate, and often wondered what do some people have that I don’t have? I eventually gave up on myself and Mathematics, and concluded that Mathematics was not for me. So I concentrated on my other subjects, and gained enough GCE passes to become a teacher. So I entered teacher’s college and met a mathematics tutor who knew that:

  • Too many people lost their way in Mathematics.
  • Most people could learn mathematics, with the right teaching.
  • Mathematics was indeed fascinating, and she had the right mindset to show that to us.
  • Teachers had to understand and at least like Mathematics in order to teach it successfully.


So Mrs. Alleyne separated the mathematics sheep from the goats by a comprehensive exam. Of course I was in the bottom group. But it was one of the best things that happened to me in my life. We started from ground zero and came up. She understood our challenges and encouraged us to not be afraid or ashamed to say if we were having a problem. When we got to the point where I recognized in fractions, I was amazed, and angry at the same time. I asked myself “Is that all there was to it?” I continued to amaze myself as I continued to learn Mathematics. We were all so excited by the journey that we had gone on together, that it created a special bond between us students and tutor.

For me “we” had taken “us” to “A NEW NORMAL” We learned mathematics and loved it.

And for many years as a teacher, I kept reminding myself, what would have happened if I still hated and didn’t understand simple steps? I could have messed up a lot of lives.
Yes, our NEW NORMALS can have a positive effect on many lives.

If you stick with me, I will show you how you can change the norms in your personal HEALTH AND WELLNESS, but take your loved ones along on the journey.


Based on a lot of things that I hear daily, see, read, and experience, it is high time for many of us to come to a NEW NORMAL when it comes to our HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

  • We have accepted too many things as normal and think that we cannot do anything about them.
  • We know (in theory) what needs to be done, but we think we are helpless, or lack the confidence and drive to make those steps.
  • The media would have us believe that it is normal to get Type 2 diabetes when you reach a certain age. You just get on the automatic program for your test strips, take your meds daily and you fit in the system.
  • If you get TYPE 2 diabetes, it is only a matter of time before your eyesight goes bad and we lose a toe.
  • Heart disease kills one in every four Americans, so if I have heart problems, its normal. “Im just fitting in”
  • Society has taught us that so many people get cancer, that it is just NORMAL. Just join the foundation and raise money for it, and feel good about it.
  • We expect to get the flu at certain times of the year. Just get a flu shot, and maybe you wont get it.
  • When your muscles and joints start to ache, there is a name for that, and a routine for it. Forget about finding out what causes it and fixing it.


I could go on and on, in this pattern but you get the drift. Right??

There are SO MANY NORMS that really don’t have to be accepted as NORMAL.

health and welness  is within your reach

health and wellness is within your reach

We can create NEW NORMALS, with some consistent effort on our part.

Do you know someone who believes that it is too late to turn their health situation around?

Do you know someone who is so overweight they believe it is too daunting to even try.

Do you know someone who believes that once they have been diagnosed with hypertension, and believe what the Dr. said that they have to be on the P medication for the rest of their lives. (To me that says that you will always have HPB, so get used to it.)

Do you know anyone who has Type 2 diabetes, and expect that the only place you can go from there is a progression to insulin and then kidney failure, dialysis, or blindness?

I once knew someone who took the stance “quality of life over quantity of life.” Enjoy life while I have it. Eat all the junk that comes their way.

So often I hear “We are going to die anyway.” and “Something has to kill us.”  I have a completely different stance. To me eternity is a very, very, long time, and wherever I am going, I am not in any hurry to get there. I want to be here on earth for as long as I can. I want to be around to see my grand-children, and great-grand-children, and make as much of a difference as I can. Here are some of my helpers.

THE ROAD TO A NEW NORMAL starts rough but gets easier

You can develop a NEW NORMAL. Start by changing your mindset. Do not accept your present circumstances as your reality and your destination. Don’t get stuck where you are. Don’t get sucked into what has be orchestrated to make you feel comfortable in whatever state you find yourself.

A little will power, leads to forming new habits, which leads to small changes. Small changes leads to bigger changes. All the while you are increasing in discipline, your confidence is growing, and before long, you have a new normal. You have moved from that place where you used to be, and you now have the courage to be persistent in your goals. Whether it is, getting off medications, losing weight, becoming more active, changing your eating habits, or instilling better values and habits in your children. All it takes is to make up your mind that you are going to make a change.

YES YOUR NEW NORMAL is not only possible but it is waiting for you to arrive. It is just beyond your reach, and waiting for you to make that extra effort, a little stretch to grab hold of it.

Join me in PART 2 of this article, to make that decision on how we can aspire to and reach that NEW NORMAL in your personal HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

GO to  for information onhow to start the journey.


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