Some people today appear to be scared of the word entrepreneur. But if you think about it, owning your own business is more of a norm than working for a corporation etc. Carpenters, masons, fishermen, farmers, they were all entrepreneurs. They worked for themselves. The Blacksmiths, the Neighborhood Beautician, the Dress Maker, the neighborhood grocer were all entrepreneurs.
Some readers may not be old enough to relate to these concepts, but that is the way it was, before massive expansion of industry etc. The person who went to people’s houses and did their accounts for their “Home business” realized that if I stay in one place, I can make the people come to me, and then, if I get someone to help me, then I can take in more work. And so the process evolved.
The physician that visited the sick at home, evolved to be the town clinic, and got help. What has happened is that mankind has been roped into the mentality and the comfort of being the hired help for someone else’s business rather than to embrace the idea of working for oneself.
When I was a child, cane sugar was the crop that my island was built on. There were large sugar plantations, that hired workers to tend to the crops, but many of those workers realized that if they took some of their earnings and buy themselves a piece of land, they could grow their own sugar cane. Then at reaping time, they sold the sugar cane to the factories. Sugar cane grew almost anywhere, not just for the wealthy. Women realized that everyone can’t make it to the plantations to buy their own vegetables, and plantations couldn’t sell them all if people didn’t come to buy them. So they made their own home business of going to the plantations and buying vegetables at wholesale price and selling them in a central location at a retail price.
As time went on home businesses became more sophisticated, and with expansion came the need to hire workers. What has happened is that we now see getting a job, and being a worker is more of a norm than being an entrepreneur. We see being an entrepreneur as having a couple hundred thousand dollars to buy a franchise, infrastructure, and machines and being overwhelmed with all kinds of logistics. Even with all that, the statistics say that you can expect a large percentage of start- up businesses to fail within the first two years.
But what the mainstream of people seems to be missing is that there is a smarter way. Those kinds of Home Businesses have served their time. A Home business that allows you to be in business for yourself, setting your own hours, goals, and being able to pay you for your time, is well within reach.
Some people don’t get the concept of Network Marketing, because they are looking from a clouded perspective. Instead of a manufacturer paying the wholesaler, the warehouse, the retailer, retail space, retail employees and the television commercial, (which can cost up to hundreds of thousands for 30 secs), all of that overhead is rolled into one and paid to distributors who market and retail the product.
It is simple. It is a process to build and become lucrative, it also requires dedication and belief in yourself, but is very attainable.
I will revisit this topic, later, but let’s just say you can be in business for yourself just by purchasing a product that you need anyway. Or you can be smart and resell it. But by purchasing it from the company, you are in line to be paid some of that massive budget which would normally be reserved for the promoters, wholesalers, retailers and advertising campaign?
Do you still have to think about it? What do you have to lose? Then you can bring others into the business, but the difference is, they would not be working for you. Just like you are not working for the person who introduced you. Everyone owns their own business.
Go here to see one example of a simple, inexpensive, trend setting Network Marketing business. By this time tomorrow, you could be an entrepreneur. No visit to the loan officer at the bank. It is so simple it should be called “Simon”

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